Thursday, 24 March 2011

Work in progress

Last night I went on earlier then usual.  My time so far has been 2 hours a night.  I have averaged about $35 an hour - that is for the privates, because the time in free chat you do not get paid for - although you do get "tips" from members in free chat and I had one tipping me last night A LOT. I had two shows again.  I still need to tone it down in free chat.  Again I had over 40 guests in my room, 10 members.  Its a fine line on how much to 'give' in free chat.  When  a potential customer starts asking a lot of questions you must be careful.  Your answers could be enough to get them off!  I have found that generally, it does seem to be the 'quiet" ones that will take you private.  The two that took me last night didnt even say a word to me in free chat, just watched for a bit, then all of a sudden there ya are - in private.  I had at least 5 conversations going at once and it was a bit difficult.  I have had TWO people aske me this week about beastiality. YUCK!  I very politely told them that I would never violate my animals and that is just not something even up for discussion.  They dropped it right away, or I would have kicked them out.  I still get a lot of requests for anal, and I tell them No, that part of me is a virgin and I intend to keep it that way.

I still need to work on SLOWING down the private time too.  I do tend to get right at it.   Livejasmin pays you only 35%, a pretty low per centage.  I plan on moving to a higher paying one (there is one at 60% that i found) once I am better at this.  Livejasmin is a great site for "training" on.  Its quite user friendly. 

Apparently, quite a few models will have TWO chat boxes up.  I have no clue how to manage that and have asked Luke Madison to address it in his blog.  If I sign up on another site, that would be great to know how to juggle the two at the same time.  

The two privates last night were the standard ones where they just wanted to see me squirt.  I like those.  No funky requests.  Seems to be the majority.  I may end up taking tonight off.  I pulled something in my back (hehe).  The downfall of being a "mature" cam model.  Not as limber as I used to be. 


  1. Have you found anything out about being on 2 cams at once? I've just seen mentions here and there about it. 2 different sites and cams at the same time? Then when you go private with one, you turn the other one off? Anyway, more money always sounds interesting so I'm curious about that. Thanks for all your tips!

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