Sunday, 29 May 2011


I have had to take a week off due to auntie flow.  Last night was my first night back.  It was TERRIBLE.  I just couldnt get the members in my room, and the ones that were, barely tipped.  I sure as hell hope it picks up.  I gotta run though, no time to do a big update. will try later.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I did an outside show this weekend when there was some sun.  WOW, that was exciting.  LOVE being outside when its warm out.  I also have been watching other models to see what is popular, what isnt etc.  There really is NO rhyme or reason.  One model sitting there in a top with a topic of "cum show at 2000tkns" got tokens like crazy.  Her "show" was so fake.  She "pretended" to squirt and "cream" and yet did not actually show that, just the after wetness.  The men went crazy.  She then put up her topic as another 1000tkns for another cum.  Her tokens kept coming and coming.  I was like "HOLY SHIT, can these guys not tell a fake or do they just not care?"

Another model was naked, dancing around with HUNDREDS of people in her room and the tokens barely trickled in.  Its just so random.  I went on yesterday while at a friends place.  My topic was "at a friends watching hockey game, convince me to flash you".. I did pretty well!  WTF?  Sure, not great, but was only on for a bit, flashed some tits, made about $32.  For tits!  Oh, I was drinking (which I never do) and I think that may have been the appeal as well.  I just do not know.  I don't get it.  WHAT is it that they want to see?  I am a genuine goofy girl that laughs a lot and cums for REAL.  No faking - but the guys go crazy over fake stuff.  I even have had guys ask "do you squirt cream?"  I am like WTF??? GOOGLE squirting orgasm and educate yourself.  Its a CLEAR liquid.  I have not found a single reference to creamy squirting o's and if I was to squirt cream I would think I have an infection!  Tons of men are just so not educated on the whole thing.  I have a link on my profile on MFC to a squirting orgasm explanation.  Its NOT pee, Its NOT creamy, its clear and you must stimulate the "g-spot" or Skeenes gland in order to get it.  sigh.

I guess I am a bit angry that I see all these models faking orgasms and getting TONS and TONS of tokens, while mine are so real and its taking me so long to build up that fan base.  Angry/jealous that I cant fake it.  If I could only fake it then maybe it would make a difference. lol.  I cant act worth shit.  It would be sooooo obvious.  "ooo baby, baby, I want your hard cock... giggle giggle... oooo ya".  It would go something like that.  Ahh well.  The ones that HAVE seen me and are coming back know what I have to offer and like it.  I love the reg's.  Even if they aren't tippers, I still love to talk to them.  You develop somewhat of an online friendship with them and it makes your day to see them come into your room to chat.

Its THAT time of the month again, so I wont be able to go on for awhile... sigh.

Sunday, 22 May 2011


I have NOT met my goal of $500 this week.  I am at $300.  That really sucks.  I had huge plans to get $500 a week.  I know I shouldn't complain, when I was on livejasmin I was all excited about my 100 a week.  My goals are now bigger  though.  I definitely am beginning to want more more more.  I have a few regulars that are there every time I am on, and they are a blast to chat with.  I am thinking of losing the "humor" aspect of my room and trying to concentrate more on the sex to see if it works better.  One thing I have noticed.  THEY LOVE IT when your outside.  Weather has not permitted me to be outside a lot, but I have managed to be out for an hour two times and the tips came in a lot faster for just SITTING out there exposing myself.

My regulars are so much fun.  It will be hard for me to "change" to a sex only type of gal when its not really me.  My room is about humor, laughter, joking and story telling and just being ME.  I am NOT an actress, but I think I may have to change it up a bit to get more popular.  After all, they are there to see pussy and tits, not to be entertained with my wit.  Although, we have some GOOD laughs and good conversation, and tons of fun, that's not going to get me any earnings.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Its friday!

