Sunday, 11 November 2012

Been good!

I have a had a couple of not bad nights.  Nothing spectacular, but not horrible either.  The bad news is.  I have not been able to do it without the alcohol.  I am THINKING of camming until January, then maybe only doing it once a week.  I will have my car loan paid in December, so financially, that will make a HUGE difference.  Its something I am contemplating anyway.

So, I got a request that was "different".  Somebody wants me to send daily pics of my panties, one in the morning before I put them on, and one at night after wearing them all day.  He said he will pay me to do it, and he wants them daily "forever".  I am stumped.  I have no problem doing that, but have NO CLUE on what to charge on something like that!

Other then that, I really do not have anything different to write about.  Will be on tonight, so I may have news tomorrow:)

Monday, 5 November 2012

first night sober

Okay, I went on sober.  Had up to 69 people (what a number eh?) at one point.  NO tips though.  I think I made $20 in an hour and  a half.  I think.  Could be less.  I went on for a half hour or so and was just talking, I think I had a max of 10 people in my room.  I took a 15 min break , then went back on and got right to the pussy.  OF course the room number started rising, rising..  My problem is, I get bored.  Mind you, I am so tired still from the weekend.  You really gotta be "into" it when you get online.  You gotta have the "vibe".

I think tomorrow I will take off and then get back at it Wednesday. 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

well.... an interesting night

Yes I had my last hurrah.  lol.  My best friend and I were talking and she said to come over to her place and we would finish what she had and that would be it for the BOTH of us.  So, I went over there, got there, and really didn't even FEEL like drinking.  Of course, I did, and then we went online together.  We were our usual goofy comical selves.  Neither one of us is really bisexual and certainly not with EACH OTHER.  It was VERY close last night though.

  We were caught up with the drinking and the egging on of the guys on mfc.  We certainly have a great time when we go on together and have been told almost every time that we are the most funniest room on there.  Couple of 40 something year olds acting like teenagers. lol.  We had a great time, not sure how long we were on for, I do not think to long.  Made about 750 tokens just flashing our tits and pussies, and yes, FEET.  hehe.  We had a guy that was dropping tokens for us to spread em, and to make sure our feet were in view.  I think that when her and I are together, we are so dam funny.  There really isn't anything sexy about us.  We are a couple of goofs laughing.  We are entertaining, certainly not sexual.  haha.

Tomorrow night will be my first night on SOBER for probably the last year.  When sober, I have very little patience and want results NOW.  If I only have 10 people in my room with no tips I get impatient and usually log off within 20 min.  MUST push past that.  I also am a lot quieter and more conservative.  I really AM quite conservative until I drink.  Then the wild side comes out.  Tomorrow will be a good test.  I think if I can pull it off then I will have it beat.  Its just been so long and I am nervous.  I worry about what if I make goal and my orgasms are unexciting?  when drinking, I am a total screamer, dirty talker etc.  When sober I am MUCH more subdued.  I worry it could be "boring" for the people watching.  I guess I will find out tomorrow night:)

Saturday, 3 November 2012

An awakening

Well, I have had a huge awakening.    I went online last night, and again, had to drink first.  I really really drank too much.  I don't even remember skyping with two of my friends last night.  I woke up this morning and realized that the drinking is becoming a problem.  I have to stop.  It has gotten to the point that I feel I cannot go online WITHOUT booze, and I need to stop.  So, tonight I will attempt to go on line sober.  I am scared shitless.

On another subject.  Blocking your state or province. I USED to block my province when I first started.  I havent done so in the last 8 months or more.  One day I just decided that I am losing out on other possible tippers, and IF somebody actually came on and KNEW me, then I DOUBT they are going to say anything to anybody, because then they would have to admit they were on a cam site.  Its a risk of course.  I figure though, the minute you decide to do camming you are PUBLIC.  It doesn't matter if you block your area.  If you're sending out vids, pics etc etc, there is a chance that somebody you know may get their hands on them.   I think its really important to think about that risk when you decide to cam.

 Personally, I don't really care that much if people I know find out.  I look at it as a JOB.  I am doing what I have to do to to make some extra cash.  Sure, I could go get another part time job, but THIS one allows me to set my own hours.  If I don't feel like working for a couple weeks, I simply do not.  Its not a stable job by any means, and no guarntees I am going to make what I need, but I am okay with that.  I am happy with whatever I DO make and see it as extra $$ I wouldnt have if I wasnt doing it.  I am highly sexual, so it also allows me to utilize that in a SAFE way.  If I get on line and am having a crappy night, I simply log off.  Somebody comes in my room and is rude, I block them.  I am in charge and I like it that way.

NOW, to conquer it sober:)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

40 Min night

So, I went on last night.  I lasted all of 40 min.  In that 40 min, I pulled out all the tricks and the max # in my room was 42 and I got a total of 20 tokens.  I decided to log off and good thing I did!.  I went to watch the top girl.  She had 1500 people in her room and seemed to be having a lot of problems getting tips as well.  In the 20 min I watched, she got 50 tkns from one guy, 10 from another, then 40 from the same guy who gave her the 50.  With 1500 people in her room you would expect it to be going a lot better then that.  If the top girl isn't reeling in the tokens then I don't have a chance in hell.

I think I am more upset that I wasted my Captain Morgans. lol.  I am a "cam drinker".  I HAVE to get an alcohol buzz to be able to go on line.  It gives me courage and my inhibitions and body image problems go away.  I know that sounds terrible, but its the truth.  What I SHOULD have done is waited to start drinking until I went on line and figured out whether it would be a good or bad night.  You can USUALLY tell within the first hour how its going to go.  I generally am just NOT a drinker, but I guess you could say I have become a cam alcoholic, since I drink when I am on cam.  Thank God I do not do it 5 nights a week!  When I started camming, I did not drink.  Then one day on a hot summer day I decided to have a few while on line.  I had people TIPPING me to drink and get a buzz, and that's where it all started.  Back then, TWO coolers and I was drunk.  I am now up to at least 4-6.  I guess I am getting "seasoned".  I also drink them extremely fast, there is no sipping with me.  I do everything at 100mph.  I eat fast, I drink fast, I cum fast.

I think I may be what they call "insatiable".  Well, maybe not, I CAN be sated, but it takes me so many orgasms.  Its like my first 10 or so are "warm ups".  Mini O's.  Its like the more I have, the more intense and the better they get, so I keep going to get that HUGE body shaking amazing one.  Sometimes it takes me 20 or more to get that ONE, and sometimes less, but DAM.  I sure am worn out the next day.  Problem is, even when I get that REALLY amazing one, sometimes I gotta keep going for more, so I can have 3 or more amazing ones. lol.  Yes, I think I have a problem.  Or is this normal?

Well, I rather have an orgasm addiction then a drug addiction I guess.  At least orgasms are good for the body.  So far, I have only ever found one man that can keep up the pace.  Not that I am out there sleeping around, but I have tried a few since I became single.  Okay 5 in total and only 1 has been able to satisfy me.  I am thinking I may have to keep him for awhile.  Its really hard to find a pervert such as myself.  I am not really into the whole sleeping around thing, makes me feel slutty.  I rather have ONE that can do the job and keep that one.  At the same time, I DON'T WANT a relationship.  I do not want to live with anybody right now, I like my life by myself.   I realise this has nothing to do with camming, but sometimes my mind wanders and I just need to write about whatever:)