Wednesday, 30 March 2011


When you sign into livejasmin it shows the top performers income in the last two weeks.  Top on this period has made almost $7000 in TWO WEEKS.  HOW?  I am thinking that in order to make that kind of money at this you would have to be on it 10-12 hours a day.  I can only devote 2 hours a night, and with summer coming it will be a lot less.  Of course, I will be happy to supplement my income by a min of $200 every two weeks as it seems that I am exactly short $400 a month.  I upped my price last night to 2.49 a min.  I feel I am getting better and better at this.  I certainly attract a LOT of members and guests in my room during the free chat.  Its hard to keep up with the conversations.  AGAIN I had a couple of them tell me they were cumming - in my free chat.  NOT good.  They need to take me private!

I did four "shows" last night, and one of them was the same member twice.  He was so flattered that I remembered his name and age from a week ago when he first took me private. He asked if I had any costumes such as school girl or maid.  I guess that will be my next expense.  My computer is fixed and I will be picking it up Thursday, will have to use the old clunker for tonight. 

I quite enjoy the "teasing" that goes on in free chat.  I am starting to have some regular "followers" from the members.  When I have watched some of the other girls, they just sit there, looking bored as hell.  I talk A LOT, show my ass, play with the boobs over the top, stand up, show a cameltoe, lick my finger, and clean my toys in front of them.  I try not to just sit there and I try to aknowledge everybody that types to me - which can be difficult when you have a whole bunch typing totally different things.  I have one member that comes on and says HEY SLUT.  I talk nice to him and keep him engaged, next thing you know, hes all sweet. lol.  I think he tries to get a rise out of me, but instead, I am very sweet to him and tell him I remember him and start a conversation with him, it totally diffuses the attitude he comes in with.

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