So far this week, I have not met my goal at all of $100 a day.  $80 Monday, $37 on Tuesday, $100 Wednesday and I didn't work last night.   Wouldn't be so bad if I had made more on Tuesday.  MFC is for sure "inconsistent".  I hope to be on tonight until I meet my goal, then do a bunch on Monday during the day since its a holiday.  Ahhhh. gotta head to the day job now, no time to write:(

Just want to add:  my $100 day was TWENTY THREE O'S!!!!!  Not even sore the next day...hehe

Monday, 16 May 2011


So, I've been on MFC for a total of 6 hours in a week.  I got paid today $545.55!!!  So I averaged it out, and it worked out to $84 per hour.  I had great days where I met my goal, and not so great days, where a couple hours did not earn me much, but when you average out the 6 hours, its still 84 dollars an hour.  Thats amazing.  I used my day job paycheque to pay a bunch of bills, and will be using the earnings from MFC this period to just live off till the next payday.  Now, if I could manage to average that every week, I will be able to get my debts paid off fairly quickly.  My goal is to be debt free within a year.  Credit card debts.  Hate them.  Well, gotta head in to the day job now.  Will try and update on the adventures soon.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

SO sore

Another $100!  I am dying today though.  I had TWENTY, yes, TWENTY orgasms.  HOLY SHIT.  I am super sore today, the cervix hurts, tummy muscles hurt, and I can barely keep my eyes open at work.  I could totally handle making $100 every night for a few hours of playing with myself.  I have decided to take tonight off and try and get as much caught up on as possible so I can go on MFC this weekend. 

I wasnt able to do an outdoor show as it was raining and windy, but the weather forecast is looking good for the weekend, so I may get to do my outdoor show after all.  I was also in the top 10 last night! whoohooo.  Had over 200 people in my room so I am starting to get a fan base.  I sent EVERY tipper a link to two videos as well as the password to my locked photo galleries.  Good PR I figure.  Gotta build that fanbase so they come to see me over and over. 

I gotta say, what an amazing group of guys that come on there.  I know I said that already, but really, it is so much fun when you have guys with a sense of humour and kindness.  I couldnt get the candle out, I have no control over aim. lol.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Last night I was on for under 2 hours and made $109.  So, about $55 an hour.  Most of that came from two private shows.  One was a repeat, one was a new one.  I am sending everyone who takes me private, or tips me over 20tkns two video links.  I am starting to get regulars now.  Okay, so to continue my last post.  I went on and decided to hula hoop and do the ab roller with my ass facing the cam on friday.  Did a countdown to topless hula hooping and got them all hyped about how the boobs will bounce.  FAIL.  No bouncing boobs!  I just hadnt thought out the mechanics of hula hooping, your moving your hips, so the boobs just dont bounce. lol.  I made a few jokes about that and apologized.

Last night, I have this regular who wants a pair of panties.  So, when I got back from my private, and was all soaked, I proceeded to stuff the panties in.  That was REALLY hard. They all clapped when I got it done. lol.  My birthday is tomorrow, so I am planning on doing an outside show with birthday hats (weather permitting), and getting a cupcake.  Going to try and "squirt" out the candle.  Should be fun.

Monday, 9 May 2011

its starting!

Went on mfc two more times since posting.  Much better.  1070 tokens, then 1180.  That is not a lot compared to the top models on there, but its a start, and I am slowly getting a few regulars.  It is certainly better money already then livejasmin.  I lowered my goal to 1000 tkns for a public show.  I am going to up it to 1500 tonight.  I came up with something for a tease that I have not seen done and they LOVE IT.  I have some "balls".  They are bigger then ben wah balls and on a string.  I zoom in, insert one slowly, then the other then slowly pull them out by the string, or push them out with the muscles:)  I dont think they get tired of watching that, I can do it over and over and over and they still want to see more.   I have more to write, but have to get going to my day job.  sigh.

Friday, 6 May 2011

its starting

I went on MFC again last night.  God its fun.  I love it.  Hmmmm. who knew I had such an exhibitionist side to me.  I sure didnt.  I did a bit better last night totalling 700 or so tokens in about the hour I was on, but over half of that was from a private.  I do NOT expect to get rich doing this.  I just want to get debts paid, and have a little extra spending money.  I enjoy it, its fun, and as long as I am having fun I will keep doing it.  Seriously though, how awesome is it, to get $$ for having orgasms..  Not only that, 99% of the guys on there are sweet, and kind and go out of their way to make you feel special.  I find though, that it IS time consuming.  I am so short on time for doing things around the farm.  Usually at this time of year I ride my horses everyday after work, but instead, I am running home, doing a quick feed for the horses, and getting set up to get online.  Housework falling behind, horses not getting ridden, dogs neglected.. sigh.  I almost wish I could quit my day job and just spend 8-10 hours a day doing camming, but the reality is, that its just not a stable enough income for me to do that.

