Monday, 10 September 2012

Not really Camming related:)

This post will not be to much cam related.  Just an update on the surgery.

Had my surgery on Sept. 4th.  I had joined a hysterectomy forum and read all the hints, tips and pre-op and post-op entries.  I was scared SHITLESS.  There were woman that were still pretty much immobile and in pain 4 weeks later!.  Here is a POSITIVE story. (For the most part).

Woke up from Surgery and really didn't feel any pain.  Little bit of discomfort, but nothing any worse then my usual period cramps.  I had a catheter in, which was a little uncomfortable, but not unbearable.  I managed to make it 28 hours without a smoke.  I finally grabbed my bag of urine and made my way downstairs to have one.  Came back up and the nurse pulled out my "packing".  That kinda hurt.  Never ending gauze coming out of my vagina.  Next day I was begging for my catheter to come out as I was tired of packing it around and having to constantly empty it.

Catheter was removed on day two.  I was pretty smug.  I had sailed through all the surgeries and was thinking how it was such a walk in the park this had all been.  That day I found I was having quite the problem urinating.  I could only get a little bit out each time.  The nurses said I may have to be re-catheterised if I couldn't empty my bladder by the evening.  NOW I WAS SCARED.  I had heard that it was extremely painful to have that done.

By evening shift change I still had a full bladder.  Everyone else in my room (3 others) were sleeping and the young nurse said she would have to do an "in and out" catheter.  Talk about humiliating:(  Had to lay back in my bed, spread my legs and then endure the pain of a tube going up my urethra.  The nurse managed to get out 850ml.!   I fell asleep only to be wakened in two hours by the nurse wanting to check my bladder again.  Once again they did the "in and out" and got out 750ml.  I asked what the next step was and she said there was a new "protocol" and would go have a look.

The new protocol turned out to be to teach ME to catheterise myself!  To make a long story short, I learned, it was frustrating and hurt like a son of a bitch but had to be done.  I got to go home on Friday afternoon.  So was in hospital only not quite 4 days.  On day three, my bed sheets had still not been changed so I went in search of clean linen and did it myself.

It is now Monday, and I am down to only having to catheterise about 2 times a night.  I am not exactly pain free, but I what I do feel is certainly bare able.  The hardest part is trying to take it easy.  I am SUPPOSED to take 6 weeks off, but I am going stir crazy already, so going back to work next Monday.  Plus, I am going to be without my camming income for six weeks, so need to at least have my regular work. 

Hopefully I can still fit a dildo in my pussy when I am all healed up.  Its looking pretty darn tight!  I guess the anterior and posterior repair is what tightened up everything.  Little nervous about the first time I put something in there!  Looks like I could barely fit my pinky in there at the moment:)