Friday, 8 July 2011


Another terrible terrible night.  I dont feel TO bad as it seemed even the top models logged off early due to no tipping.  I am thinking of trying to start a forum where models and customers can yack and exchange ideas.  Oh I know, theres quite a few of them out there, (I frequent the Amber Cutie forums myself).  I seriously doubt a forum I start will take off, but I figure I will give it a try.  I read forums all day at work.. (shhhhhh)  Going to give it some thought.  I guess it cant hurt to start one.  If it doesnt get any action, then no biggie.  Will post more later!


  1. Hey I love your blog, I work on MFC as well. I was wondering if we could chat a bit? Maybe exchange ideas and talk about what has worked for each other/vent/ etc? Kinda sounds like were a lot alike as models from what I've read so far. Anyway, my model name is KittyRoyale if U wanna ad me. =) XOXO If I am on cam PM me, and U can come to my room.

  2. YES! i sent you a message via mfc mail Kitty! would love to chat!

  3. Terrible nights. They kind of suck :( Sometimes it just seems like you're getting no where. Oh well. Hopefully your next night went / will go better :) xx


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