Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Last night I made $45 in 52 min.  One customer wanted to see me squirt OVER and OVER and OVER.  We talked a lot as well though.  Right after that looooong private, I called it a night.  That would be GREAT if I could have 1 customer every night for that long.  Just under an hour for $45 I could totally take.

He wanted me to call him Master (with a capital M), and said he would like to fuck me hard for 10 min straight or until I begged him to stop.  He wanted me to put on black stockings and asked if I would pee.  He also asked if I would let him DRINK my pee. hmmm. What else.  Oh, he was not into anal at all so no butt plug required!  He said he would love for me to mail my stockings to him - but I wasnt about to ask for his address after my warning. lol.  He said he would pay me $1000 to fuck me for 10 min and let me film it.  Asked if that turned me on being offered money to fuck and asked me to reply that YES it turned me on.  He told me his record was 9 hours of sex with cmming 18 times in that nine hours and that he is a nympho.  He wanted me to smile a lot - which I naturally do - I smile and crack jokes.  He told me he likes me A LOT.  Awwwwww.  He was on cam as well, on the other side of the world as me.  

I have tonight and tomorrow night for this pay period before my first pay cheque, so must make sure to get at it asap when I get home from work.  This is definitely a job.  Very time consuming between my day job, and all the regular things like housework, dinner, animals to look after etc.  I have to be very careful to not get burned out, but I am VERY excited for that first payday to go shopping:)


  1. I love how he is bragging he can last for ten minutes, like that is some world record, lol.


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