Friday, 30 September 2011


Have not updated for awhile.  Its been much of the same.  Hit and miss.  Some amazing days, followed by shitty days.  I do want to write about my "comedy act".  One Saturday, while the weather was still warm, I proceeded to get extremley drunk on cam.  I was outside, I hula hooped, roped naked, tried to walk in sky high heels, got covered in dirt and had flies landing on me. I even have a video of it!

Then, this Tuesday, I went over to a friends and we set up our eliptical machines next to eachother.  I decided to go on cam.  We did amazing.  We had a topic of  "tip 10 tokens for slow, 20 for fast".  Also had a goal for topless excersize.  We drank and smoked while excersizing.  What a classy bunch we are. lol.  Last night, I wanted to work out again (all this drinking is starting to take a toll on the body).  We did horrible, but I really did get a great workout in.  The tips that DID come were for FAST.  I was sweating like crazy and am a little on the sore side today.

Monday, 5 September 2011


Last night was amazing!  Little over a hundred in about 2 hours!  I had a blast.  I gotta say, my room is way to much fun when I get the members in that like to drink, joke and just generally "party".  One thing that I do that I really feel has paid off or is starting to pay off - ANY tip over 50 gets a video.  I have had people tell me that that is way to cheap, but I consider it PR.  It is paying off now.  The members feel appreciated that their tips get them SOMETHING they can see AFTER the show and they come back. 

So I have this new thing I do to try and appeal to ALL watchers.  There are members that like to see zoomed in, and members that like to see zoomed out.  What I do is I will get the suction dildo onto the mirror for the first orgasm.  Put the camera right on the mirror so its really close up.  Then, they get the close up of the whole riding the toy as well as the squirt.  My next one, I lay back on my back and zoom out so that the members that like to see the "cum face" get to see that.  I gotta say, I am certainly enjoying this second "job".  Although, there are times where I am like, OMG, I dont feel like going on right now, but once I am on there and I get the fun people coming into my room, the mood quickly changes.

I also have done a few skype shows.  Now, the skype shows do take a lot of time.  I am going to try not to do to many of those as the time I am on skype I could be on MFC drumming up new members.  Anyhoo, just one last thing:  I love MFC!

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Just a quick one.  I have learned something invaluable (i think) for new models.  DO NOT GIVE UP... The first hour generally SUCKS for me, with minimal members in my room, you just have to stick it out because the second hour is when the stuff seems to happen.  Will blog more about it when I get some time!