Thursday, 17 March 2011


OMG!  I had so much fun tonight:)  My first guy was amazing.  He wanted to see me masturbate and I was vocal, and talked dirty and he came and was instantly hard again.  I squirted tons for him and he came again. Then another young guy came in and it was a wonderful repeat.  Then, an older tattooed guy came in, but our connection was not so good, (meaning both Internet and sexually) and his cam seemed to have froze up, but my second guy came back for more.

My first guy gave me a Badge.... He gave me "best show ever!" badge.  awwwwwwwwwwww.  BUT, my star rating went down from 5 to 3.  ( Two men have voted.  One the first night, and one tonight, but it does not show you who did.  I have a feeling it was the older tattooed guy).  Overall, its was an amazing night.  I am bummed about how I went from a 5 star to a 3 star but what can ya do?

Oh yea I was vocal as hell.. Mmmm. oh yea, Stroke that cock, I want you to fuck me, your so hard, I want to lick and suck you.. yes yes, im cumming babe.. you get the drift.  I am VERY pleased that so far my experience has been with young men that just want to watch you masturbate for them.  No kinky stuff requested.  Phew. 

I make sure to post on my wall on my profile every day.  When a customer posts, I reply.  For e.g.  The first guy posted that it was so much fun and an awesome show.  I replied:  You were so hot and I had a blast, and it wasn't a Show babe, it was real. - then I got my badge.  The only one I felt I had to 'act" with was the older guy and the only reason was that I hadn't recovered from the previous one when he joined the room.  Its a juggling act.

One thing for anyone reading this that is trying to glean info before joining  - a private show is NOT private, you can get up to 5 more members in the room.  I haven't figured out how to deal with that yet.  I acknowledge them when they come in the room but when your in the middle of masturbating with your first client you cant very well get up and click on the other one and leave the first guy hanging right?  so, I have not learned how to deal with that yet.  I will be sure to post on here when I learn how to handle that situation.  I have sent an email to the support asking, so we shall see.


  1. Here's an idea!

    Try putting some sex toys by the screen. Make a point of leaning up to get one for no reason at all, even just a dildo to lick. Then your guest wont be surprised if another joins, he thinks your getting another toy.

    Have a selection of 7 -8 toys that are simple and really just great for waving around and using very briefly.

    Hey! Keep a flavored lube there too! Then they will think you are grabbing that.. its a good one for repeated use.

    Just sayin :)

  2. oh, flavored lube is a great idea, would make sucking on those dildo's more enjoyable rather then tasting like rubber! haha


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