Thursday, 28 April 2011

FInally have some time.

Where to start?  Okay, will start with my funny cam moment.  So I bought this new belly chain that looks pretty dam hot.  Was in free chat and this guy comes in and says he really likes me, that I am goofy, and "real" and asked to see my toys.  I pulled out the toys one by one, giving a running commentary on "this one is to big, this one has good vibration, this is the special g-spot one"  I then got all shy like and pulled out the butt plug "this is THE butt plug that I have used a handful of times.  Its NOT sexy to see me using it. I am FAR from sexy trying to insert it. It is a new thing to me, one I thought I would NEVER in a million years do".. Well, quite a few of them were laughing at me, and the one who liked my goofy ways told me to get ready to go private.  I have warned them everytime I need notice to go private so I can cover my keyboard etc.

Well, I go to prepare and the back of the belly chain is stuck to my pillow!  I was like "WAIT! dont take me private yet.  Stuck to my pillow!"... I had them all in stitches as I twisted and turned and groaned and tried to get unstuck.  After what seemed like HOURS I finally got unstuck and said READY!  I sat up, and next thing you know, the chain is stuck to the back of my panties.  I again screamed WAIT!  I am now stuck to the back of my panties.  I asked him if he was still hard he said "lol, im strokin it, dont worry!".  Another VERY long time seemed to stretch on while I tried to reach around and get the panties unstuck.  I eventually had to STRETCH them over my legs and take them off, then almost become a contortionist to get them unstuck... I held up the very stretched out panties after to show the viewing guys. lol.  I then went private with the guy who patiently had been waiting for me:)

NOW.  I joined a forum for models.  After reading through quite a few of the posts, I decided to join the site.  It is  HOLY HELL.  I have not had a chance to go on yet.  Just got my account set up and the monthly curse came.  I have been watching and learning though and earning potential on that site is freaking HUGE!!!  I have a plan for when I go on next week.  I am soooooo excited.  There is so much more freedom on that site.  You can twitter (if you know how, I dont), give out your email, skype addy, sell your underwear and videos and they pay 60%.  SIXTY PER CENT!!!!!!!!.  I think I had looked at it before, but was intimidated by what I percieve as young beauties on there and felt I couldnt compete.  Now that I have cammed for a few weeks though, I realize that there is a "type" for everyone. 

OH!  I got my guy again that likes me to be mean.  This time he wanted to be the girl, and me the man "raping" him and torturing him etc.  I did not even have to remove a stitch of clothing.  We decided at the end of our private that we are BOTH perverts.. haha.  Anyhoo, that about brings it up to date.  ANY questions, please post in comments and I promise to answer them.  I will post the link to the forum as well.  it can be found here:


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