Thursday, 28 April 2011

FInally have some time.

Where to start?  Okay, will start with my funny cam moment.  So I bought this new belly chain that looks pretty dam hot.  Was in free chat and this guy comes in and says he really likes me, that I am goofy, and "real" and asked to see my toys.  I pulled out the toys one by one, giving a running commentary on "this one is to big, this one has good vibration, this is the special g-spot one"  I then got all shy like and pulled out the butt plug "this is THE butt plug that I have used a handful of times.  Its NOT sexy to see me using it. I am FAR from sexy trying to insert it. It is a new thing to me, one I thought I would NEVER in a million years do".. Well, quite a few of them were laughing at me, and the one who liked my goofy ways told me to get ready to go private.  I have warned them everytime I need notice to go private so I can cover my keyboard etc.

Well, I go to prepare and the back of the belly chain is stuck to my pillow!  I was like "WAIT! dont take me private yet.  Stuck to my pillow!"... I had them all in stitches as I twisted and turned and groaned and tried to get unstuck.  After what seemed like HOURS I finally got unstuck and said READY!  I sat up, and next thing you know, the chain is stuck to the back of my panties.  I again screamed WAIT!  I am now stuck to the back of my panties.  I asked him if he was still hard he said "lol, im strokin it, dont worry!".  Another VERY long time seemed to stretch on while I tried to reach around and get the panties unstuck.  I eventually had to STRETCH them over my legs and take them off, then almost become a contortionist to get them unstuck... I held up the very stretched out panties after to show the viewing guys. lol.  I then went private with the guy who patiently had been waiting for me:)

NOW.  I joined a forum for models.  After reading through quite a few of the posts, I decided to join the site.  It is  HOLY HELL.  I have not had a chance to go on yet.  Just got my account set up and the monthly curse came.  I have been watching and learning though and earning potential on that site is freaking HUGE!!!  I have a plan for when I go on next week.  I am soooooo excited.  There is so much more freedom on that site.  You can twitter (if you know how, I dont), give out your email, skype addy, sell your underwear and videos and they pay 60%.  SIXTY PER CENT!!!!!!!!.  I think I had looked at it before, but was intimidated by what I percieve as young beauties on there and felt I couldnt compete.  Now that I have cammed for a few weeks though, I realize that there is a "type" for everyone. 

OH!  I got my guy again that likes me to be mean.  This time he wanted to be the girl, and me the man "raping" him and torturing him etc.  I did not even have to remove a stitch of clothing.  We decided at the end of our private that we are BOTH perverts.. haha.  Anyhoo, that about brings it up to date.  ANY questions, please post in comments and I promise to answer them.  I will post the link to the forum as well.  it can be found here:

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lots of news!

I have quite a bit to write about.  Some very comical happenings.  So busy right now, will try to get at it tonight and get up to date.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

took some time

I took some time off, then went back at it yesterday.  I had a new experience.  A guy was calling me "Mommy" and said he had been a "bad boy".  I had no clue on how to role play that one, and its something I am not really comfortable with, but gave it the ole college try.  Told him I would bend him over a chair and spank his bottom.  He said he wanted Mommy to jerk him off.  ummmmm.... How do I play THAT scenario?  So, I grabbed the dildo and used the dildo. 

I also had my guy that wanted me to talk down to him.  I think hes my favorite because I have to be quick on my feet and think.   He asked if I would be especially mean.  Oooo was I mean.  I go him off QUICK.  He said "WOW, that was awesome".  It went like this:  You fucking pervert, your so sick that I have devised the ultimate torture for you.  I will tie you down and nail your balls to the floor.  I will use a cheese grater on your two inch cock, slowly, so that your screaming for mercy.  You wont deserve mercy, because your a low life piece of shit pervert.  He loved it.  haha.

The guy got my panties and came and gave me a private.  He masturbated on them.  Used them for masturbating and came on them.  All I had to do was watch and tell him what to do. hehe.  The kicker?  another young fairly decent looking guy!   I also had one that wanted me to watch him get hard, then masturbate, and just tell him how much I would like to LICK HIS ASSHOLE while he masturbates.  Mmm ya, would love to be doing that. lol.

Its getting easier and easier to make money.  Faster as well.  Not in free chat near as long before going private.  I am above average in my ratings:)  I got my very first paycheck put on a mastercard and went and blew it all on clothes.  So nice to be able to just shop shop shop.  I could get used to this:)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Tonight was another good night.  LOTS of privates.  Guess that IS the trick, do not do so much in free chat and more take you private.  One thing about me, I get TONS of compliments on how 'personable" I am.  I laugh, make jokes, poke fun at myself etc.

