Saturday, 30 July 2011

far from goal this time!

Well, this has been a bad go.  I am up to $222 with only today and tomorrow to go.  I went on for 40 min. last night and it was bad bad, so I signed off.  Fickle Mfc I tell ya.  Ah well such is life.  I do have my fav premiums though and they totally make my day. 

I asked for raffle suggestions one night and one of them came up with a "skype dinner date".  I thought that was a GREAT idea.  So, the next raffle is going to be for a skype date.  I am thinking that if it gets warm enough today I may do a car wash show.  I do have other commitments for tonight, so I will have to do it soon.  Just waiting for the sun to come out.

So, bottom line, I have not discovered the secret to getting members in the room yet.  Although, I have found that if some of my members go into the lounge and "advertise" me then the numbers go up big time.  As soon as your doing your "show" the numbers are up of course, I get it though.  Myself, when I am watching MFC, I go to the most popular 75 rooms, and scroll through to the ones that are doing "shows".  So, if I do that myself, I imagine 98% of the members do that:)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

last night

Well.  Last night was a wee bit better.  Got 144 people in room BUT, ONE main tipper only. (i was in top 35 with that, go figure!) A few trickled in, but mostly same person.  Ridiculous.  I am thinking of trying streammate, but the problem with that is you make all your money in private or group.  Still only made just over $50 for my night last night.

I want to say something about that Hitachi.  HOLY hell.  After using it for a few O's, the clit literally wont stop tingling.  Its a very weird sensation.  I worry that I may become immune to the vibration and that it wont work anymore?  I wonder if thats a possibility?   

I have taken tomorrow off the day job and will try and go on for a few hours during the day, then again maybe for a few at night.  I have tonight, tomorrow and the weekend to make my measly goal of $500.  Its going to be hard going.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Well, I really have to lay off the wine.  I just wanted to add:  I LOVE MY REG'S.  I wish I could just sit and yack with them sometimes and didnt have to worry about ALSO earning $$ while I am at it.  I think I have to much fun interacting with my regulars and forget that I am there to be sexy. lol.  Tonight I plan to be on for at LEAST 3+ hours whether I have 2 premiums or 200.  I really gotta bust my ass. 

Was talking to somebody who suggested that with me only being able to do 2 hours a night within a certain time slot, that its kinda hard to get "known".  I have to try and vary it up, do longer hours and go on during the day (I have Friday off, so will try then).  More to write but gotta go work, as I am at my day job

Monday, 25 July 2011


Okay, I want to start off by saying, I am drunk and this will be a rant/whine.  I am doing TERRIBLE.  I cant get the members in my dam room.  I dont know what else to do.  I *think* that i am fun and have personality,  and I am funny.. WHEN its time, I can be sexy, but I guess I am not sexy enough.  sigh.  I am doing absolutely terrible.  I went on Saturday and made MAYBE $20.  then, on tonight and made MAYBE $25.  I got a couple offline tips, bringing my total so far to a whopping 75.75 with only this week left till payday.  I am getting very discouraged.  I think maybe its time to move onto another site and see how I can do.  I do have a raffle draw I have to do tomorrow night, but I think after that I will sign up for a new site and see how I can do.  I need a back up for sure, if MFC isnt cutting it, I need a fall back site.  Very depressing night for sure:(

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

attn: meghan

My earnings of $764 for the two week pay period I would say is for around 2 hours per night. Totalling 20 hours so works out to approx. $37 per hour.  Now, keep in mind, that the hours vary, and you could do 2 hours and make $100, then next night, do two hours and be lucky to earn $10.  So, the above hourly earnings is just averaged out.  It gets very discouraging sometimes when your on there for a couple hours and nobody wants to tip or you cant seem to attract members into your room.

Seems to be the big thing.  HOW do you get members to come to your room.  When I figure that out, I will certainly post about it.  It is now "that time of the month" so I have a week of no income.  I know there are ways around it, (cups for e.g.), but I actually like the week off to just get caught up and have me time.  Also, totally not cam related but:  I got bucked off my young colt this weekend so am in NO shape to work even if I could.  Sometimes I think, dam those girls that make the big money are lucky.  They get to do that and nothing else and live in comfort.  On the other hand, I like my day job, and I just wish there were more hours in a day and I had more energy.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Drunken Country

Oh boy, think I may becoming a summer alcoholic.  Before I go into that.  Tuesday was absolutely horrible.  I was on for a little over an hour, made $15, decided to log off.  Wednesday, wasnt getting much better until I was taken private! whoohoooo.  It was awesome.  Today is cut off day for pay period and I have $715.00 so far, and still have tonight to go.  I am happy with that, its better then nothing thats for sure.  Now, onto public drunkeness.

