Friday, 1 April 2011

Week off

I have to take a week off, due to the wonderful mother freaking nature.  Just when I was getting into the swing of things.  Dam.  My guy that likes to be humiliated was back:)  I had fun with that.  Is that bad? Of course, when he was finished I explained I didnt mean ANYTHING I had said. lol.  Last night, I had somebody calling me mistress and asked if I was a dom.  I said I wasnt, but could give it a try, and proceeded to tell him to put his nipple clamps on and tug on them till I told him to stop. lol.  Had fun with that one as well.  I FOUND A SITE that has no free chat.  You get paid for everything.  I have signed up and will have my account on Monday.  It's in the UK, and their dollar is way better then mine, and from what I understand, the "free chat" part, isnt free, you get paid by the min for just that.  Then, if they want to take you private, the price goes up.  It seems as though the chat part is the same - teasing, no nudity etc, but you still get paid for it.  LOVE that idea.  Its my most favorite part of this whole thing.  Guess I am a tease at heart...

Will post the link to the other site once I have tried it out and give a first hand review.


  1. blueeyezxx@hotmail.com11 May 2011 at 09:03

    hey I am wondering what site it is that pays you for free chat? please let me know! thanks:) great blog love your personality!!

  2. Thanks for keeping it real, I am thinking of doing cam modeling, as I have been unemployed for almost a year and can't seem to find a job.


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