Wednesday, 6 July 2011


bad night.  Started great, I made about $50-60, but thats short of my $75 I wanted.  I ended up signing off with only 490 tokens left till I did a show.  Not many of my regs, but got some new ones.  Had a repeat from the night before and a couple new tippers.  So I made sure to send the new tippers a couple of vids. 

I have taken up drinking.  I am NOT a drinker, but have been drinking almost everytime I go on.  I get pretty dam tipsy after two!.. My maximum is 4 and I am slurring and being totally goofy.  I dont understand it, but members LOVE it when I drink.  I have one particular one that tips me TO drink.   I had a private last night that made up half my earnings.  I ruined my keyboard AGAIN!  dam it.  He wanted me to put the cam REALLY REALLY close.   So, I was on my floor in living room, but laptop about 3 feet away from me and to the left, put the cam right close up on the floor.  Had about 4 squirting O's, and what do you know? straight to the left, 3 feet right on keyboard. FUCK.  Soaked cam, but cam survived.

I dont think I have wrote about this yet, but this is interesting, but not surprising.  When I have been on for a bit, and do not have many members in the room, I tell them "watch the room numbers go up in 3 min.".  I grab the cam, stick it right between my legs, play a bit.  WHAM, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, and up and up it goes.  haha.  Its like the men have a homing device for pussy shots.  To funny. 

I am getting way more aggressive with the telling them to start tipping.  I got a lot last night, by doing the above, and then saying "okay, 10 second countdown and if no tips, camera comes back up to my face and you get entertained with my wit!".  I start the countdown, 10, 9, 8... and get to 2 and wham, tips. lol.  It seems that if you get aggressive and threaten, they buck up.  Not sure, but seems to work.  Still a learning curve.

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