Tuesday, 8 November 2011

where to start?

Well now.  I just do not know where to start.  So, I will start with a pathetic story.  I had great plans to do a video for one of my FAVORITE regulars (now friend as well).  I thought I would attempt to dance.  Well.  Went to a girlfriends and asked her to practice some dance moves with me.  Did I mention I have two left feet and am an out of shape 41 year old?  Yea.  I think I managed about 20 min of dancing (macarena and the twist) and pulled something in my hip.  This was over a WEEK AGO!!!!  I am still gimping along. 

Also.  I have received a gift from my amazon wishlist quite awhile back.  Not sure if I mentioned it already here.  It was a wonderful surprise to receive the hot red high heels and Lacy bra.  Well, that was at least a month or more ago.  The purchaser asked me to please give him an address where he would save on the shipping so I gave him my work address (clearly not thinking).  A box arrived on Friday.  Get a phone call "hey, you have a package here".  I immediately felt my face go red.  I forgot, we must KNOW what is in package to get it across the border, and I had no clue so I had to ask her to open the box.  She giggled and claimed my packages were so much fun to open.  AAAACCCKKKK. could my face go any redder.  I am stammering and trying to figure out what the hell to say.  WHY am I getting packages at work without knowing what they are, whom they are from etc.

I thank the Lord that the girl that handles the packages is open minded or I probably would have fainted from extreme embarrassment.  FOUR hitachi attachments were in the box, and apparently one looked "really scary".  lol.   Another package arrived shortly after, which again, she had to open because I had no clue what it was.  A waterproof sex blanket "squirter approved!".  NOW that is awesome.  I ended up spilling the beans as to why I had got these packages.  For some odd reason, I trust this woman though.  I wouldn't DREAM of telling anyone else within the company, but I think us "not of the normal set" type woman can tell a kindred spirit.  Ya, I know, lame way to put it, but cant think of a better way to describe it.

So, part two of the story.  Purchaser of above gifts wanted to do a pvt.  We scheduled it for last night.  I had to down a bottle and a half of wine before hand because quite frankly, the double pronged black attachment was REALLY scary looking.  Kinda reminds me of some huge beetle that you would see in a National Geographic.  I have to put the story on hold.  Time to head home and get ready for another night. lol.. Will continue tomorrow.

A quick note:  I watched raven skye last weekend and she is freaking amazing.  LOVE LOVE LOVE her personality.  Check her out.  She is fun.

Friday, 4 November 2011


I do not have a lot to update on as I have not been on much.  ALTHOUGH, I had one hilarious night where I had my topic as "highest tipper gets to pick my name for a week!".  I now have a new model name for one whole week.  I was VERY nervous as one of the members (a real jokester!) had a name picked out that would have been quite embarrassing.  The link to my profile wont work right now as I have my name changed for a bit.  I will write more, but am at the "day job" and have to get to work!

Monday, 17 October 2011

up and down

Its been a wild ride so far!  Last pay period was $653  - this one I barely worked (was burnt out).  I made just over a hundred dollars and had one day left to earn.  I went on Saturday night and the first hour, nothing.  I was getting discouraged and ready to log off when it started to pick up.  I HAD A YELLOW WALL!!!!  It was awesome.  Yellow wall meaning they tipped and tipped and tipped so my chat area was full with tips.  It was a rush.

I am finding it a little difficult to keep thinking of ideas to keep my room interesting.  I want them to come to my room BEFORE the show and have fun so I try to think of interesting things each time but its getting difficult.  I have met so many amazing people and made actual friendships - which is probably a big no-no.  I end up giving my regulars shit when they tip because I get pissed that they are spending their money on me. lol.  I must learn to stop that, but it really does upset me.  Of course, it seems to be the regulars that fund most of the show, with new ones coming in and tipping small amounts during.

Will try and write more if i can get some darn time!

Friday, 30 September 2011


Have not updated for awhile.  Its been much of the same.  Hit and miss.  Some amazing days, followed by shitty days.  I do want to write about my "comedy act".  One Saturday, while the weather was still warm, I proceeded to get extremley drunk on cam.  I was outside, I hula hooped, roped naked, tried to walk in sky high heels, got covered in dirt and had flies landing on me. I even have a video of it!

Then, this Tuesday, I went over to a friends and we set up our eliptical machines next to eachother.  I decided to go on cam.  We did amazing.  We had a topic of  "tip 10 tokens for slow, 20 for fast".  Also had a goal for topless excersize.  We drank and smoked while excersizing.  What a classy bunch we are. lol.  Last night, I wanted to work out again (all this drinking is starting to take a toll on the body).  We did horrible, but I really did get a great workout in.  The tips that DID come were for FAST.  I was sweating like crazy and am a little on the sore side today.

Monday, 5 September 2011


Last night was amazing!  Little over a hundred in about 2 hours!  I had a blast.  I gotta say, my room is way to much fun when I get the members in that like to drink, joke and just generally "party".  One thing that I do that I really feel has paid off or is starting to pay off - ANY tip over 50 gets a video.  I have had people tell me that that is way to cheap, but I consider it PR.  It is paying off now.  The members feel appreciated that their tips get them SOMETHING they can see AFTER the show and they come back. 

So I have this new thing I do to try and appeal to ALL watchers.  There are members that like to see zoomed in, and members that like to see zoomed out.  What I do is I will get the suction dildo onto the mirror for the first orgasm.  Put the camera right on the mirror so its really close up.  Then, they get the close up of the whole riding the toy as well as the squirt.  My next one, I lay back on my back and zoom out so that the members that like to see the "cum face" get to see that.  I gotta say, I am certainly enjoying this second "job".  Although, there are times where I am like, OMG, I dont feel like going on right now, but once I am on there and I get the fun people coming into my room, the mood quickly changes.

I also have done a few skype shows.  Now, the skype shows do take a lot of time.  I am going to try not to do to many of those as the time I am on skype I could be on MFC drumming up new members.  Anyhoo, just one last thing:  I love MFC!

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Just a quick one.  I have learned something invaluable (i think) for new models.  DO NOT GIVE UP... The first hour generally SUCKS for me, with minimal members in my room, you just have to stick it out because the second hour is when the stuff seems to happen.  Will blog more about it when I get some time!

Monday, 29 August 2011


I had a HELLUVA weekend.  It was amazing.  I was so far from my goal it wasnt even funny.  Weekend came and WAM.  I am up to $452!  Most of it was yesterday.  I had soooooo much fun.  Had some really large tippers and I did an outside show in the back of a pick up truck.  I had a wee bit to much to drink as well, and with the wonderful heat beating down on me and an empty stomach, I was a bit of a silly willy.

I excersized on cam on my eliptical and hula hooped.  Of course the countdown was to do it naked.  Man, if my neighbours ever saw me out there they would have a heart attack.  Had the hose for cooling off, and of course, my bikini that is see through when wet.  No meanies made an appearance for the whole weekend either.  I also made it to #11 in the most popular rooms yesterday.  Thats HUGE for me.

Needless to say, I am floating on cloud nine today as well as a little raw.  Met some more wonderful funny people and hopefully they will continue to come to my room to visit.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

been awhile!

Have not updated for awhile because there has not been much to update.  Basically, the same ole, same ole.  No rhyme or reason, some days are amazing, some are terrible.  Nothing new and exciting has happened to report.  Other then, I have got a few new members, so it is a very very slow process, at least for ME to get "fans".  I am happy with it though.  I am just average in body type (to me anyway) and yet I still have people that come to see "me".  I am not changing how I do things, I just go on there and be me.   The majority of the time I have a lot of fun - at least when the members are talkative and joking etc.  When the room is quiet, it drives me nuts.

I am still enjoying it, which is the main thing.  If I do not feel like going on, I have just not been logging in.  Its a waste of time.  If your not in the mood, it will show and then what fun is it for members to be in your room.  Tomorrow is Monday, and i have taken 3 days off so I really gotta get my butt in gear.  I enjoy actually watching MFC on the weekends and being an observer. lol. 

Thursday, 4 August 2011

oh fickle mfc:)

well last two times I've been on I have made $198 total.  Almost as much as I made in the last pay period.  The ups and downs of mfc I tell ya.  I do have to say, if it werent for my few regulars, I dont know how I would make any money.  I love them.  They come in, they talk, tip and make me laugh.  We have so much fun.  I had a blast last night.  My goal was $75.  Made that AND did my show all within two hours, amongst MUCH laughter.  Hitachi is still a wonderful wonderful thing, but it IS taking longer and longer.  I have to say though, my very last orgasm last night was freaking phenominal.  When I went to stand up my legs were weak and shaking.  Ahhhhh... LOVE those.

Monday, 1 August 2011


Time for another update, although there is not much to update about.  I made a whopping $200 (and something).  I do have something funny though.  Some member popped into my room and asked me if my calves were REAL?  I was like wtf??????  I think my jaw dropped to the floor.  I was like "ahhh, real? what else would they be?"  Other members started saying how some people get implants in their calves.  Go figure? 

I think I know what "part" of the problem is with me.  I have put on some weight and my self esteem is suffering for it.  I tend to try and hide the stomach when online and I am sure that self image feelings come through and it probably makes for a not so fun room.  Must get the fun back!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

far from goal this time!

Well, this has been a bad go.  I am up to $222 with only today and tomorrow to go.  I went on for 40 min. last night and it was bad bad, so I signed off.  Fickle Mfc I tell ya.  Ah well such is life.  I do have my fav premiums though and they totally make my day. 

I asked for raffle suggestions one night and one of them came up with a "skype dinner date".  I thought that was a GREAT idea.  So, the next raffle is going to be for a skype date.  I am thinking that if it gets warm enough today I may do a car wash show.  I do have other commitments for tonight, so I will have to do it soon.  Just waiting for the sun to come out.

