Saturday, 23 April 2011

took some time

I took some time off, then went back at it yesterday.  I had a new experience.  A guy was calling me "Mommy" and said he had been a "bad boy".  I had no clue on how to role play that one, and its something I am not really comfortable with, but gave it the ole college try.  Told him I would bend him over a chair and spank his bottom.  He said he wanted Mommy to jerk him off.  ummmmm.... How do I play THAT scenario?  So, I grabbed the dildo and used the dildo. 

I also had my guy that wanted me to talk down to him.  I think hes my favorite because I have to be quick on my feet and think.   He asked if I would be especially mean.  Oooo was I mean.  I go him off QUICK.  He said "WOW, that was awesome".  It went like this:  You fucking pervert, your so sick that I have devised the ultimate torture for you.  I will tie you down and nail your balls to the floor.  I will use a cheese grater on your two inch cock, slowly, so that your screaming for mercy.  You wont deserve mercy, because your a low life piece of shit pervert.  He loved it.  haha.

The guy got my panties and came and gave me a private.  He masturbated on them.  Used them for masturbating and came on them.  All I had to do was watch and tell him what to do. hehe.  The kicker?  another young fairly decent looking guy!   I also had one that wanted me to watch him get hard, then masturbate, and just tell him how much I would like to LICK HIS ASSHOLE while he masturbates.  Mmm ya, would love to be doing that. lol.

Its getting easier and easier to make money.  Faster as well.  Not in free chat near as long before going private.  I am above average in my ratings:)  I got my very first paycheck put on a mastercard and went and blew it all on clothes.  So nice to be able to just shop shop shop.  I could get used to this:)

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  1. I don't get the panties thing. You mail them to him in a package? Are you talking about real panties or virtual ones. I'm such a newbie!


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