Tuesday, 8 November 2011

where to start?

Well now.  I just do not know where to start.  So, I will start with a pathetic story.  I had great plans to do a video for one of my FAVORITE regulars (now friend as well).  I thought I would attempt to dance.  Well.  Went to a girlfriends and asked her to practice some dance moves with me.  Did I mention I have two left feet and am an out of shape 41 year old?  Yea.  I think I managed about 20 min of dancing (macarena and the twist) and pulled something in my hip.  This was over a WEEK AGO!!!!  I am still gimping along. 

Also.  I have received a gift from my amazon wishlist quite awhile back.  Not sure if I mentioned it already here.  It was a wonderful surprise to receive the hot red high heels and Lacy bra.  Well, that was at least a month or more ago.  The purchaser asked me to please give him an address where he would save on the shipping so I gave him my work address (clearly not thinking).  A box arrived on Friday.  Get a phone call "hey, you have a package here".  I immediately felt my face go red.  I forgot, we must KNOW what is in package to get it across the border, and I had no clue so I had to ask her to open the box.  She giggled and claimed my packages were so much fun to open.  AAAACCCKKKK. could my face go any redder.  I am stammering and trying to figure out what the hell to say.  WHY am I getting packages at work without knowing what they are, whom they are from etc.

I thank the Lord that the girl that handles the packages is open minded or I probably would have fainted from extreme embarrassment.  FOUR hitachi attachments were in the box, and apparently one looked "really scary".  lol.   Another package arrived shortly after, which again, she had to open because I had no clue what it was.  A waterproof sex blanket "squirter approved!".  NOW that is awesome.  I ended up spilling the beans as to why I had got these packages.  For some odd reason, I trust this woman though.  I wouldn't DREAM of telling anyone else within the company, but I think us "not of the normal set" type woman can tell a kindred spirit.  Ya, I know, lame way to put it, but cant think of a better way to describe it.

So, part two of the story.  Purchaser of above gifts wanted to do a pvt.  We scheduled it for last night.  I had to down a bottle and a half of wine before hand because quite frankly, the double pronged black attachment was REALLY scary looking.  Kinda reminds me of some huge beetle that you would see in a National Geographic.  I have to put the story on hold.  Time to head home and get ready for another night. lol.. Will continue tomorrow.

A quick note:  I watched raven skye last weekend and she is freaking amazing.  LOVE LOVE LOVE her personality.  Check her out.  She is fun.

Friday, 4 November 2011


I do not have a lot to update on as I have not been on much.  ALTHOUGH, I had one hilarious night where I had my topic as "highest tipper gets to pick my name for a week!".  I now have a new model name for one whole week.  I was VERY nervous as one of the members (a real jokester!) had a name picked out that would have been quite embarrassing.  The link to my profile wont work right now as I have my name changed for a bit.  I will write more, but am at the "day job" and have to get to work!