So, bottom line, I have not discovered the secret to getting members in the room yet.  Although, I have found that if some of my members go into the lounge and "advertise" me then the numbers go up big time.  As soon as your doing your "show" the numbers are up of course, I get it though.  Myself, when I am watching MFC, I go to the most popular 75 rooms, and scroll through to the ones that are doing "shows".  So, if I do that myself, I imagine 98% of the members do that:)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

last night

Well.  Last night was a wee bit better.  Got 144 people in room BUT, ONE main tipper only. (i was in top 35 with that, go figure!) A few trickled in, but mostly same person.  Ridiculous.  I am thinking of trying streammate, but the problem with that is you make all your money in private or group.  Still only made just over $50 for my night last night.

I want to say something about that Hitachi.  HOLY hell.  After using it for a few O's, the clit literally wont stop tingling.  Its a very weird sensation.  I worry that I may become immune to the vibration and that it wont work anymore?  I wonder if thats a possibility?   

I have taken tomorrow off the day job and will try and go on for a few hours during the day, then again maybe for a few at night.  I have tonight, tomorrow and the weekend to make my measly goal of $500.  Its going to be hard going.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Well, I really have to lay off the wine.  I just wanted to add:  I LOVE MY REG'S.  I wish I could just sit and yack with them sometimes and didnt have to worry about ALSO earning $$ while I am at it.  I think I have to much fun interacting with my regulars and forget that I am there to be sexy. lol.  Tonight I plan to be on for at LEAST 3+ hours whether I have 2 premiums or 200.  I really gotta bust my ass. 

Was talking to somebody who suggested that with me only being able to do 2 hours a night within a certain time slot, that its kinda hard to get "known".  I have to try and vary it up, do longer hours and go on during the day (I have Friday off, so will try then).  More to write but gotta go work, as I am at my day job

Monday, 25 July 2011


Okay, I want to start off by saying, I am drunk and this will be a rant/whine.  I am doing TERRIBLE.  I cant get the members in my dam room.  I dont know what else to do.  I *think* that i am fun and have personality,  and I am funny.. WHEN its time, I can be sexy, but I guess I am not sexy enough.  sigh.  I am doing absolutely terrible.  I went on Saturday and made MAYBE $20.  then, on tonight and made MAYBE $25.  I got a couple offline tips, bringing my total so far to a whopping 75.75 with only this week left till payday.  I am getting very discouraged.  I think maybe its time to move onto another site and see how I can do.  I do have a raffle draw I have to do tomorrow night, but I think after that I will sign up for a new site and see how I can do.  I need a back up for sure, if MFC isnt cutting it, I need a fall back site.  Very depressing night for sure:(

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

attn: meghan

My earnings of $764 for the two week pay period I would say is for around 2 hours per night. Totalling 20 hours so works out to approx. $37 per hour.  Now, keep in mind, that the hours vary, and you could do 2 hours and make $100, then next night, do two hours and be lucky to earn $10.  So, the above hourly earnings is just averaged out.  It gets very discouraging sometimes when your on there for a couple hours and nobody wants to tip or you cant seem to attract members into your room.

Seems to be the big thing.  HOW do you get members to come to your room.  When I figure that out, I will certainly post about it.  It is now "that time of the month" so I have a week of no income.  I know there are ways around it, (cups for e.g.), but I actually like the week off to just get caught up and have me time.  Also, totally not cam related but:  I got bucked off my young colt this weekend so am in NO shape to work even if I could.  Sometimes I think, dam those girls that make the big money are lucky.  They get to do that and nothing else and live in comfort.  On the other hand, I like my day job, and I just wish there were more hours in a day and I had more energy.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Drunken Country

Oh boy, think I may becoming a summer alcoholic.  Before I go into that.  Tuesday was absolutely horrible.  I was on for a little over an hour, made $15, decided to log off.  Wednesday, wasnt getting much better until I was taken private! whoohoooo.  It was awesome.  Today is cut off day for pay period and I have $715.00 so far, and still have tonight to go.  I am happy with that, its better then nothing thats for sure.  Now, onto public drunkeness.

I've taken up drinking on cam.  There is a variety of reasons for it.  #1. Its summer, and I usually drink a bit in summer.  #2 I have found two alcoholic beverages that I absolutely LOVE.  #3.  I am much more relaxed on cam when drinking and HOLY FUCK do I ever have amazing orgasms drunk + hitachi = screaming, spasming Country.  Needless to say, I have been drinking just about every night.  Not sure if I talked about the night I downed two bottles of wine or not, but OMG, I had the bed spins, nausea etc, so I have learned to at least NOT drink two bottles in an hour and 40 min.

I have two regs that usually come on Friday and tip me to drink.  They LOVE getting me drunk those bastards. lol.  (I say bastards in an affectionate way of course!)  All my wonderful weight loss is quickly disappearing with the alcohol consumption. sigh.  I think my pride has too, as I get quite silly when drinking.  I feel I am becoming a seasoned drinker now though! I started out where I would be drunk on two vodka coolers and now i am up to an ENTIRE four pack!  WHOOHooooo!  Arn't I special?  Okay, so thats not so impressive, I am a light weight, what can I say?  Although, I DO drink extremely fast, so I feel justified that I am drunk on 4 coolers or one bottle of wine.  Drank my bottle of whine in a half hour last night, then proceeded to have a cider - I stopped halfway through the cider though as i really didnt want to suffer bed spins again.  I am to old for that shit.

OH! I want to just send a shout out to Lil redhead!  We gotta drink together. lol.  We could have our own comedy show:)

I watched my fav Agent_99 last night for a bit before going on.  GOD its hard to pull myself away from her.  She is so goddam funny.  I just about pee myself she makes me laugh so hard.  About her show.  HOLY SHIT can she ever give an amazing blow job show.  Now, I am not a man, so dont know how to judge it,  but FUCK her blowjobs are super hot to me.  Then, my other fav that deserves a mention, Jalyn.  Her energy is just so dam FRIENDLY and welcome.  The only way I can think to describe her is CUTE!    I know what I will be doing on my time off when Aunti flow comes to town.  Hanging with 99.

Well, its Friday night, I plan on picking up a bottle of wine and partying with my reg's tonight.  Should be fun, whether I make anything or not.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


My night started out TERRIBLE last night.  I went on, and couldnt seem to get more then 5 premiums in my room. I did get to meet a model on there though! HI KITTY.... I stayed on around a half hour then logged off.  Went back on at almost 8pm and made my goal within an hour and 40 min!  So, I made $82 in  approx. 2 hours 10 min.  Works out to $40 an hour.  Sure, not much by most of the model standards, but I am super happy.  It was mostly ONE tipper that seemed to have funded about 75% of it.  I was just so happy to get to use my hitachi again.  God I love that thing. 

I have decided I am just going to have to wait and go on later in the evening as it seems that 6:30 pacific is just to early and I do not get members in my room until much later.   Keeping fingers crossed that the next four days stay good.

Monday, 11 July 2011

The website

For anyone wanting the hitachi who lives in Canada.  The store to get it is: http://www.pinkcherry.ca/  and for you Innes, the direct link to the hitachi http://www.pinkcherry.ca/Hitachi-Magic-Wand/productinfo/8810.45/....  I want to put a little shout out for a model as well.  If you go on mfc, look up Kittyroyale after 11:30 eastern time and tip her please!

I have one full week of earning left till the next payday on mfc and I am at $490!  I hope I hope I hope I hope it goes well this week. The hitachi debut was a huge success.  I hope i can keep it up.  Of course, its mostly the same tippers - but there were a few new ones.  Will report back tomorrow!

Saturday, 9 July 2011


I have died and gone to heaven.  My hitachi came in the mail yesterday.  OH MY GOD.   I have NEVER experienced anything so amazing.  Its a gift from God I tell ya!  Okay, so last night I went on MFC and put in my topic that it would be my first time hitachi use when we reached the goal.  Tips were trickling in, and one of my regs (who has never tipped but provides huge entertainment) said he got paid and would spend all his money on me in private or group.  I told him lets go group!

So him and my other reg took me group with a few that I didnt know.  OMFG.  That hitachi is amazing.  I literally was screaming.  I am NOT a screamer.  I screamed so much my throat hurt.  I looked like I was having a seizure after every orgasm.  The muscles in my legs were contracting.  I am so glad I got to experience the first 6 hitachi orgasms with two of my fav regulars.  I ended up making $129 last night.  Half of that from group, the rest in public.  I did a public show as well after group.  I was cracking jokes after my last one because my throat hurt so bad, legs trembling and heart pounding that I said I was going to die and end up on that show 1000 ways to die;  #456 Death by hitachi.

I found a website in Canada and got the hitachi for $45!  BEST investment EVER..  To steal a line from the book The Lord of The Rings, the hitachi is now known as "My precious".  Hope the motor will last with the use its going to get.

Friday, 8 July 2011


Another terrible terrible night.  I dont feel TO bad as it seemed even the top models logged off early due to no tipping.  I am thinking of trying to start a forum where models and customers can yack and exchange ideas.  Oh I know, theres quite a few of them out there, (I frequent the Amber Cutie forums myself).  I seriously doubt a forum I start will take off, but I figure I will give it a try.  I read forums all day at work.. (shhhhhh)  Going to give it some thought.  I guess it cant hurt to start one.  If it doesnt get any action, then no biggie.  Will post more later!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


bad night.  Started great, I made about $50-60, but thats short of my $75 I wanted.  I ended up signing off with only 490 tokens left till I did a show.  Not many of my regs, but got some new ones.  Had a repeat from the night before and a couple new tippers.  So I made sure to send the new tippers a couple of vids. 

I have taken up drinking.  I am NOT a drinker, but have been drinking almost everytime I go on.  I get pretty dam tipsy after two!.. My maximum is 4 and I am slurring and being totally goofy.  I dont understand it, but members LOVE it when I drink.  I have one particular one that tips me TO drink.   I had a private last night that made up half my earnings.  I ruined my keyboard AGAIN!  dam it.  He wanted me to put the cam REALLY REALLY close.   So, I was on my floor in living room, but laptop about 3 feet away from me and to the left, put the cam right close up on the floor.  Had about 4 squirting O's, and what do you know? straight to the left, 3 feet right on keyboard. FUCK.  Soaked cam, but cam survived.

