Monday, 4 July 2011

Not so bad

My night started slow slow slow.  Got halfway to my goal and decided wtf, I may as well start and see what happens.  I PUSHED for tips this time, and manged to get 500 more tokens after the show started which brought me to my goal!  seems you gotta get aggressive for the tips and wham, it works.

Had a bunch of new tippers and got to have TEN, yup TEN orgasms.. I was going for the GOOD one that usually is number 5 & 6 that are the GOOD amazing, toe curling, leg shaking ones.  This time it was number 9 and 10.  I was getting so frustrated trying to get those good ones.  After each one, I said, COME on! rate that orgasm by tipping and lets go for another!. lol.  I was surprised, considering its the fourth of July in the states.  I did not have high expectations so was pleased that I met my goal and exceeded it by $1.86.  My goal is low, its $75 a night.  I TRY to get that in two hours.  Went over the two hours but, that's okay.  Kills me when I see the real popular models getting $500 in 2 hours and I gotta struggle for my measly 75.  You know what though, its a start.  Its been about 6 weeks that I've been at it.  There are great days, and shitty days.  If you think you can get into this and get popular instantly, it AINT gonna happen.  You have to put your time in, work hard, YES its work, its FUN work, but still work.  You have to socialize and have people skills, be able to diffuse the rude ones, and just generally be personable.  I am sticking with that - HONEST, ME, real, down to earth.  Not a porn star.  I am not going to fake the ooo bb oooobb fuck my pussy.  Its not me.  If I even attempted that I would probably burst out laughing so hard I would pee my panties.

I am convinced that there are men out there that want that.  They like real.  SURE, there are more that prefer the "porn star" type cam girl, but there IS a market for everyone.  Whether your overweight, soft, hard bodied, tall, skinny, short, pierced, tattooed, basically, ALL types will get a following of some sort.  Speaking of which, I seem to be putting weight on again, so I need to find time to fit in excersize between the day job and the night job and everything else.

For anyone reading this:  Please note:  I NEVER endorse dissing other models.  When I speak of "fakes" I still say POWER TO EM!  its working for them.  Its not that I am saying "fucking fakers" I am saying "dam, they can fake and make all that dam money.  Sheet, wish I could, but cant".  Whatever works for an individual is great.  I just know what I personally feel about how I want to be, and know what I like to see.  Its just an opinion but I do not begrudge anyone for their methods.  I am just writing about my experiences and thoughts is all.  Not meant to "diss" anyone.  So hopefully nobody takes it that way.  Well, its almost midnight here, so I better head to bed.. My best laid plans of heading to bed over an hour ago just didnt work.  Dam it.


  1. I highly enjoy reading your personal blog each time I see your new blog entries. I agree that you have to work so hard for tokens cause I get so completely frustrated that at times I keep saying I'm gonna quit or just not go on cam for a couple of days. I try not to let it get to me as I know other models feel the same way. But kudos to you that you are reaching your goal each day, hun :) I am sure you are an entertaining chat host :)

  2. Thank you! and believe me, I DO NOT meet my goal each day. lol. Last pay period I barely made anything as I would get frustrated and log off. Keep at, we will progress together! lol. come visit me and chat sometime

    Its me, but for some reason, coming up as anonymous. lol

  3. Great post! And congrats on making your goal! I get really frustrated too when I don't do so well. And I admit - I am kinda jealous of the girls who can make $500 in a night. I can't make nearly that much!

    I totally know what you mean by not being a "porn star". I laugh when I think well, technically I am a porn star! It just doesn't feel like it and I don't really act like it either. lol. It is fun but work ... oh so true! :P :)


  4. Hey innes, THANKS.. Of course we are all jealous of those 500 a shift girls.. THEY ROCK. lol. nOw, what the hell is their secret? If you find out, let me know k?
    (sorry about the anonymous, cant seem to sign in and comment..grrrrrrrrrrrrr)

  5. Hello, love your posts. New to MFC and was just wondering if you mean American dollars when you are posting ($75....dollars?) or your currency if you do not live in the states. I have only been on for about a week and have only made about $150 (american dollars). I am an attractive 30 year old but only get about 30 at most ppl in my room. How do you get more? How do i get it up to $500 a week?




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