Friday, 15 July 2011

Drunken Country

Oh boy, think I may becoming a summer alcoholic.  Before I go into that.  Tuesday was absolutely horrible.  I was on for a little over an hour, made $15, decided to log off.  Wednesday, wasnt getting much better until I was taken private! whoohoooo.  It was awesome.  Today is cut off day for pay period and I have $715.00 so far, and still have tonight to go.  I am happy with that, its better then nothing thats for sure.  Now, onto public drunkeness.

I've taken up drinking on cam.  There is a variety of reasons for it.  #1. Its summer, and I usually drink a bit in summer.  #2 I have found two alcoholic beverages that I absolutely LOVE.  #3.  I am much more relaxed on cam when drinking and HOLY FUCK do I ever have amazing orgasms drunk + hitachi = screaming, spasming Country.  Needless to say, I have been drinking just about every night.  Not sure if I talked about the night I downed two bottles of wine or not, but OMG, I had the bed spins, nausea etc, so I have learned to at least NOT drink two bottles in an hour and 40 min.

I have two regs that usually come on Friday and tip me to drink.  They LOVE getting me drunk those bastards. lol.  (I say bastards in an affectionate way of course!)  All my wonderful weight loss is quickly disappearing with the alcohol consumption. sigh.  I think my pride has too, as I get quite silly when drinking.  I feel I am becoming a seasoned drinker now though! I started out where I would be drunk on two vodka coolers and now i am up to an ENTIRE four pack!  WHOOHooooo!  Arn't I special?  Okay, so thats not so impressive, I am a light weight, what can I say?  Although, I DO drink extremely fast, so I feel justified that I am drunk on 4 coolers or one bottle of wine.  Drank my bottle of whine in a half hour last night, then proceeded to have a cider - I stopped halfway through the cider though as i really didnt want to suffer bed spins again.  I am to old for that shit.

OH! I want to just send a shout out to Lil redhead!  We gotta drink together. lol.  We could have our own comedy show:)

I watched my fav Agent_99 last night for a bit before going on.  GOD its hard to pull myself away from her.  She is so goddam funny.  I just about pee myself she makes me laugh so hard.  About her show.  HOLY SHIT can she ever give an amazing blow job show.  Now, I am not a man, so dont know how to judge it,  but FUCK her blowjobs are super hot to me.  Then, my other fav that deserves a mention, Jalyn.  Her energy is just so dam FRIENDLY and welcome.  The only way I can think to describe her is CUTE!    I know what I will be doing on my time off when Aunti flow comes to town.  Hanging with 99.

Well, its Friday night, I plan on picking up a bottle of wine and partying with my reg's tonight.  Should be fun, whether I make anything or not.

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  1. 750? thats pretty decent and good news for a beginner like me! how many hours would you say you put in for this period? I am still starting out and doing lots of research before i join a million sites.


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