Thursday, 7 April 2011

so, the new site:(

I have gone twice on the new site.  The first time, I lasted 20 min.  BORING as hell.  I did not get anybody in 20 min, and I just cant sit there and do nothing, so went back to my usual site.  Then last night, I tried new site again, lasted 12 min!  haha.  I see that site as VERY hard to make money at.  I think once you at least GOT some customers then it would take off, but the trick is getting them.  I watched it a bit last night, and noticed there were 10 girls online, and only one was in a chat.  I dont think it has huge traffic.

Back at my usual place, I am beginning to gather some regulars.  All my teasing and getting them off in free chat is starting to pay off.  One of them who comes in regular finally couldnt stand it anymore and had to take me private:)  I had another foot fetish guy to, but I gave him to much of the "feet" in free too. hehe.  Now, the funny thing is, I have only had to use the "plug" ONCE! phew.  I thought they would want to see that, and yet, they are just into the squirting thing so far.  Nothing to out of the ordinary to report on.  So no interesting humurous stories for this entry.


  1. I'm a male webcam model, though I do it more for the thrill than the money. In fact, I'm older than you are...I'm 50! I'm also on LiveJasmin (LordOscarX) but most often on Streamate (LuckyCharm). I'm curious as to what the 'other site' is.

  2. its not very good due to low low traffic, and I "think" its only woman.. but here ya go!

  3. Yeah, you're right. No dudes allowed. Same for, which I'd love to be on...

  4. have you tried the cam boys one? Luke madison suggests a few sites for guys?


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