I've taken up drinking on cam.  There is a variety of reasons for it.  #1. Its summer, and I usually drink a bit in summer.  #2 I have found two alcoholic beverages that I absolutely LOVE.  #3.  I am much more relaxed on cam when drinking and HOLY FUCK do I ever have amazing orgasms drunk + hitachi = screaming, spasming Country.  Needless to say, I have been drinking just about every night.  Not sure if I talked about the night I downed two bottles of wine or not, but OMG, I had the bed spins, nausea etc, so I have learned to at least NOT drink two bottles in an hour and 40 min.

I have two regs that usually come on Friday and tip me to drink.  They LOVE getting me drunk those bastards. lol.  (I say bastards in an affectionate way of course!)  All my wonderful weight loss is quickly disappearing with the alcohol consumption. sigh.  I think my pride has too, as I get quite silly when drinking.  I feel I am becoming a seasoned drinker now though! I started out where I would be drunk on two vodka coolers and now i am up to an ENTIRE four pack!  WHOOHooooo!  Arn't I special?  Okay, so thats not so impressive, I am a light weight, what can I say?  Although, I DO drink extremely fast, so I feel justified that I am drunk on 4 coolers or one bottle of wine.  Drank my bottle of whine in a half hour last night, then proceeded to have a cider - I stopped halfway through the cider though as i really didnt want to suffer bed spins again.  I am to old for that shit.

OH! I want to just send a shout out to Lil redhead!  We gotta drink together. lol.  We could have our own comedy show:)

I watched my fav Agent_99 last night for a bit before going on.  GOD its hard to pull myself away from her.  She is so goddam funny.  I just about pee myself she makes me laugh so hard.  About her show.  HOLY SHIT can she ever give an amazing blow job show.  Now, I am not a man, so dont know how to judge it,  but FUCK her blowjobs are super hot to me.  Then, my other fav that deserves a mention, Jalyn.  Her energy is just so dam FRIENDLY and welcome.  The only way I can think to describe her is CUTE!    I know what I will be doing on my time off when Aunti flow comes to town.  Hanging with 99.

Well, its Friday night, I plan on picking up a bottle of wine and partying with my reg's tonight.  Should be fun, whether I make anything or not.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


My night started out TERRIBLE last night.  I went on, and couldnt seem to get more then 5 premiums in my room. I did get to meet a model on there though! HI KITTY.... I stayed on around a half hour then logged off.  Went back on at almost 8pm and made my goal within an hour and 40 min!  So, I made $82 in  approx. 2 hours 10 min.  Works out to $40 an hour.  Sure, not much by most of the model standards, but I am super happy.  It was mostly ONE tipper that seemed to have funded about 75% of it.  I was just so happy to get to use my hitachi again.  God I love that thing. 

I have decided I am just going to have to wait and go on later in the evening as it seems that 6:30 pacific is just to early and I do not get members in my room until much later.   Keeping fingers crossed that the next four days stay good.

Monday, 11 July 2011

The website

For anyone wanting the hitachi who lives in Canada.  The store to get it is:  and for you Innes, the direct link to the hitachi  I want to put a little shout out for a model as well.  If you go on mfc, look up Kittyroyale after 11:30 eastern time and tip her please!

I have one full week of earning left till the next payday on mfc and I am at $490!  I hope I hope I hope I hope it goes well this week. The hitachi debut was a huge success.  I hope i can keep it up.  Of course, its mostly the same tippers - but there were a few new ones.  Will report back tomorrow!

Saturday, 9 July 2011


I have died and gone to heaven.  My hitachi came in the mail yesterday.  OH MY GOD.   I have NEVER experienced anything so amazing.  Its a gift from God I tell ya!  Okay, so last night I went on MFC and put in my topic that it would be my first time hitachi use when we reached the goal.  Tips were trickling in, and one of my regs (who has never tipped but provides huge entertainment) said he got paid and would spend all his money on me in private or group.  I told him lets go group!