The reason I started this blog in the first place is for woman that want to get into camming and want to know what to expect.  There is not a lot of info out there, so I figured I would document EVERYTHING.  I want to let you girls know something VERY important.  I thought I would be embarrassed about camming, and that I would feel like a prostitute, and somewhat ashamed.  The complete opposite is what has happened.  HUGE self esteem boost.  I feel good about myself, I feel attractive, and its really an empowering experience.  Its fun, its safe, and you get to meet some really really nice people.  So what are you waiting for!  Give it a go.  Sure, first few times you will be super nervous when you first sign on, but the guys quickly make you feel at ease.  You will feel beautiful, sexy and you will learn things about yourself you did not know.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

MFC experience

well. I have gone on MFC twice now.  I have watched it for over a week and was so hyped up about how well the girls do on there.  My debut, well, it was super fun, but not much for money:( $35.80. I went on the forum and told about it, and the response from other models is that it takes awhile to build up a fan base and start making money, its not instantaneous.  So, yea, no quick money there, but I see their point.  I can see how you need to build up a room of regulars, that like to come to see just you.  I gave lots away for free last night.  hehe. 

From watching the top girls on mfc, this is what I see:  They do a countdown for "public" shows.  Meaning in the chat section.  So, for e.g.  They will set a goal of 5000 tokens for masturbation show.  The rules state you are NOT allowed to do public masturbation, only in private or group.  Yet 95% of the top girls are doing it.  Some of the top girls are really your average kinda girl, not super model beauties, and you know what? They are doing amazing.  I watched one girl get 15000 tokens in 10 min.  She wasn't doing anything other then dancing around naked.  I have also read on the forum, that MFC is not consistent.  For e.g.  You could make like $700 one night, and then $20 the next.  There is no "pattern".  With Livejasmin, I have found my peak times to be between 6pm and 8pm, anything after that, its just people wanting freebies.

Okay, so on to my short MFC experience so far.  First night, was only on for a very short time as an "introduction"  Had about 50 people in my room.  REALLY nice guys on MFC.  I had ONE asshole.  He was just a basic member.  He made a nasty comment about my boobs and the other members all started giving him shit.  I banned him:)  They all clapped for me. lol.  Now, the "big" debut was last night.  The most people I had in my room was 152 I think.  TONS compared to Livejasmin BUT, the TOP models have 2000 in their rooms!  I ended up with a mere five hundred and some odd tokens for my time there. (works out to like $35.80).

I teased, and laughed and joked.  I got myself worked up and decided "oh, what the hell, may as well do a free show"... So told them I was giving them a one time only free show.  I zoomed in and went at er.  OH my. I went on and on and on, was way to much fun knowing there were over 100 guys jerking off to me:)  I even brought out the butt plug.  That was comical.  I kept commenting on how I am inexperienced with it, and was scared it would fly out of my ass and hit the computer monitor.  Had them laughing.  I do know I have the "personality" to keep them entertained.  I am not a sexy "porn star" type, but I keep getting the comments that I am "real" and "honest" and "the girl next door".   They loved it.  ONE basic member accused me of being a "fake squirter, she is peeing".  OMG, I pm'ed him and said ITS NOT PEE, I wouldn't lick my fingers with pee on them, it would make me puke!"  He stayed for the whole show though.  I did not ban him, I am curious to see if he comes back tonight.

One thing I want to mention about MFC.... Its OVERWHELMING as hell.  Tons of PM's come in.  I set my pm's to an autoreply that says "im not being rude by not answering you, but its to overwhelming for me to answer pm's and chat in public".. I just don't have the technique down on how to answer all the pm's AND keep public chat entertained.  Well, that's it, all updated!