Monday, 25 July 2011


Okay, I want to start off by saying, I am drunk and this will be a rant/whine.  I am doing TERRIBLE.  I cant get the members in my dam room.  I dont know what else to do.  I *think* that i am fun and have personality,  and I am funny.. WHEN its time, I can be sexy, but I guess I am not sexy enough.  sigh.  I am doing absolutely terrible.  I went on Saturday and made MAYBE $20.  then, on tonight and made MAYBE $25.  I got a couple offline tips, bringing my total so far to a whopping 75.75 with only this week left till payday.  I am getting very discouraged.  I think maybe its time to move onto another site and see how I can do.  I do have a raffle draw I have to do tomorrow night, but I think after that I will sign up for a new site and see how I can do.  I need a back up for sure, if MFC isnt cutting it, I need a fall back site.  Very depressing night for sure:(


  1. Yes that totally sucks when the nights are really bad on cam. When you mentioned you are thinking about joining another cam site, my only comment on that would be that you'd have to build up your customer fan base again, getting to know them kinda thing which can be kinda boring especially when you're on there just to make money.
    I wish I can find a site where guys would have to pay girls just to chat and there is no public free chat.

  2. I know what you mean. I did well my first couple weeks on MFC when I was a "new model". But since then ... I can't keep people in my room! I, as well, am looking for another site. Let me know if you find something that is good :)

  3. Innes, I will let you know, and vice versa if you find something please!!!
    (my name wont post so I have to do it under anonymous for some reason)


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