So him and my other reg took me group with a few that I didnt know.  OMFG.  That hitachi is amazing.  I literally was screaming.  I am NOT a screamer.  I screamed so much my throat hurt.  I looked like I was having a seizure after every orgasm.  The muscles in my legs were contracting.  I am so glad I got to experience the first 6 hitachi orgasms with two of my fav regulars.  I ended up making $129 last night.  Half of that from group, the rest in public.  I did a public show as well after group.  I was cracking jokes after my last one because my throat hurt so bad, legs trembling and heart pounding that I said I was going to die and end up on that show 1000 ways to die;  #456 Death by hitachi.

I found a website in Canada and got the hitachi for $45!  BEST investment EVER..  To steal a line from the book The Lord of The Rings, the hitachi is now known as "My precious".  Hope the motor will last with the use its going to get.

Friday, 8 July 2011


Another terrible terrible night.  I dont feel TO bad as it seemed even the top models logged off early due to no tipping.  I am thinking of trying to start a forum where models and customers can yack and exchange ideas.  Oh I know, theres quite a few of them out there, (I frequent the Amber Cutie forums myself).  I seriously doubt a forum I start will take off, but I figure I will give it a try.  I read forums all day at work.. (shhhhhh)  Going to give it some thought.  I guess it cant hurt to start one.  If it doesnt get any action, then no biggie.  Will post more later!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


bad night.  Started great, I made about $50-60, but thats short of my $75 I wanted.  I ended up signing off with only 490 tokens left till I did a show.  Not many of my regs, but got some new ones.  Had a repeat from the night before and a couple new tippers.  So I made sure to send the new tippers a couple of vids. 

I have taken up drinking.  I am NOT a drinker, but have been drinking almost everytime I go on.  I get pretty dam tipsy after two!.. My maximum is 4 and I am slurring and being totally goofy.  I dont understand it, but members LOVE it when I drink.  I have one particular one that tips me TO drink.   I had a private last night that made up half my earnings.  I ruined my keyboard AGAIN!  dam it.  He wanted me to put the cam REALLY REALLY close.   So, I was on my floor in living room, but laptop about 3 feet away from me and to the left, put the cam right close up on the floor.  Had about 4 squirting O's, and what do you know? straight to the left, 3 feet right on keyboard. FUCK.  Soaked cam, but cam survived.

I dont think I have wrote about this yet, but this is interesting, but not surprising.  When I have been on for a bit, and do not have many members in the room, I tell them "watch the room numbers go up in 3 min.".  I grab the cam, stick it right between my legs, play a bit.  WHAM, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, and up and up it goes.  haha.  Its like the men have a homing device for pussy shots.  To funny. 

I am getting way more aggressive with the telling them to start tipping.  I got a lot last night, by doing the above, and then saying "okay, 10 second countdown and if no tips, camera comes back up to my face and you get entertained with my wit!".  I start the countdown, 10, 9, 8... and get to 2 and wham, tips. lol.  It seems that if you get aggressive and threaten, they buck up.  Not sure, but seems to work.  Still a learning curve.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Not so bad

My night started slow slow slow.  Got halfway to my goal and decided wtf, I may as well start and see what happens.  I PUSHED for tips this time, and manged to get 500 more tokens after the show started which brought me to my goal!  seems you gotta get aggressive for the tips and wham, it works.

Had a bunch of new tippers and got to have TEN, yup TEN orgasms.. I was going for the GOOD one that usually is number 5 & 6 that are the GOOD amazing, toe curling, leg shaking ones.  This time it was number 9 and 10.  I was getting so frustrated trying to get those good ones.  After each one, I said, COME on! rate that orgasm by tipping and lets go for another!. lol.  I was surprised, considering its the fourth of July in the states.  I did not have high expectations so was pleased that I met my goal and exceeded it by $1.86.  My goal is low, its $75 a night.  I TRY to get that in two hours.  Went over the two hours but, that's okay.  Kills me when I see the real popular models getting $500 in 2 hours and I gotta struggle for my measly 75.  You know what though, its a start.  Its been about 6 weeks that I've been at it.  There are great days, and shitty days.  If you think you can get into this and get popular instantly, it AINT gonna happen.  You have to put your time in, work hard, YES its work, its FUN work, but still work.  You have to socialize and have people skills, be able to diffuse the rude ones, and just generally be personable.  I am sticking with that - HONEST, ME, real, down to earth.  Not a porn star.  I am not going to fake the ooo bb oooobb fuck my pussy.  Its not me.  If I even attempted that I would probably burst out laughing so hard I would pee my panties.