I dont think I have wrote about this yet, but this is interesting, but not surprising.  When I have been on for a bit, and do not have many members in the room, I tell them "watch the room numbers go up in 3 min.".  I grab the cam, stick it right between my legs, play a bit.  WHAM, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, and up and up it goes.  haha.  Its like the men have a homing device for pussy shots.  To funny. 

I am getting way more aggressive with the telling them to start tipping.  I got a lot last night, by doing the above, and then saying "okay, 10 second countdown and if no tips, camera comes back up to my face and you get entertained with my wit!".  I start the countdown, 10, 9, 8... and get to 2 and wham, tips. lol.  It seems that if you get aggressive and threaten, they buck up.  Not sure, but seems to work.  Still a learning curve.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Not so bad

My night started slow slow slow.  Got halfway to my goal and decided wtf, I may as well start and see what happens.  I PUSHED for tips this time, and manged to get 500 more tokens after the show started which brought me to my goal!  seems you gotta get aggressive for the tips and wham, it works.

Had a bunch of new tippers and got to have TEN, yup TEN orgasms.. I was going for the GOOD one that usually is number 5 & 6 that are the GOOD amazing, toe curling, leg shaking ones.  This time it was number 9 and 10.  I was getting so frustrated trying to get those good ones.  After each one, I said, COME on! rate that orgasm by tipping and lets go for another!. lol.  I was surprised, considering its the fourth of July in the states.  I did not have high expectations so was pleased that I met my goal and exceeded it by $1.86.  My goal is low, its $75 a night.  I TRY to get that in two hours.  Went over the two hours but, that's okay.  Kills me when I see the real popular models getting $500 in 2 hours and I gotta struggle for my measly 75.  You know what though, its a start.  Its been about 6 weeks that I've been at it.  There are great days, and shitty days.  If you think you can get into this and get popular instantly, it AINT gonna happen.  You have to put your time in, work hard, YES its work, its FUN work, but still work.  You have to socialize and have people skills, be able to diffuse the rude ones, and just generally be personable.  I am sticking with that - HONEST, ME, real, down to earth.  Not a porn star.  I am not going to fake the ooo bb oooobb fuck my pussy.  Its not me.  If I even attempted that I would probably burst out laughing so hard I would pee my panties.

I am convinced that there are men out there that want that.  They like real.  SURE, there are more that prefer the "porn star" type cam girl, but there IS a market for everyone.  Whether your overweight, soft, hard bodied, tall, skinny, short, pierced, tattooed, basically, ALL types will get a following of some sort.  Speaking of which, I seem to be putting weight on again, so I need to find time to fit in excersize between the day job and the night job and everything else.

For anyone reading this:  Please note:  I NEVER endorse dissing other models.  When I speak of "fakes" I still say POWER TO EM!  its working for them.  Its not that I am saying "fucking fakers" I am saying "dam, they can fake and make all that dam money.  Sheet, wish I could, but cant".  Whatever works for an individual is great.  I just know what I personally feel about how I want to be, and know what I like to see.  Its just an opinion but I do not begrudge anyone for their methods.  I am just writing about my experiences and thoughts is all.  Not meant to "diss" anyone.  So hopefully nobody takes it that way.  Well, its almost midnight here, so I better head to bed.. My best laid plans of heading to bed over an hour ago just didnt work.  Dam it.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

oh dear

I went on twice yesterday due to it being a holiday.  Oh shit.  I drank TWO bottles of wine in about an hour and half.  I am sooooo fucking hung over today.  What the hell was I thinking?  I think i will head over today and see if 99 is on while i sit here with my splitting headache.  OH!  if anyone if interested in seeing her here is her profile:
Agent_99, hang out and tip her! 

Last night is somewhat of a blur.  I do not even know how many times I got to cum, or how much I made.  Guess I should go check that out.

Friday, 1 July 2011

my goodness

Well, time for an update.  Its has been up and down on mfc.  When aunti flow came for her visit I spent the week watching the top models to figure out what they are doing.  No rhyme or reason.  I am just convinced that it is all about TIME and building a fan base.  I have an absolute FAV model on mfc though.  She is much loved or much hated.  Agent_99.  Mature model who tells it like it is.  LOVE her.  I watched her every moment i could as well as tipped her all my tokens.  She deserved them.  She is upfront.  For example:  she tells people to either tip, or bans them.  She states she is there to make money.  Her haters say shes a bitch.  I dont find her to be a bitch in the least.  She is honest, funny, entertaining and VERY appreciative of ANY tips. I could spend all my time hanging out in her room I enjoy her so much.    If you get a chance, go visit her - if you tell her you dont have any tokens to tip but would like to you are still welcome.  I feel the same way.  If somebody comes into my room and tells me they cant afford to tip, I appreciate them telling me that, and all I expect is for them to at least join in on the conversation.

My next fav model is Jaylyn.  She is just FUN to watch during her show.  She is real, those orgasms are REAL and not fake.  She loves it, which makes it fun to watch.  She is also appreciative of all tips, whether its 5 tokens or 1000 tokens.  I've watched quite a few and wont name any names but HOLY FUCK are they fake.  oooo bb, oooo, fuck my pussy, ooooo.  Now, I am not knocking them, they get their tokens so all the power to them - I just cant believe that the members that tip them and get off on it thinking its real.    I guess because I am a woman I just appreciate the REAL woman, not porn type actress' shows.  For a man, they just are happy to see pussy and dont care whether its a real orgasm or not.  The ultimate fakes are the ones that put something white and creamy inside them and "squirt".  ummmmm. do your research, a squirting orgasm comes from the urethra NOT the pussy and its not white.  One model I saw even had her topic as "Milk Cum show".  Hey, at least she was honest!  Certainly was milk coming out of there. lol.

So I have some new regulars.  God they are fun.  I absolutely love the ones that come in (and come back) and join in the conversation, joke and laugh.  Nothing worse then the ones that come in and say "show ass bb".   I made a custom video for one.  I thought about it for WEEKS on the "script" as he wanted me to be his teacher.  It turned out awesome if I do say so myself!  I've been on mfc for 3 pay periods now and I still love it.  The regulars are the ones that keep me coming back.  I still need to work on not giving away so much for free.  For e.g.  I will say ONE orgasm when we get halfway to my goal.  Then we get there, I go for the one and cant stop!    My shows consist of a min of 5 orgasms.  I see most other models do ONE, then start a countdown again.  Problem is, I cant stop at one!  i just keep going.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Raffle draw

This last month I ran a raffle on MFC.  Every twenty tokens got an entry for a skype show.  I am doing my draw in an hour and 15 min.  Kind of exciting.  Been coming up with ideas for the next one.  I am either going to buy a "clone a pussy" and clone mine and raffle it off, OR, buy a "clone a willy" and whoever wins, I will send it to them, they make it, then mail it back to me to use in a show.  The only thing with the second idea is that its a bit complicated with the whole mailing back and forth thing.  K, will write more later.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

overdue update

Well, I dont know where to start with the update.  I guess I will start with I have met some GREAT people through MFC.  Thats the thing with camming.  You end up making friends with your regulars and are so glad to see them when they come into your room.  Problem is, to balance it out so you still acknowledge the new ones and do not exclusively chat with the ones you "know" or the new ones wont feel welcome.  Also its hard (at least for me) to keep in mind that your there to earn money, not socialize, as much as I like it.  I am a talker, and love to "make friends" and socialize, and the fact of the matter is, when your on cam, its supposed to be about selling yourself, and sex.

I have discovered that the word BB (baby) makes me cringe.  Common lines that you hear over and over always have BB in it.  "hru you bb?", Feet bb!, oh bb your so sexy.   Its not the term baby that bugs me, its the short form, the bb.  I dont know why, but it does.  At first, when you start as a model, its endearing, but after awhile its just plain annoying.  Of course I am not going to give somebody shit for it, but it is very annoying 

One thing have discovered about myself is I am somewhat of an exhibitionist.  haha.  Who knew.  I also find I am so much more comfortable with my body.  I 've gone from a woman that did everything possible to cover up in baggy clothes to wearing tight revealing things and loving it.  I've learned that my breasts are beautiful, even if they are not perky and upright.  I've learned about what turns me on, what feels good etc.  I dont think I will ever get "rich" camming as I am to social as I said above.  The money I do earn though is wonderful.  I can pay my bills every month now rather then live paycheck to paycheck and miss a few bills every paycheck.  The goal of course is to get ahead, and pay off debts and i am slowly working towards that. 

I have been on MFC for a month now.  maybe a bit over.  I  have had two paychecks at $500 each.  First one was for a week, and the second one was for a week (due to aunti flow making an appearance).  My next payday is next thursday, I am hoping to at least hit 700 for that one.  We shall see.  Mfc is sooo weird.  The most people i have had in my room was 400 but I average about 100 when I am doing my "show".  I have no clue on how to get those numbers up.  Also, its the same people over and over that do the tipping.  Even in the rooms with thousands, its just a few that tip.  So bascially, there will be 2-5 people tipping  in the whole room.  Gets me mad, because I feel all the freeloaders should at least contribute something so its not the 2-5 tippers funding the whole show.  Its just not fair to them.

I also feel guilty when its just a few tipping.  My thoughts are, everyone works hard for their money, and I end up feeling like I am "stealing" from them when they keep tipping all on their own.   I realize its THEIR money and they can do what they want with it, but I just cant get over the guilt.  What i have done to assuage my own guilt is that anyone who tips lots gets free videos and pictures.  That way, at least they are getting something more then just a live show.

I wonder if I will become "jaded" and this will become all about making the money.  I've watched a few models, and its obvious it is, they say things like "start tipping NOW or I am leaving" - stuff like that.  Guess what? the men buck up and start tipping.  I just cant bring myself to be mean or to beg.  I wonder if I will down the road?  I got myself a premium account so i can watch other models and tip.

Friday, 3 June 2011

its been great!