I think I may have my first member I have to ban.  He kept asking me if I would do a dog or a horse and I said NO.  He had taken me private and I made a big mistake.  He was asking if I would do a dog over and over and I thought, well, they are here for a fantasy, so I said "oh, I did back in my younger days".. BIG MISTAKE.  He went on and on and on about wanting to see that and could I? would I? etc etc.  I said NO, for one, animals are PETS and two it is ILLEGAL.  I told him to google it if he wants it so bad and I was sure he could find SOMETHING on the big wide internet, but he wasnt getting it here.  I have seriously learned my lesson that I cant give EVERYONE what they want.  It grossed me out to even SAY what I had said, but stupidly thought that would be the end of it.  BIG mistake.

He kept bugging me in free chat, then would take me private to ask me again, I told him to quit wasting his money, I couldnt do what he wanted nor WOULD I..... He just didnt get the dam hint!  I have more to write, but am just to tired.. will fill in later.

Okay, moral of the story:  Set your boundaries and do not "pretend" something that is against your morals just to try and keep a customer happy.  It backfires and makes you feel all ICKY.  I did have 2 new customers and another repeat who says I am the BEST... even more awesome then (other performer).  awwwww.  Some of them can make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside when they gush over you.


Last night I made $45 in 52 min.  One customer wanted to see me squirt OVER and OVER and OVER.  We talked a lot as well though.  Right after that looooong private, I called it a night.  That would be GREAT if I could have 1 customer every night for that long.  Just under an hour for $45 I could totally take.

He wanted me to call him Master (with a capital M), and said he would like to fuck me hard for 10 min straight or until I begged him to stop.  He wanted me to put on black stockings and asked if I would pee.  He also asked if I would let him DRINK my pee. hmmm. What else.  Oh, he was not into anal at all so no butt plug required!  He said he would love for me to mail my stockings to him - but I wasnt about to ask for his address after my warning. lol.  He said he would pay me $1000 to fuck me for 10 min and let me film it.  Asked if that turned me on being offered money to fuck and asked me to reply that YES it turned me on.  He told me his record was 9 hours of sex with cmming 18 times in that nine hours and that he is a nympho.  He wanted me to smile a lot - which I naturally do - I smile and crack jokes.  He told me he likes me A LOT.  Awwwwww.  He was on cam as well, on the other side of the world as me.  

I have tonight and tomorrow night for this pay period before my first pay cheque, so must make sure to get at it asap when I get home from work.  This is definitely a job.  Very time consuming between my day job, and all the regular things like housework, dinner, animals to look after etc.  I have to be very careful to not get burned out, but I am VERY excited for that first payday to go shopping:)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I got a warning

Well, I got a warning for asking for personal information from that underwear guy.  Just an email stating its a warning and next time a penalty of $5 will come off my pay. ooooooo.    You are not allowed to ask personal information, give personal information or accept personal information.  That IS a good rule, for your own safety. 

I did get them mailed yesterday though.  I included a note saying I could keep him supplied by "donation" and could also include a cd of me getting them "dirty" in the next ones.  My first payday is on the 25th.  I am very excited, as I plan on  going shopping for clothes.

One thing that was interesting.  I acknowledged a guest that night and he was ecstatic over that.  He said most models do not acknowledge the guests and just talk to the members trying to get privates.  My theory?  if you keep the guests entertained and are polite to them, it may inspire them to buy a membership and take you private.

I took last night off to get caught up on things at home, but went to my profile and noticed a posting on my wall.  The guy that broke my "cam cherry" said he is keeping his fingers crossed waiting for me to log on.  awwww.  Well off to another day of work at my "real" job.  I plan on doing only two hours tonight and having another early night as I am getting so burned out from all the late nights. 


Sunday, 10 April 2011

dirty panties

Well.  I had something "different" last night.  In free chat, the guy asked if I had any dirty panties.  I said, sure.  Next thing you know, he takes me private.  I am like, what would you like to see?  he said he wanted to see my panties.  I take off the ones I had on, he asked me to lick and smell them.  He asked if I had anything dirtier.  He also said he likes bikini style with flowers.  I said "well! I just so happen to have a pair that I wore today that are nice and dirty.  I got them and he said "OMG!  I want those!"  I told him I would send them to him if he gave me his address.  He did and asked how much I wanted for them.  I said nothing.  I am going to send him them and he is going to come back online when they get there and take me private while he cums on them.  He spent $80 on me last night in private.  WTF?  Of course, I only get 35% of that.... sigh.

He wants me to wear them again today, get them "crusty" then put them in a baggie and mail them. lol.  I figure I will do it, and send him my paypal address and tell him I will keep him supplied with dirty panties by "donation"..  Hey, why not right?  In private, he wanted me to put them on and play with myself OVER the panties, to get them "dirtier".

I also had a guy take me private that LOVES feet.  He wanted to see me masturbate, but wanted to see my feet at all times.  Now that was a work out.  I get the "foot" guys going in free chat by putting baby oil on my feet and rubbing them, or rubbing the dildo on my feet:)   Another guy wanted me to stroke my heels like it was his cock.  My heels?  yup.  They definitely get kinkier the later it gets.