I am convinced that there are men out there that want that.  They like real.  SURE, there are more that prefer the "porn star" type cam girl, but there IS a market for everyone.  Whether your overweight, soft, hard bodied, tall, skinny, short, pierced, tattooed, basically, ALL types will get a following of some sort.  Speaking of which, I seem to be putting weight on again, so I need to find time to fit in excersize between the day job and the night job and everything else.

For anyone reading this:  Please note:  I NEVER endorse dissing other models.  When I speak of "fakes" I still say POWER TO EM!  its working for them.  Its not that I am saying "fucking fakers" I am saying "dam, they can fake and make all that dam money.  Sheet, wish I could, but cant".  Whatever works for an individual is great.  I just know what I personally feel about how I want to be, and know what I like to see.  Its just an opinion but I do not begrudge anyone for their methods.  I am just writing about my experiences and thoughts is all.  Not meant to "diss" anyone.  So hopefully nobody takes it that way.  Well, its almost midnight here, so I better head to bed.. My best laid plans of heading to bed over an hour ago just didnt work.  Dam it.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

oh dear

I went on twice yesterday due to it being a holiday.  Oh shit.  I drank TWO bottles of wine in about an hour and half.  I am sooooo fucking hung over today.  What the hell was I thinking?  I think i will head over today and see if 99 is on while i sit here with my splitting headache.  OH!  if anyone if interested in seeing her here is her profile:
Agent_99, hang out and tip her! 

Last night is somewhat of a blur.  I do not even know how many times I got to cum, or how much I made.  Guess I should go check that out.

Friday, 1 July 2011

my goodness

Well, time for an update.  Its has been up and down on mfc.  When aunti flow came for her visit I spent the week watching the top models to figure out what they are doing.  No rhyme or reason.  I am just convinced that it is all about TIME and building a fan base.  I have an absolute FAV model on mfc though.  She is much loved or much hated.  Agent_99.  Mature model who tells it like it is.  LOVE her.  I watched her every moment i could as well as tipped her all my tokens.  She deserved them.  She is upfront.  For example:  she tells people to either tip, or bans them.  She states she is there to make money.  Her haters say shes a bitch.  I dont find her to be a bitch in the least.  She is honest, funny, entertaining and VERY appreciative of ANY tips. I could spend all my time hanging out in her room I enjoy her so much.    If you get a chance, go visit her - if you tell her you dont have any tokens to tip but would like to you are still welcome.  I feel the same way.  If somebody comes into my room and tells me they cant afford to tip, I appreciate them telling me that, and all I expect is for them to at least join in on the conversation.

My next fav model is Jaylyn.  She is just FUN to watch during her show.  She is real, those orgasms are REAL and not fake.  She loves it, which makes it fun to watch.  She is also appreciative of all tips, whether its 5 tokens or 1000 tokens.  I've watched quite a few and wont name any names but HOLY FUCK are they fake.  oooo bb, oooo, fuck my pussy, ooooo.  Now, I am not knocking them, they get their tokens so all the power to them - I just cant believe that the members that tip them and get off on it thinking its real.    I guess because I am a woman I just appreciate the REAL woman, not porn type actress' shows.  For a man, they just are happy to see pussy and dont care whether its a real orgasm or not.  The ultimate fakes are the ones that put something white and creamy inside them and "squirt".  ummmmm. do your research, a squirting orgasm comes from the urethra NOT the pussy and its not white.  One model I saw even had her topic as "Milk Cum show".  Hey, at least she was honest!  Certainly was milk coming out of there. lol.

So I have some new regulars.  God they are fun.  I absolutely love the ones that come in (and come back) and join in the conversation, joke and laugh.  Nothing worse then the ones that come in and say "show ass bb".   I made a custom video for one.  I thought about it for WEEKS on the "script" as he wanted me to be his teacher.  It turned out awesome if I do say so myself!  I've been on mfc for 3 pay periods now and I still love it.  The regulars are the ones that keep me coming back.  I still need to work on not giving away so much for free.  For e.g.  I will say ONE orgasm when we get halfway to my goal.  Then we get there, I go for the one and cant stop!    My shows consist of a min of 5 orgasms.  I see most other models do ONE, then start a countdown again.  Problem is, I cant stop at one!  i just keep going.