I haven't been able to update for awhile. Been so busy.  It is finally picking up on MFC.  Got quiet a few regulars, as well as getting new ones every time.  I am building a good fan base.  I chose not to go on tonight (friday) because i have a HUGE disgusting ingrown hair right on the lip.  Its terrible!  I have never had one so big and painful.  I soaked, I squeezed, I used a pin - nothing! 

I really wanted to work every night this week, but its just not an option with that huge ugly growth.  Dam. I have lots to do this weekend though, so I doubt I will be able to go on mfc until Monday night.  I have LOTS to update but again, short on time!  gotta run and get ready for an event tomorrow

Sunday, 29 May 2011


I have had to take a week off due to auntie flow.  Last night was my first night back.  It was TERRIBLE.  I just couldnt get the members in my room, and the ones that were, barely tipped.  I sure as hell hope it picks up.  I gotta run though, no time to do a big update. will try later.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I did an outside show this weekend when there was some sun.  WOW, that was exciting.  LOVE being outside when its warm out.  I also have been watching other models to see what is popular, what isnt etc.  There really is NO rhyme or reason.  One model sitting there in a top with a topic of "cum show at 2000tkns" got tokens like crazy.  Her "show" was so fake.  She "pretended" to squirt and "cream" and yet did not actually show that, just the after wetness.  The men went crazy.  She then put up her topic as another 1000tkns for another cum.  Her tokens kept coming and coming.  I was like "HOLY SHIT, can these guys not tell a fake or do they just not care?"

Another model was naked, dancing around with HUNDREDS of people in her room and the tokens barely trickled in.  Its just so random.  I went on yesterday while at a friends place.  My topic was "at a friends watching hockey game, convince me to flash you".. I did pretty well!  WTF?  Sure, not great, but was only on for a bit, flashed some tits, made about $32.  For tits!  Oh, I was drinking (which I never do) and I think that may have been the appeal as well.  I just do not know.  I don't get it.  WHAT is it that they want to see?  I am a genuine goofy girl that laughs a lot and cums for REAL.  No faking - but the guys go crazy over fake stuff.  I even have had guys ask "do you squirt cream?"  I am like WTF??? GOOGLE squirting orgasm and educate yourself.  Its a CLEAR liquid.  I have not found a single reference to creamy squirting o's and if I was to squirt cream I would think I have an infection!  Tons of men are just so not educated on the whole thing.  I have a link on my profile on MFC to a squirting orgasm explanation.  Its NOT pee, Its NOT creamy, its clear and you must stimulate the "g-spot" or Skeenes gland in order to get it.  sigh.

I guess I am a bit angry that I see all these models faking orgasms and getting TONS and TONS of tokens, while mine are so real and its taking me so long to build up that fan base.  Angry/jealous that I cant fake it.  If I could only fake it then maybe it would make a difference. lol.  I cant act worth shit.  It would be sooooo obvious.  "ooo baby, baby, I want your hard cock... giggle giggle... oooo ya".  It would go something like that.  Ahh well.  The ones that HAVE seen me and are coming back know what I have to offer and like it.  I love the reg's.  Even if they aren't tippers, I still love to talk to them.  You develop somewhat of an online friendship with them and it makes your day to see them come into your room to chat.

Its THAT time of the month again, so I wont be able to go on for awhile... sigh.

Sunday, 22 May 2011


I have NOT met my goal of $500 this week.  I am at $300.  That really sucks.  I had huge plans to get $500 a week.  I know I shouldn't complain, when I was on livejasmin I was all excited about my 100 a week.  My goals are now bigger  though.  I definitely am beginning to want more more more.  I have a few regulars that are there every time I am on, and they are a blast to chat with.  I am thinking of losing the "humor" aspect of my room and trying to concentrate more on the sex to see if it works better.  One thing I have noticed.  THEY LOVE IT when your outside.  Weather has not permitted me to be outside a lot, but I have managed to be out for an hour two times and the tips came in a lot faster for just SITTING out there exposing myself.

My regulars are so much fun.  It will be hard for me to "change" to a sex only type of gal when its not really me.  My room is about humor, laughter, joking and story telling and just being ME.  I am NOT an actress, but I think I may have to change it up a bit to get more popular.  After all, they are there to see pussy and tits, not to be entertained with my wit.  Although, we have some GOOD laughs and good conversation, and tons of fun, that's not going to get me any earnings.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Its friday!

So far this week, I have not met my goal at all of $100 a day.  $80 Monday, $37 on Tuesday, $100 Wednesday and I didn't work last night.   Wouldn't be so bad if I had made more on Tuesday.  MFC is for sure "inconsistent".  I hope to be on tonight until I meet my goal, then do a bunch on Monday during the day since its a holiday.  Ahhhh. gotta head to the day job now, no time to write:(

Just want to add:  my $100 day was TWENTY THREE O'S!!!!!  Not even sore the next day...hehe

Monday, 16 May 2011


So, I've been on MFC for a total of 6 hours in a week.  I got paid today $545.55!!!  So I averaged it out, and it worked out to $84 per hour.  I had great days where I met my goal, and not so great days, where a couple hours did not earn me much, but when you average out the 6 hours, its still 84 dollars an hour.  Thats amazing.  I used my day job paycheque to pay a bunch of bills, and will be using the earnings from MFC this period to just live off till the next payday.  Now, if I could manage to average that every week, I will be able to get my debts paid off fairly quickly.  My goal is to be debt free within a year.  Credit card debts.  Hate them.  Well, gotta head in to the day job now.  Will try and update on the adventures soon.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

SO sore

Another $100!  I am dying today though.  I had TWENTY, yes, TWENTY orgasms.  HOLY SHIT.  I am super sore today, the cervix hurts, tummy muscles hurt, and I can barely keep my eyes open at work.  I could totally handle making $100 every night for a few hours of playing with myself.  I have decided to take tonight off and try and get as much caught up on as possible so I can go on MFC this weekend. 

I wasnt able to do an outdoor show as it was raining and windy, but the weather forecast is looking good for the weekend, so I may get to do my outdoor show after all.  I was also in the top 10 last night! whoohooo.  Had over 200 people in my room so I am starting to get a fan base.  I sent EVERY tipper a link to two videos as well as the password to my locked photo galleries.  Good PR I figure.  Gotta build that fanbase so they come to see me over and over. 

I gotta say, what an amazing group of guys that come on there.  I know I said that already, but really, it is so much fun when you have guys with a sense of humour and kindness.  I couldnt get the candle out, I have no control over aim. lol.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Last night I was on for under 2 hours and made $109.  So, about $55 an hour.  Most of that came from two private shows.  One was a repeat, one was a new one.  I am sending everyone who takes me private, or tips me over 20tkns two video links.  I am starting to get regulars now.  Okay, so to continue my last post.  I went on and decided to hula hoop and do the ab roller with my ass facing the cam on friday.  Did a countdown to topless hula hooping and got them all hyped about how the boobs will bounce.  FAIL.  No bouncing boobs!  I just hadnt thought out the mechanics of hula hooping, your moving your hips, so the boobs just dont bounce. lol.  I made a few jokes about that and apologized.

Last night, I have this regular who wants a pair of panties.  So, when I got back from my private, and was all soaked, I proceeded to stuff the panties in.  That was REALLY hard. They all clapped when I got it done. lol.  My birthday is tomorrow, so I am planning on doing an outside show with birthday hats (weather permitting), and getting a cupcake.  Going to try and "squirt" out the candle.  Should be fun.

Monday, 9 May 2011

its starting!

Went on mfc two more times since posting.  Much better.  1070 tokens, then 1180.  That is not a lot compared to the top models on there, but its a start, and I am slowly getting a few regulars.  It is certainly better money already then livejasmin.  I lowered my goal to 1000 tkns for a public show.  I am going to up it to 1500 tonight.  I came up with something for a tease that I have not seen done and they LOVE IT.  I have some "balls".  They are bigger then ben wah balls and on a string.  I zoom in, insert one slowly, then the other then slowly pull them out by the string, or push them out with the muscles:)  I dont think they get tired of watching that, I can do it over and over and over and they still want to see more.   I have more to write, but have to get going to my day job.  sigh.

Friday, 6 May 2011

its starting

I went on MFC again last night.  God its fun.  I love it.  Hmmmm. who knew I had such an exhibitionist side to me.  I sure didnt.  I did a bit better last night totalling 700 or so tokens in about the hour I was on, but over half of that was from a private.  I do NOT expect to get rich doing this.  I just want to get debts paid, and have a little extra spending money.  I enjoy it, its fun, and as long as I am having fun I will keep doing it.  Seriously though, how awesome is it, to get $$ for having orgasms..  Not only that, 99% of the guys on there are sweet, and kind and go out of their way to make you feel special.  I find though, that it IS time consuming.  I am so short on time for doing things around the farm.  Usually at this time of year I ride my horses everyday after work, but instead, I am running home, doing a quick feed for the horses, and getting set up to get online.  Housework falling behind, horses not getting ridden, dogs neglected.. sigh.  I almost wish I could quit my day job and just spend 8-10 hours a day doing camming, but the reality is, that its just not a stable enough income for me to do that.

The reason I started this blog in the first place is for woman that want to get into camming and want to know what to expect.  There is not a lot of info out there, so I figured I would document EVERYTHING.  I want to let you girls know something VERY important.  I thought I would be embarrassed about camming, and that I would feel like a prostitute, and somewhat ashamed.  The complete opposite is what has happened.  HUGE self esteem boost.  I feel good about myself, I feel attractive, and its really an empowering experience.  Its fun, its safe, and you get to meet some really really nice people.  So what are you waiting for!  Give it a go.  Sure, first few times you will be super nervous when you first sign on, but the guys quickly make you feel at ease.  You will feel beautiful, sexy and you will learn things about yourself you did not know.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

MFC experience

well. I have gone on MFC twice now.  I have watched it for over a week and was so hyped up about how well the girls do on there.  My debut, well, it was super fun, but not much for money:( $35.80. I went on the forum and told about it, and the response from other models is that it takes awhile to build up a fan base and start making money, its not instantaneous.  So, yea, no quick money there, but I see their point.  I can see how you need to build up a room of regulars, that like to come to see just you.  I gave lots away for free last night.  hehe. 

