Friday, 30 September 2011


Have not updated for awhile.  Its been much of the same.  Hit and miss.  Some amazing days, followed by shitty days.  I do want to write about my "comedy act".  One Saturday, while the weather was still warm, I proceeded to get extremley drunk on cam.  I was outside, I hula hooped, roped naked, tried to walk in sky high heels, got covered in dirt and had flies landing on me. I even have a video of it!

Then, this Tuesday, I went over to a friends and we set up our eliptical machines next to eachother.  I decided to go on cam.  We did amazing.  We had a topic of  "tip 10 tokens for slow, 20 for fast".  Also had a goal for topless excersize.  We drank and smoked while excersizing.  What a classy bunch we are. lol.  Last night, I wanted to work out again (all this drinking is starting to take a toll on the body).  We did horrible, but I really did get a great workout in.  The tips that DID come were for FAST.  I was sweating like crazy and am a little on the sore side today.

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