Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Plan

I have a plan for my second time out tonight.  I am going to attempt to flirt in private a lot more, and SLOWLY let them see what they want, to keep them there longer.  No need to get them off in three seconds, thats not going to make me any money now is it?  I really need to work on being vocal.  I know men like to hear Oh (insert name) I want your cock in me so bad, oh your so hard, etc etc.  I KNOW what i need to do, its just putting it into practice.  If I moan and talk dirty, I do not want to sound "forced" or like its awkward, as I feel its better to say nothing at all then to sound fake.  MUST get over the nerves.  After all, its not like I will ever meet these people in real life.  I IS fun, and I think I could really enjoy this if I get over the nerves part. 

I've looked high and low for some forum or blog that helps with what to expect in private and cannot find anything.  That is why I will document everything the best I can, to help out any future woman/men that want to give this a try.  I added a link to a great forum/free e book that helps with quite a few hints and tips on how to present yourself, your environment etc.  Its in the side bar, as well as the site I work for.  I will blog about my second trip out tomorrow and let ya'll know how it goes!

Also, want to mention that I have a friend in the sex toy business. I have added her link as well, and she also has worked in the live cam business and has given me tips and hints which I will post here soon.

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