From watching the top girls on mfc, this is what I see:  They do a countdown for "public" shows.  Meaning in the chat section.  So, for e.g.  They will set a goal of 5000 tokens for masturbation show.  The rules state you are NOT allowed to do public masturbation, only in private or group.  Yet 95% of the top girls are doing it.  Some of the top girls are really your average kinda girl, not super model beauties, and you know what? They are doing amazing.  I watched one girl get 15000 tokens in 10 min.  She wasn't doing anything other then dancing around naked.  I have also read on the forum, that MFC is not consistent.  For e.g.  You could make like $700 one night, and then $20 the next.  There is no "pattern".  With Livejasmin, I have found my peak times to be between 6pm and 8pm, anything after that, its just people wanting freebies.

Okay, so on to my short MFC experience so far.  First night, was only on for a very short time as an "introduction"  Had about 50 people in my room.  REALLY nice guys on MFC.  I had ONE asshole.  He was just a basic member.  He made a nasty comment about my boobs and the other members all started giving him shit.  I banned him:)  They all clapped for me. lol.  Now, the "big" debut was last night.  The most people I had in my room was 152 I think.  TONS compared to Livejasmin BUT, the TOP models have 2000 in their rooms!  I ended up with a mere five hundred and some odd tokens for my time there. (works out to like $35.80).

I teased, and laughed and joked.  I got myself worked up and decided "oh, what the hell, may as well do a free show"... So told them I was giving them a one time only free show.  I zoomed in and went at er.  OH my. I went on and on and on, was way to much fun knowing there were over 100 guys jerking off to me:)  I even brought out the butt plug.  That was comical.  I kept commenting on how I am inexperienced with it, and was scared it would fly out of my ass and hit the computer monitor.  Had them laughing.  I do know I have the "personality" to keep them entertained.  I am not a sexy "porn star" type, but I keep getting the comments that I am "real" and "honest" and "the girl next door".   They loved it.  ONE basic member accused me of being a "fake squirter, she is peeing".  OMG, I pm'ed him and said ITS NOT PEE, I wouldn't lick my fingers with pee on them, it would make me puke!"  He stayed for the whole show though.  I did not ban him, I am curious to see if he comes back tonight.

One thing I want to mention about MFC.... Its OVERWHELMING as hell.  Tons of PM's come in.  I set my pm's to an autoreply that says "im not being rude by not answering you, but its to overwhelming for me to answer pm's and chat in public".. I just don't have the technique down on how to answer all the pm's AND keep public chat entertained.  Well, that's it, all updated!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

FInally have some time.

Where to start?  Okay, will start with my funny cam moment.  So I bought this new belly chain that looks pretty dam hot.  Was in free chat and this guy comes in and says he really likes me, that I am goofy, and "real" and asked to see my toys.  I pulled out the toys one by one, giving a running commentary on "this one is to big, this one has good vibration, this is the special g-spot one"  I then got all shy like and pulled out the butt plug "this is THE butt plug that I have used a handful of times.  Its NOT sexy to see me using it. I am FAR from sexy trying to insert it. It is a new thing to me, one I thought I would NEVER in a million years do".. Well, quite a few of them were laughing at me, and the one who liked my goofy ways told me to get ready to go private.  I have warned them everytime I need notice to go private so I can cover my keyboard etc.

Well, I go to prepare and the back of the belly chain is stuck to my pillow!  I was like "WAIT! dont take me private yet.  Stuck to my pillow!"... I had them all in stitches as I twisted and turned and groaned and tried to get unstuck.  After what seemed like HOURS I finally got unstuck and said READY!  I sat up, and next thing you know, the chain is stuck to the back of my panties.  I again screamed WAIT!  I am now stuck to the back of my panties.  I asked him if he was still hard he said "lol, im strokin it, dont worry!".  Another VERY long time seemed to stretch on while I tried to reach around and get the panties unstuck.  I eventually had to STRETCH them over my legs and take them off, then almost become a contortionist to get them unstuck... I held up the very stretched out panties after to show the viewing guys. lol.  I then went private with the guy who patiently had been waiting for me:)

NOW.  I joined a forum for models.  After reading through quite a few of the posts, I decided to join the site.  It is myfreecams.com.  HOLY HELL.  I have not had a chance to go on yet.  Just got my account set up and the monthly curse came.  I have been watching and learning though and earning potential on that site is freaking HUGE!!!  I have a plan for when I go on next week.  I am soooooo excited.  There is so much more freedom on that site.  You can twitter (if you know how, I dont), give out your email, skype addy, sell your underwear and videos and they pay 60%.  SIXTY PER CENT!!!!!!!!.  I think I had looked at it before, but was intimidated by what I percieve as young beauties on there and felt I couldnt compete.  Now that I have cammed for a few weeks though, I realize that there is a "type" for everyone. 

OH!  I got my guy again that likes me to be mean.  This time he wanted to be the girl, and me the man "raping" him and torturing him etc.  I did not even have to remove a stitch of clothing.  We decided at the end of our private that we are BOTH perverts.. haha.  Anyhoo, that about brings it up to date.  ANY questions, please post in comments and I promise to answer them.  I will post the link to the forum as well.  it can be found here:

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lots of news!

I have quite a bit to write about.  Some very comical happenings.  So busy right now, will try to get at it tonight and get up to date.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

took some time

I took some time off, then went back at it yesterday.  I had a new experience.  A guy was calling me "Mommy" and said he had been a "bad boy".  I had no clue on how to role play that one, and its something I am not really comfortable with, but gave it the ole college try.  Told him I would bend him over a chair and spank his bottom.  He said he wanted Mommy to jerk him off.  ummmmm.... How do I play THAT scenario?  So, I grabbed the dildo and used the dildo. 

I also had my guy that wanted me to talk down to him.  I think hes my favorite because I have to be quick on my feet and think.   He asked if I would be especially mean.  Oooo was I mean.  I go him off QUICK.  He said "WOW, that was awesome".  It went like this:  You fucking pervert, your so sick that I have devised the ultimate torture for you.  I will tie you down and nail your balls to the floor.  I will use a cheese grater on your two inch cock, slowly, so that your screaming for mercy.  You wont deserve mercy, because your a low life piece of shit pervert.  He loved it.  haha.

The guy got my panties and came and gave me a private.  He masturbated on them.  Used them for masturbating and came on them.  All I had to do was watch and tell him what to do. hehe.  The kicker?  another young fairly decent looking guy!   I also had one that wanted me to watch him get hard, then masturbate, and just tell him how much I would like to LICK HIS ASSHOLE while he masturbates.  Mmm ya, would love to be doing that. lol.

Its getting easier and easier to make money.  Faster as well.  Not in free chat near as long before going private.  I am above average in my ratings:)  I got my very first paycheck put on a mastercard and went and blew it all on clothes.  So nice to be able to just shop shop shop.  I could get used to this:)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Tonight was another good night.  LOTS of privates.  Guess that IS the trick, do not do so much in free chat and more take you private.  One thing about me, I get TONS of compliments on how 'personable" I am.  I laugh, make jokes, poke fun at myself etc.

I think I may have my first member I have to ban.  He kept asking me if I would do a dog or a horse and I said NO.  He had taken me private and I made a big mistake.  He was asking if I would do a dog over and over and I thought, well, they are here for a fantasy, so I said "oh, I did back in my younger days".. BIG MISTAKE.  He went on and on and on about wanting to see that and could I? would I? etc etc.  I said NO, for one, animals are PETS and two it is ILLEGAL.  I told him to google it if he wants it so bad and I was sure he could find SOMETHING on the big wide internet, but he wasnt getting it here.  I have seriously learned my lesson that I cant give EVERYONE what they want.  It grossed me out to even SAY what I had said, but stupidly thought that would be the end of it.  BIG mistake.

He kept bugging me in free chat, then would take me private to ask me again, I told him to quit wasting his money, I couldnt do what he wanted nor WOULD I..... He just didnt get the dam hint!  I have more to write, but am just to tired.. will fill in later.

Okay, moral of the story:  Set your boundaries and do not "pretend" something that is against your morals just to try and keep a customer happy.  It backfires and makes you feel all ICKY.  I did have 2 new customers and another repeat who says I am the BEST... even more awesome then (other performer).  awwwww.  Some of them can make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside when they gush over you.


Last night I made $45 in 52 min.  One customer wanted to see me squirt OVER and OVER and OVER.  We talked a lot as well though.  Right after that looooong private, I called it a night.  That would be GREAT if I could have 1 customer every night for that long.  Just under an hour for $45 I could totally take.

He wanted me to call him Master (with a capital M), and said he would like to fuck me hard for 10 min straight or until I begged him to stop.  He wanted me to put on black stockings and asked if I would pee.  He also asked if I would let him DRINK my pee. hmmm. What else.  Oh, he was not into anal at all so no butt plug required!  He said he would love for me to mail my stockings to him - but I wasnt about to ask for his address after my warning. lol.  He said he would pay me $1000 to fuck me for 10 min and let me film it.  Asked if that turned me on being offered money to fuck and asked me to reply that YES it turned me on.  He told me his record was 9 hours of sex with cmming 18 times in that nine hours and that he is a nympho.  He wanted me to smile a lot - which I naturally do - I smile and crack jokes.  He told me he likes me A LOT.  Awwwwww.  He was on cam as well, on the other side of the world as me.  

I have tonight and tomorrow night for this pay period before my first pay cheque, so must make sure to get at it asap when I get home from work.  This is definitely a job.  Very time consuming between my day job, and all the regular things like housework, dinner, animals to look after etc.  I have to be very careful to not get burned out, but I am VERY excited for that first payday to go shopping:)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I got a warning

Well, I got a warning for asking for personal information from that underwear guy.  Just an email stating its a warning and next time a penalty of $5 will come off my pay. ooooooo.    You are not allowed to ask personal information, give personal information or accept personal information.  That IS a good rule, for your own safety. 

