Saturday, 19 March 2011

Promotional period over!

Well, my promotional period is over, so my rate is up to 1.99 a min.  The bad part is that now I wont be on the first page:(  Tonight was very interesting.  I waited until later to go on.  Its a Friday, so I imagine the young uns are out partying.  I had an older set tonight.  I had to chat a lot to get them to go private. 

In chat, I experienced the following:  Somebody asking me if I do kink.  I asked him to expand on that and to let me know exactly what he meant.  He didnt.  Another asked me if I would pee.  I said I cannot pee on demand.  Few min later he asked if I had to pee yet.  haha.  I was asked to stand up and turn around, show my tits and whether I did anal or DP. (double penetration).

Privates:  One wanted me to watch him jerk off.  I said I would love to.  He asked me to just talk to him while he jerked off.  I wasn't clear on what he wanted, dirty talk or just talk? I asked, but he was jerking off, so I just prattled on with a bit of dirty talk.  Another wanted me to squirt, which I did twice (getting GOOD at that!) and then he asked to see my tits, and asked if he could suck my feet.  I said sure, and tried to get my foot in view.  Dam I need a better cam though.   He asked if I could fist myself and I said no, its to tight, so he asked for 3 fingers.  Another wanted me to squirt and to give him the finger.  WTF?  I was like, "you want me to GIVE you the finger? like this?" and I stuck the middle finger up. He was like..mmmm yea, that's it baby.  Okay.  That was different.  So yea, it was definitely different tonight.  I like my young bucks:)

Tomorrow I will have to put a towel down on my keyboard as I managed to squirt on it twice.  I lost count of how many times I did it.  I HAVE to use a certain toy in order for that to happen though.  Oh man am I ever tired.  I hope to go on tomorrow during the day if I can, to see what kind of crowd is there during the day.  I now know that around 8-10 during the week seems to be a very good time.  Late Friday night is different.  Well, off to bed.  Will blog about my adventures tomorrow if I have any.


  1. do u realy love doing wht u r doing??

    ven from ep(hot and handsome)

  2. YES! I do, at least so far. That could change, but for the moment, I do enjoy it. Gives me some entertaining stories thats for sure!


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