Friday, 25 March 2011

One show last night

I decided to do at least one show last night.  I have TWO "stalkers" now. lol.  They both say they look for me when I am on, they both have said they want to marry me etc etc.  To funny.  They are very sweet though and although they are not paying members, I give them lots of attention, after all, you never know when one of those guests will decide to become a member just to see you.  I need to plan a shopping trip soon for more camisoles and such as they are in short supply.  I have enough g strings, but need more bras and lacey things. 

In private shows, I talk dirty to them and ask them things like "do you want to fuck me? etc.  It keeps them there a bit longer as they have to type with one hand to answer. lol.  I figure that the second it takes them to type, it breaks the "concentration" a bit.  STILL have not figured out how to prolong getting to the actual ACT, and I figure I will try and work on that tonight.  I have this fear of getting a bad rating, so I tend to get right to it - dont want to keep them waiting, after all, they ARE spending money on me and I want them to feel it was worth it.  Since its Friday I will be staying up rather late tonight to get as much in as I can, then will probably take the weekend off to do home stuff.

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