I did get them mailed yesterday though.  I included a note saying I could keep him supplied by "donation" and could also include a cd of me getting them "dirty" in the next ones.  My first payday is on the 25th.  I am very excited, as I plan on  going shopping for clothes.

One thing that was interesting.  I acknowledged a guest that night and he was ecstatic over that.  He said most models do not acknowledge the guests and just talk to the members trying to get privates.  My theory?  if you keep the guests entertained and are polite to them, it may inspire them to buy a membership and take you private.

I took last night off to get caught up on things at home, but went to my profile and noticed a posting on my wall.  The guy that broke my "cam cherry" said he is keeping his fingers crossed waiting for me to log on.  awwww.  Well off to another day of work at my "real" job.  I plan on doing only two hours tonight and having another early night as I am getting so burned out from all the late nights. 


Sunday, 10 April 2011

dirty panties

Well.  I had something "different" last night.  In free chat, the guy asked if I had any dirty panties.  I said, sure.  Next thing you know, he takes me private.  I am like, what would you like to see?  he said he wanted to see my panties.  I take off the ones I had on, he asked me to lick and smell them.  He asked if I had anything dirtier.  He also said he likes bikini style with flowers.  I said "well! I just so happen to have a pair that I wore today that are nice and dirty.  I got them and he said "OMG!  I want those!"  I told him I would send them to him if he gave me his address.  He did and asked how much I wanted for them.  I said nothing.  I am going to send him them and he is going to come back online when they get there and take me private while he cums on them.  He spent $80 on me last night in private.  WTF?  Of course, I only get 35% of that.... sigh.

He wants me to wear them again today, get them "crusty" then put them in a baggie and mail them. lol.  I figure I will do it, and send him my paypal address and tell him I will keep him supplied with dirty panties by "donation"..  Hey, why not right?  In private, he wanted me to put them on and play with myself OVER the panties, to get them "dirtier".

I also had a guy take me private that LOVES feet.  He wanted to see me masturbate, but wanted to see my feet at all times.  Now that was a work out.  I get the "foot" guys going in free chat by putting baby oil on my feet and rubbing them, or rubbing the dildo on my feet:)   Another guy wanted me to stroke my heels like it was his cock.  My heels?  yup.  They definitely get kinkier the later it gets.

Friday, 8 April 2011

all kinds

Well.  I only went on for a little bit last night and it was VERY interesting.  This is all in free chat:  A guy wanted me to talk to him in an "old lady voice".  I said "I am sorry, I am not a good actress, I have no clue how to do that".. He begged and pleaded and I said no.  So then he asked if I would wear a mask.  I asked what kind of mask.  He said, "put a nylon over your head".. I was like..mkay, whatever and just kinda ignored him till he went away - I was not RUDE to him, I just said I did not have any nylons and then did not encourage him.  To weird for me.

Then I had one of my regular guys that comes into free chat.  He is a sock fanatic.  White socks, a bit dirty is what turns him on. lol.  I had him, and a few foot fetish guys, so I put ONE white sock on, and one barefoot to tease them at the same time.   One guy said he would LOVE to put his cock between my big toe and the next toe:)  Of course I had the "ass" guys in there wanting to see the ass, and OMG, what is with wanting to LICK somebodies ass?  I dont get it.  One guy kept going on how he wanted to SMELL my asshole and bury his tongue in it.  OH MY.  I have been very lucky in that almost ALL privates have been standard just want to see you get off kinds.  Phew.    I think I spend more time screwing with my computer then anything else.  There is lag, camera freezes, computer freezes etc.  It seems that there are problems EVERY TIME I go on, so spend half my time rebooting - and its a NEW computer with an HD camera!  Very frustrating.

I got my first customer in the other site.  I sat on that site for a half hour, watching T.V then he showed up, so quickly turned T.V off and went to work.  I got him off in 3min and made about $5.  Boy do I ever need to learn to drag it out more.  I am so worried about them getting pissed off that they arent seeing THE action that they leave and leave me a bad rating, so I tend to get right to it still.   It will come eventually.  I am STARTING to do a few more things before whipping the clothes off in private.  Wiggle the ass, SLOWLY take bra off, lick nipple, ask some questions... I am still a work in progress.  In training I guess. haha.  I think after a few months at this I will be able to say "I've seen it all!".  There certainly are some odd fetish guys out there, thats for sure.  Old lady voice?  "ahh, hey sonny, wouldya pass me my cane please boy?"  LOL. there ARE woman on that site in their 60's and 70's so I dont know why he just didnt go to one of them.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

so, the new site:(

I have gone twice on the new site.  The first time, I lasted 20 min.  BORING as hell.  I did not get anybody in 20 min, and I just cant sit there and do nothing, so went back to my usual site.  Then last night, I tried new site again, lasted 12 min!  haha.  I see that site as VERY hard to make money at.  I think once you at least GOT some customers then it would take off, but the trick is getting them.  I watched it a bit last night, and noticed there were 10 girls online, and only one was in a chat.  I dont think it has huge traffic.

Back at my usual place, I am beginning to gather some regulars.  All my teasing and getting them off in free chat is starting to pay off.  One of them who comes in regular finally couldnt stand it anymore and had to take me private:)  I had another foot fetish guy to, but I gave him to much of the "feet" in free too. hehe.  Now, the funny thing is, I have only had to use the "plug" ONCE! phew.  I thought they would want to see that, and yet, they are just into the squirting thing so far.  Nothing to out of the ordinary to report on.  So no interesting humurous stories for this entry.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Officially signed up!

I am officially signed up for the other site.  Just have to finish my profile.  I cant start until "the curse" ends, which SHOULD be by tomorrow night.  Dying to get back at it.  I guess I kinda like it huh?  I could almost see myself doing it eight hours a day.  You never know, may have to give up my day job and take up full time "porn".  Will have updates as soon as I can get back at it.  Going to upload my pics and finish my profile on the new site tonight.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Week off

I have to take a week off, due to the wonderful mother freaking nature.  Just when I was getting into the swing of things.  Dam.  My guy that likes to be humiliated was back:)  I had fun with that.  Is that bad? Of course, when he was finished I explained I didnt mean ANYTHING I had said. lol.  Last night, I had somebody calling me mistress and asked if I was a dom.  I said I wasnt, but could give it a try, and proceeded to tell him to put his nipple clamps on and tug on them till I told him to stop. lol.  Had fun with that one as well.  I FOUND A SITE that has no free chat.  You get paid for everything.  I have signed up and will have my account on Monday.  It's in the UK, and their dollar is way better then mine, and from what I understand, the "free chat" part, isnt free, you get paid by the min for just that.  Then, if they want to take you private, the price goes up.  It seems as though the chat part is the same - teasing, no nudity etc, but you still get paid for it.  LOVE that idea.  Its my most favorite part of this whole thing.  Guess I am a tease at heart...

Will post the link to the other site once I have tried it out and give a first hand review.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


When you sign into livejasmin it shows the top performers income in the last two weeks.  Top on this period has made almost $7000 in TWO WEEKS.  HOW?  I am thinking that in order to make that kind of money at this you would have to be on it 10-12 hours a day.  I can only devote 2 hours a night, and with summer coming it will be a lot less.  Of course, I will be happy to supplement my income by a min of $200 every two weeks as it seems that I am exactly short $400 a month.  I upped my price last night to 2.49 a min.  I feel I am getting better and better at this.  I certainly attract a LOT of members and guests in my room during the free chat.  Its hard to keep up with the conversations.  AGAIN I had a couple of them tell me they were cumming - in my free chat.  NOT good.  They need to take me private!

I did four "shows" last night, and one of them was the same member twice.  He was so flattered that I remembered his name and age from a week ago when he first took me private. He asked if I had any costumes such as school girl or maid.  I guess that will be my next expense.  My computer is fixed and I will be picking it up Thursday, will have to use the old clunker for tonight. 

I quite enjoy the "teasing" that goes on in free chat.  I am starting to have some regular "followers" from the members.  When I have watched some of the other girls, they just sit there, looking bored as hell.  I talk A LOT, show my ass, play with the boobs over the top, stand up, show a cameltoe, lick my finger, and clean my toys in front of them.  I try not to just sit there and I try to aknowledge everybody that types to me - which can be difficult when you have a whole bunch typing totally different things.  I have one member that comes on and says HEY SLUT.  I talk nice to him and keep him engaged, next thing you know, hes all sweet. lol.  I think he tries to get a rise out of me, but instead, I am very sweet to him and tell him I remember him and start a conversation with him, it totally diffuses the attitude he comes in with.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Well, well, well.

So, I had a good few shows on Friday and Saturday.  Came across another foot fetish guy that wanted to see my feet and suck on my toes.  The REAL odd one was this:  He popped into free chat and his name was something like biceplvr.  So he asked me to flex my arm.  I was like OMG, seriously?  I didnt say that, but I flexed and was laughing saying how I do NOT have a muscle, but he still said "mmmmmm... flex both arms please".. So I did, and I really really couldnt help but laugh, I felt so ridiculous.  Then, one that took me private wanted me to pretend I was getting raped by him.  That was very difficult.  I was "fake" and awkward as its not something I enjoyed at all and I am sure he knew it.  I think I will refuse something like that in the future.

Last night, I had about 15 members in my room and again, over 40 guests, three members were making noises about going private and the one that took me got quite the show.  First squirt, right at the camera all over my keyboard.  I grabbed a piece of clothing to throw over the keyboard.  Squirted again ON the keyboard, he kept going WOW! omg, your amazing.. WOW... I said "i hope I dont wreck my keyboard!"
and he said "i hope not either!"

I squirted again and the piece of clothing was just not sufficient for covering the keyboard and all of a sudden the screen went white.  I said "omg! I hope you can hear me.  I think I fried the computer, I am soooo sorry!".  Sure enough, the computer is fried.  Cannot even turn it back on.  I ran it to the computer guy last night and hopefully it can be fixed. (crossing fingers).  I went on the other old clunker in the house to make sure I didnt get a bad rating  and I got FIVE stars from him!!! yippy.

