Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I got a warning

Well, I got a warning for asking for personal information from that underwear guy.  Just an email stating its a warning and next time a penalty of $5 will come off my pay. ooooooo.    You are not allowed to ask personal information, give personal information or accept personal information.  That IS a good rule, for your own safety. 

I did get them mailed yesterday though.  I included a note saying I could keep him supplied by "donation" and could also include a cd of me getting them "dirty" in the next ones.  My first payday is on the 25th.  I am very excited, as I plan on  going shopping for clothes.

One thing that was interesting.  I acknowledged a guest that night and he was ecstatic over that.  He said most models do not acknowledge the guests and just talk to the members trying to get privates.  My theory?  if you keep the guests entertained and are polite to them, it may inspire them to buy a membership and take you private.

I took last night off to get caught up on things at home, but went to my profile and noticed a posting on my wall.  The guy that broke my "cam cherry" said he is keeping his fingers crossed waiting for me to log on.  awwww.  Well off to another day of work at my "real" job.  I plan on doing only two hours tonight and having another early night as I am getting so burned out from all the late nights. 


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