Friday, 8 April 2011

all kinds

Well.  I only went on for a little bit last night and it was VERY interesting.  This is all in free chat:  A guy wanted me to talk to him in an "old lady voice".  I said "I am sorry, I am not a good actress, I have no clue how to do that".. He begged and pleaded and I said no.  So then he asked if I would wear a mask.  I asked what kind of mask.  He said, "put a nylon over your head".. I was like..mkay, whatever and just kinda ignored him till he went away - I was not RUDE to him, I just said I did not have any nylons and then did not encourage him.  To weird for me.

Then I had one of my regular guys that comes into free chat.  He is a sock fanatic.  White socks, a bit dirty is what turns him on. lol.  I had him, and a few foot fetish guys, so I put ONE white sock on, and one barefoot to tease them at the same time.   One guy said he would LOVE to put his cock between my big toe and the next toe:)  Of course I had the "ass" guys in there wanting to see the ass, and OMG, what is with wanting to LICK somebodies ass?  I dont get it.  One guy kept going on how he wanted to SMELL my asshole and bury his tongue in it.  OH MY.  I have been very lucky in that almost ALL privates have been standard just want to see you get off kinds.  Phew.    I think I spend more time screwing with my computer then anything else.  There is lag, camera freezes, computer freezes etc.  It seems that there are problems EVERY TIME I go on, so spend half my time rebooting - and its a NEW computer with an HD camera!  Very frustrating.

I got my first customer in the other site.  I sat on that site for a half hour, watching T.V then he showed up, so quickly turned T.V off and went to work.  I got him off in 3min and made about $5.  Boy do I ever need to learn to drag it out more.  I am so worried about them getting pissed off that they arent seeing THE action that they leave and leave me a bad rating, so I tend to get right to it still.   It will come eventually.  I am STARTING to do a few more things before whipping the clothes off in private.  Wiggle the ass, SLOWLY take bra off, lick nipple, ask some questions... I am still a work in progress.  In training I guess. haha.  I think after a few months at this I will be able to say "I've seen it all!".  There certainly are some odd fetish guys out there, thats for sure.  Old lady voice?  "ahh, hey sonny, wouldya pass me my cane please boy?"  LOL. there ARE woman on that site in their 60's and 70's so I dont know why he just didnt go to one of them.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

so, the new site:(

I have gone twice on the new site.  The first time, I lasted 20 min.  BORING as hell.  I did not get anybody in 20 min, and I just cant sit there and do nothing, so went back to my usual site.  Then last night, I tried new site again, lasted 12 min!  haha.  I see that site as VERY hard to make money at.  I think once you at least GOT some customers then it would take off, but the trick is getting them.  I watched it a bit last night, and noticed there were 10 girls online, and only one was in a chat.  I dont think it has huge traffic.

Back at my usual place, I am beginning to gather some regulars.  All my teasing and getting them off in free chat is starting to pay off.  One of them who comes in regular finally couldnt stand it anymore and had to take me private:)  I had another foot fetish guy to, but I gave him to much of the "feet" in free too. hehe.  Now, the funny thing is, I have only had to use the "plug" ONCE! phew.  I thought they would want to see that, and yet, they are just into the squirting thing so far.  Nothing to out of the ordinary to report on.  So no interesting humurous stories for this entry.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Officially signed up!

I am officially signed up for the other site.  Just have to finish my profile.  I cant start until "the curse" ends, which SHOULD be by tomorrow night.  Dying to get back at it.  I guess I kinda like it huh?  I could almost see myself doing it eight hours a day.  You never know, may have to give up my day job and take up full time "porn".  Will have updates as soon as I can get back at it.  Going to upload my pics and finish my profile on the new site tonight.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Week off

I have to take a week off, due to the wonderful mother freaking nature.  Just when I was getting into the swing of things.  Dam.  My guy that likes to be humiliated was back:)  I had fun with that.  Is that bad? Of course, when he was finished I explained I didnt mean ANYTHING I had said. lol.  Last night, I had somebody calling me mistress and asked if I was a dom.  I said I wasnt, but could give it a try, and proceeded to tell him to put his nipple clamps on and tug on them till I told him to stop. lol.  Had fun with that one as well.  I FOUND A SITE that has no free chat.  You get paid for everything.  I have signed up and will have my account on Monday.  It's in the UK, and their dollar is way better then mine, and from what I understand, the "free chat" part, isnt free, you get paid by the min for just that.  Then, if they want to take you private, the price goes up.  It seems as though the chat part is the same - teasing, no nudity etc, but you still get paid for it.  LOVE that idea.  Its my most favorite part of this whole thing.  Guess I am a tease at heart...

Will post the link to the other site once I have tried it out and give a first hand review.