OH! last night I came up with a BRILLIANT idea.  Since about 95% of them want anal, I decided I could TRY maybe a teeny tiny tiny, did I say TINY butt plug.  So, I promoted it last night.  When I had the most members in my room, I told them to watch my wall in a couple of weeks, as I am searching for a tiny plug.  I told them when I find one, I will post on my wall and the very first one to take me private will get to see me burst the anal cherry.  (yuck.)  I told them how scared I was but that I was willing to try it if I could find one small enough.  Will do that again every night till I find one, to keep them coming back to check if I got it yet:)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Foot fetish

Last night I had my first encounter with somebody that has a foot fetish.   It was in free chat I had my leg up and was stroking my leg and he asked me to take my shoe off.  I took the shoe off and pointed my foot at the cam, he was so excited.  So, I decided to have a bit of fun with it and started stroking my toes.  lol. He said how hard he was and how much he wanted to to suck and fuck my feet!.  So I took off the stockings and fiddled with my toes. 

I once again, did TO MUCH in free chat.  Its just so hard to NOT do that.  I feel awkward just sitting in front of the camera without doing something.  I do have an idea for something different though!  I am going to bring out the hoola hoop and do that, then I get some excersize at the same time as teasing:)

Friday, 25 March 2011

One show last night

I decided to do at least one show last night.  I have TWO "stalkers" now. lol.  They both say they look for me when I am on, they both have said they want to marry me etc etc.  To funny.  They are very sweet though and although they are not paying members, I give them lots of attention, after all, you never know when one of those guests will decide to become a member just to see you.  I need to plan a shopping trip soon for more camisoles and such as they are in short supply.  I have enough g strings, but need more bras and lacey things. 

In private shows, I talk dirty to them and ask them things like "do you want to fuck me? etc.  It keeps them there a bit longer as they have to type with one hand to answer. lol.  I figure that the second it takes them to type, it breaks the "concentration" a bit.  STILL have not figured out how to prolong getting to the actual ACT, and I figure I will try and work on that tonight.  I have this fear of getting a bad rating, so I tend to get right to it - dont want to keep them waiting, after all, they ARE spending money on me and I want them to feel it was worth it.  Since its Friday I will be staying up rather late tonight to get as much in as I can, then will probably take the weekend off to do home stuff.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Standard "lines" in free chat

Just your standard run of the mill things you can expect to hear in free chat:

If I tip you, will you take your bra off?
Lets make a deal and then I will take you pvt.
Show me your nipples.
Nice ass.
Do you do anal?
Can I see your pussy?
Just let your tits fall out, it wont be against the rules.
Pull your panty's aside just quick. Nobody will know.
Do you do anal?
Other models take bra off for tips!
Do you fist?
How fast can you squirt?
Do you do anal?
How much can you squirt?
Do you REALLY squirt?
I will give you $100 to do anal
Your so sexy.
Love your voice. 
Do you have audio in pvt? (duh, I have audio in free chat, why wouldnt I?)
Do you do anal?
Stand up and turn around sweety
Would love to lick that pussy
Do you do anal? 

Can you see a pattern here? haha.  I think I get asked the anal question OVER and OVER by almost everyone who comes in the room. 

You are SO beautiful
How old are you?
OMG, you look like your in your 20's.. (then I usually say, aww, your sweet talking me!)
What position is your favorite?
Are you married?
where you from BB? (bb in there means baby)
Hi bb, hru? (hi baby, how are you)
Do you have toys?
Show us your toys.
Can I buy your panties?
Do you do dp? (double penetration)
Do you like pain?
Do you do kink?  (at which point I ask them to elaborate)
I want to fuck you so bad....
Awesome milf, your hot! (mother i'd like to fuck)
Can you be my mommy?
Do you have heels?
Do you have nylons?
Are you shaved? (which if they read my profile, they would KNOW I am.)

So, there ya go.. Thats about the drift of it.

Work in progress

Last night I went on earlier then usual.  My time so far has been 2 hours a night.  I have averaged about $35 an hour - that is for the privates, because the time in free chat you do not get paid for - although you do get "tips" from members in free chat and I had one tipping me last night A LOT. I had two shows again.  I still need to tone it down in free chat.  Again I had over 40 guests in my room, 10 members.  Its a fine line on how much to 'give' in free chat.  When  a potential customer starts asking a lot of questions you must be careful.  Your answers could be enough to get them off!  I have found that generally, it does seem to be the 'quiet" ones that will take you private.  The two that took me last night didnt even say a word to me in free chat, just watched for a bit, then all of a sudden there ya are - in private.  I had at least 5 conversations going at once and it was a bit difficult.  I have had TWO people aske me this week about beastiality. YUCK!  I very politely told them that I would never violate my animals and that is just not something even up for discussion.  They dropped it right away, or I would have kicked them out.  I still get a lot of requests for anal, and I tell them No, that part of me is a virgin and I intend to keep it that way.

I still need to work on SLOWING down the private time too.  I do tend to get right at it.   Livejasmin pays you only 35%, a pretty low per centage.  I plan on moving to a higher paying one (there is one at 60% that i found) once I am better at this.  Livejasmin is a great site for "training" on.  Its quite user friendly. 

Apparently, quite a few models will have TWO chat boxes up.  I have no clue how to manage that and have asked Luke Madison to address it in his blog.  If I sign up on another site, that would be great to know how to juggle the two at the same time.  

The two privates last night were the standard ones where they just wanted to see me squirt.  I like those.  No funky requests.  Seems to be the majority.  I may end up taking tonight off.  I pulled something in my back (hehe).  The downfall of being a "mature" cam model.  Not as limber as I used to be. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

slow night

Before I go into the details of the night tonight, I want to address some questions that will most likely come up.  For example: WHY would you do this?  Not an easy answer. First off, I want to say, I am a SUPER SHY person.  I had huge body image issues for years.  Self confidance? nada.  Sex? hated it for the most part.  Never been much of a sexual person, due to the body image/self confidance.  Then, last summer, something happened.  Its like a switch went off, or hormones went out of wack, something happened anyway because all of a sudden I WANTED sex.  I excersized and felt good about my body - I am not saying I think I have a hot body by anymeans, its still a work in progress, but I feel good, I feel sexual.  I started wearing more revealing clothes rather then baggy stuff, started taking care of myself.  Then, I noticed men starting to look at me - I liked it.  I didnt WANT to hide my body. 

As an aside, I was raped as a 13 year old - which probably caused all the lovely problems with how I felt about sex.  I felt it was dirty, perverted etc.  Maybe this is another 'effect' of it? I dont think so though.  I feel the best I have ever felt about myself.  So, I decided I wanted to make more money, but how?  Nothing for extra jobs around my area.  I wanted something from home.  hmmm.. what sells? SEX of course.  I googled and found info about cam modelling (at my other halfs suggestion!).  It intrigued me. I wondered if I could really do it.  I did not think I could, but thought I would give it a go anyway and if I couldnt do it, well so be it.

So, here I am.  A person who hated sex, thought porn was perverted - and am now somewhat of a porn star myself:)  I have learned to use the word cock and pussy without wanting to shrink in shame.  Some may say that it's not right that I have gained MORE confidance from doing this, but you know what? I am the MOST comfortable I have ever been with my sexuality, I am enjoying it to the hilt.  I am not ashamed about it either.  OF COURSE I would not want people in my area to know, but if they found out, so be it.  They are welcome to think what they want of me.  I wish I had felt this comfortable when I was in my 20's though.  To bad I didnt wake up until my 40's.   I feel doing this is a safe way to have "safe sex" and get little monetary reward for it.  You could say I am whoring myself out, but, thats fine, I am enjoying it.  If I start to feel uncomfortable I will simply stop.  I can look people in the eye now rather then at the ground.  After all, when you've exposed your whole intimate parts to strangers, whats looking somebody in they eye?

Now onto tonights story;
I was only on for 2 hours and it was HARD.. I mean hard as in getting any privates.  I only got two.  Had my regular guy come to tell me I am his angel and how much he thinks I am a goddess. awwww.  He told me he is 22 and a techie.  I enjoy the chat though.  I may not be making money at it, but I like to talk. A lot.  I spent about 40 min just chatting with this one guy who was saying how he wished he could get his wife to shave.  I suggested a few things on how he can get her to come around.  Second night in a row where I lost privates due to my cam quality and being blurred when I moved.  Must buy new cam!  Nothing really interesting to tell about the two privates, they just wanted to see a squirt and to be talked dirty to, and one was a repeat from last night.  Yippy!.  One guy in chat was...ummmm. different.  He kept referencing his woman, and that she was 50 and he 28 and that she was his mum and he her son and she was stroking him.  Okay.   Of course, the usual ones trying to get a free peek at tits or under the panties.  AGAINST THE RULES.  I did my best to not give to much, its hard. Simply answering sexual questions is enough to get some of them off, so its really touch and go on what you show and what you say.  I am still learning.  Thats about it.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Oh my

Edited to add more at bottom of post:
WELL, another interesting night.  I have learned a few more things but before I go into that I will start with my two "shows".   First one, pretty standard, just wanted to see me squirt, talk dirty to him about how much i want to fuck him, again, another young un.  He said he was going to add me to his favorites and gave me a tip.  I had a lot of stupid technical problems with my cam due to low bandwith again, and that was AFTER the internet guy upped the bandwith.  Now, the second one is what I really want to talk about.

In free chat, a guy asked if I would talk down to him.  I said I had never done that, could he give me an example of what he means.  He said "tell me I am a piece of shit".  I was like, well, I could give it a try if you would like YOU PIECE OF SHIT.  haha.  He was like, OH YES, like that.  I said, well, its difficult for me to do that as I am a NICE person and do not like to hurt people.  Well, he took me private.  I put on the performance of a lifetime I think.  He only wanted me to take my bra off and talk down to him really bad.  So, here is how it went down: (short version)

Me: "hey you piece of shit are you looking at my tits?  your not worth looking at them, you lowlife piece of shit"
Him: YES, tell me im a pervert and a faggot
Me:  Hey you lowlife faggot, you with your small dick, dont look at me.  You do not deserve to look at me you pervert. 
Him:  Im black, be racist to me.
Me. OH but I cant I am so not a racist... But, I've been wtih black guys and what they say is true, they have 10 inch cocks so what the fuck happened to you with your two inch pathetic excuse for a cock?  I bet you hide behind cars and watch girls walk by and take that pathetic little weener out and stroke it, while they look down on you as the lowlife pervert you are.
Him: Tell me I should die
Me: Why are you even walking this earth among us? You should die
him: tell me I will die of aids
Me. you will probably die of aids being the little small cocked pervert faggot you are.
Him: YES.... then he thanked me and said it was awesome.....

