Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Been awhile!

Life has been so busy that I just have not been able to post in awhile.  I joined up on a new site.  Check it out http://www.xpeeps.com/.  Pays out 70 percent!  Like MFX it is also fairly new, (since April) but has a lot more traffic.  I have not had a lot of time to work, as a result I am sure feeling it financially.  I think I am burnt out as well with the camming again.  I keep thinking to myself, I need to get my act together and commit to that 4 days a week at LEAST.  I just find that after a work day, the thought of getting all the make up on, getting dressed etc sounds exhausting.

I like that you can completely block guests from entering your room.  In fact, there are quite a few options.  You can mute or block guests and basics, you can set your room so they have to tip to come in.  Your sessions online are recorded, so you can go back and make a movie from it and put it up for sale.  I am a very very impatient person though, and get frustrated and bored easily, so when there is no action in the first half hour I find myself logging off, when I SHOULD be committing to a min of two hours as it is usually after an hour when the "action" starts and room starts to fill up.

I have no funny stories to write about, as its usually the same old same old.  Haven't had any weird requests and it seems to be a fairly "vanilla" site. Have not had a single rude person on the site either.  Maybe because it doesn't have huge amounts of members yet.  I have a couple followers on there and if I would get my act together and go on regular then I am sure I would get more. 

I still try to be different.  I try not to just sit in front of the camera and keep myself moving around, talking, joking etc.  My impatience gets in the way of sitting there doing nothing, and I want instant satisfaction.  I want my room to fill up in a half hour and be getting off within the hour.   Yea, I know, unrealistic. lol.  I have noticed that models are on for HOURS and HOURS.  I certainly do not have the patience for that.

I havent gone back to MFC yet.  Its where I made the most money, but it also pays only 50%.  I like the payout of 70% because your goal for a "show" can be set a lot lower.  Anyhoo, will try and get to this blog more often.