Monday, 14 March 2011

One more night

So, tomorrow night will be my debut.  To say I am nervous is a MAJOR understatement.  I am a wreck. I spent the weekend watching cams and got over 200 pictures taken of me.  I even went outside in the freezing cold to get some outdoor shots.  Quickly deleted the ones that made me look "fat" and kept the ones that (to my eye at least) were somewhat sexy.

What I learned over the weekend watching was that I am going to really have to learn to be comfortable with saying the words, cunt, pussy, cock, suck etc.  I also will have to do my best to try not to let my self consciousness come through, must seem confidant!  I wrote my profile up saying I was shy and would like to have direction on how to please them etc etc.  Oh, and of course, how much I would love to see them cum cam2cam.  I also put NO ANAL, but I don't think that is going to stop them from asking, begging, pleading to just "stick it up that ass".  I am prepared also to most likely be asked to piss.  I have mentally prepared myself for a bunch of odd requests so that I do not register shock or disgust on my face.  Have to keep the customers happy!  Even if its not something I will do, I have to be apologetic, so as not to get them angry and leave me a bad rating.

I hopefully will have POSITIVE if somewhat humorous stories to share on Wednesday morning.

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