Friday, 8 April 2011

all kinds

Well.  I only went on for a little bit last night and it was VERY interesting.  This is all in free chat:  A guy wanted me to talk to him in an "old lady voice".  I said "I am sorry, I am not a good actress, I have no clue how to do that".. He begged and pleaded and I said no.  So then he asked if I would wear a mask.  I asked what kind of mask.  He said, "put a nylon over your head".. I was like..mkay, whatever and just kinda ignored him till he went away - I was not RUDE to him, I just said I did not have any nylons and then did not encourage him.  To weird for me.

Then I had one of my regular guys that comes into free chat.  He is a sock fanatic.  White socks, a bit dirty is what turns him on. lol.  I had him, and a few foot fetish guys, so I put ONE white sock on, and one barefoot to tease them at the same time.   One guy said he would LOVE to put his cock between my big toe and the next toe:)  Of course I had the "ass" guys in there wanting to see the ass, and OMG, what is with wanting to LICK somebodies ass?  I dont get it.  One guy kept going on how he wanted to SMELL my asshole and bury his tongue in it.  OH MY.  I have been very lucky in that almost ALL privates have been standard just want to see you get off kinds.  Phew.    I think I spend more time screwing with my computer then anything else.  There is lag, camera freezes, computer freezes etc.  It seems that there are problems EVERY TIME I go on, so spend half my time rebooting - and its a NEW computer with an HD camera!  Very frustrating.

I got my first customer in the other site.  I sat on that site for a half hour, watching T.V then he showed up, so quickly turned T.V off and went to work.  I got him off in 3min and made about $5.  Boy do I ever need to learn to drag it out more.  I am so worried about them getting pissed off that they arent seeing THE action that they leave and leave me a bad rating, so I tend to get right to it still.   It will come eventually.  I am STARTING to do a few more things before whipping the clothes off in private.  Wiggle the ass, SLOWLY take bra off, lick nipple, ask some questions... I am still a work in progress.  In training I guess. haha.  I think after a few months at this I will be able to say "I've seen it all!".  There certainly are some odd fetish guys out there, thats for sure.  Old lady voice?  "ahh, hey sonny, wouldya pass me my cane please boy?"  LOL. there ARE woman on that site in their 60's and 70's so I dont know why he just didnt go to one of them.

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