OH MY GOD.  That was very difficult.  I am NOT mean I tell ya. 

Now, what I have learned tonight.  I give to much of a "show" in the free chat.  I got two men/guys off in free chat so there was no need to take me private.  I have to not talk so dirty and quit teasing so much and showing so much as it doesnt get them to take me private.  Tomorrow I will try a new tactic.  I had 35 guests in my room and 7 members.. I really gotta work on not giving to much away.  lol.

My very first customer came in to say hi last night, and I have my own personal "stalker" that said he was looking for me last night and WHERE WERE YOU, I cant cum for anyone else, only for you.  awwww.  I am flattered, but take me private you bugger, dont cum just watching me and chatting with me in free chat!  I didnt say that of course, but I was thinking it!  When I first "met" him he told me he was going to come talk to me DAILY and hes mad that he "met" me because I made him hard... okay?  I gave him a lot of attention, but he still hasnt taken me private, so I am trying to give him less and less - which is hard for me to do being how I am.  The plan for tonight:  Tease but NOT SO MUCH. 

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Late Night

Sheesh I had a late night last night.  I guess since my promotional period is over, they try and get as much as they can for free now.  I spent A LOT of time chatting last night.  Dont get me wrong, that is a lot of fun as well, but you dont make anything in the free chat, my time is stretched thin with the real job, horses, house etc.  I ended up being up until two in the morning.  I did quite a few shows.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  I had a repeat, the one that just likes me to watch him masturbate.

The one that was different was a young guy, 26 and he enjoyed chatting as well in private.  He told me hes a 26 year old virgin.  Awwww.  He seemed quite shy and just laid on his stomach and watched.  I told him he was cute, which he really liked.  I  wish my dam internet guy would come and increase my bandwith so I can get High Definetion and two way audio so I will be featured further up on the page.  

Late last night I had over 30 guests in my room and about 10 members talking to me.  oooo it was fun, I would lay back on the bed, play a bit UNDER the underwear etc.  I love it.  I may join a site that pays you to chat.  I found it from Luke Madisons blog (I have a link posted to his blog) and I think that would be a blast.  Getting paid to chat, tease and flirt.                                                      

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Promotional period over!

Well, my promotional period is over, so my rate is up to 1.99 a min.  The bad part is that now I wont be on the first page:(  Tonight was very interesting.  I waited until later to go on.  Its a Friday, so I imagine the young uns are out partying.  I had an older set tonight.  I had to chat a lot to get them to go private. 

In chat, I experienced the following:  Somebody asking me if I do kink.  I asked him to expand on that and to let me know exactly what he meant.  He didnt.  Another asked me if I would pee.  I said I cannot pee on demand.  Few min later he asked if I had to pee yet.  haha.  I was asked to stand up and turn around, show my tits and whether I did anal or DP. (double penetration).

Privates:  One wanted me to watch him jerk off.  I said I would love to.  He asked me to just talk to him while he jerked off.  I wasn't clear on what he wanted, dirty talk or just talk? I asked, but he was jerking off, so I just prattled on with a bit of dirty talk.  Another wanted me to squirt, which I did twice (getting GOOD at that!) and then he asked to see my tits, and asked if he could suck my feet.  I said sure, and tried to get my foot in view.  Dam I need a better cam though.   He asked if I could fist myself and I said no, its to tight, so he asked for 3 fingers.  Another wanted me to squirt and to give him the finger.  WTF?  I was like, "you want me to GIVE you the finger? like this?" and I stuck the middle finger up. He was like..mmmm yea, that's it baby.  Okay.  That was different.  So yea, it was definitely different tonight.  I like my young bucks:)

Tomorrow I will have to put a towel down on my keyboard as I managed to squirt on it twice.  I lost count of how many times I did it.  I HAVE to use a certain toy in order for that to happen though.  Oh man am I ever tired.  I hope to go on tomorrow during the day if I can, to see what kind of crowd is there during the day.  I now know that around 8-10 during the week seems to be a very good time.  Late Friday night is different.  Well, off to bed.  Will blog about my adventures tomorrow if I have any.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


OMG!  I had so much fun tonight:)  My first guy was amazing.  He wanted to see me masturbate and I was vocal, and talked dirty and he came and was instantly hard again.  I squirted tons for him and he came again. Then another young guy came in and it was a wonderful repeat.  Then, an older tattooed guy came in, but our connection was not so good, (meaning both Internet and sexually) and his cam seemed to have froze up, but my second guy came back for more.

My first guy gave me a Badge.... He gave me "best show ever!" badge.  awwwwwwwwwwww.  BUT, my star rating went down from 5 to 3.  ( Two men have voted.  One the first night, and one tonight, but it does not show you who did.  I have a feeling it was the older tattooed guy).  Overall, its was an amazing night.  I am bummed about how I went from a 5 star to a 3 star but what can ya do?

Oh yea I was vocal as hell.. Mmmm. oh yea, Stroke that cock, I want you to fuck me, your so hard, I want to lick and suck you.. yes yes, im cumming babe.. you get the drift.  I am VERY pleased that so far my experience has been with young men that just want to watch you masturbate for them.  No kinky stuff requested.  Phew. 

I make sure to post on my wall on my profile every day.  When a customer posts, I reply.  For e.g.  The first guy posted that it was so much fun and an awesome show.  I replied:  You were so hot and I had a blast, and it wasn't a Show babe, it was real. - then I got my badge.  The only one I felt I had to 'act" with was the older guy and the only reason was that I hadn't recovered from the previous one when he joined the room.  Its a juggling act.

One thing for anyone reading this that is trying to glean info before joining  - a private show is NOT private, you can get up to 5 more members in the room.  I haven't figured out how to deal with that yet.  I acknowledge them when they come in the room but when your in the middle of masturbating with your first client you cant very well get up and click on the other one and leave the first guy hanging right?  so, I have not learned how to deal with that yet.  I will be sure to post on here when I learn how to handle that situation.  I have sent an email to the support asking, so we shall see.

The Plan

I have a plan for my second time out tonight.  I am going to attempt to flirt in private a lot more, and SLOWLY let them see what they want, to keep them there longer.  No need to get them off in three seconds, thats not going to make me any money now is it?  I really need to work on being vocal.  I know men like to hear Oh (insert name) I want your cock in me so bad, oh your so hard, etc etc.  I KNOW what i need to do, its just putting it into practice.  If I moan and talk dirty, I do not want to sound "forced" or like its awkward, as I feel its better to say nothing at all then to sound fake.  MUST get over the nerves.  After all, its not like I will ever meet these people in real life.  I IS fun, and I think I could really enjoy this if I get over the nerves part. 

I've looked high and low for some forum or blog that helps with what to expect in private and cannot find anything.  That is why I will document everything the best I can, to help out any future woman/men that want to give this a try.  I added a link to a great forum/free e book that helps with quite a few hints and tips on how to present yourself, your environment etc.  Its in the side bar, as well as the site I work for.  I will blog about my second trip out tomorrow and let ya'll know how it goes!

Also, want to mention that I have a friend in the sex toy business. I have added her link as well, and she also has worked in the live cam business and has given me tips and hints which I will post here soon.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

that was umm.. different.

Well I did it.  I did my first "performance"  I signed on and WHAM, tons of people chatting.  Was told I a beautiful, have a sexy voice and asked if I had heels.  I said yes, I had heels and showed them, and he asked if I had sandals with heels, which I dont.  I was barely on there and was taken for a private show. 

I was nervous as hell.  The cam on his side came on and I was like OMG.  He was young and hot.  WTF?  I am 41, why is a young (late 20's, early 30's) good looking guy wanting to see ME?  So, I did a slow strip tease and asked to see his cock.  He put the camera down and OMG.  It was huge.  Well, he just wanted to see me masturbate, which is fine, I did.  It was a bit awkward because I have to keep looking to see if he was typing any requests. 

Apparently, you can have up to 6 people in your private show.  I did not realize this until later.  So, I inadvertently ignored the others that came into my room because I didnt realize they were there.  So, after the big cocked guy I had another that asked if I had ever been fisted.  I said no, but I could try!  Well, I gave it my all I tell ya.  I tried and tried.  #1.  It was just to dam tight and #2. I am NOT THAT flexible.  He was happy though, gave me a 5 star rating.  So I guess I got an A for effort! haha.  Next up, another young hot, big cocked one who just wanted to see me squirt.  He got a show, I managed to provide him with 5 or 6 live squirts in under 4 min:)

I have a special toy that hits that g-spot right where it needs to be, works like a charm.  I wasn't online long at all, I had played myself out in an extremely short amount of time.  I need to learn that when we go private, to prolong it, by teasing, flirting etc - not to just get right down to it and show them the goods right away!.  During the promotional period with this site you only charge .98 per min, and you get 35 per cent.  Needless to say, I certainly didn't make much last night.  Still learning the ropes though, so I consider this a training period.  It was fun.

I am a somewhat shy person, and am far from a seductress.  So, once in private, I am like "now what?".  So I ask them to tell me what they want me to do.  I think its going to take me awhile to learn how to prolong my private time and what to say/do.  I may not go on tonight (need to recover).  There are woman on there that are on for 10+ hours a day! How the hell do they do that?  I guess its like starting any new job, there is a learning process.  I just hope I keep the customers happy with my bumbling, awkward self until I learn.  One thing about me, the men get a REAL person when they see me, not a "performance".  There is no acting with me, what you see is what you get.