Thursday, 18 July 2013

update   my email for anyone who wants to write:)

So, I am in the middle of moving.  I am having moments of "missing" camming.  I am not comfortable with my body at the moment and wouldn't dream of going back to it any time soon.  Not "HEAVY" but belly is a bit pudgy.

I just wanted to address an issue that MAY come up.  I had a new model email me  (HI!!!) and she said although she is usually a very outgoing kinda gal, she FROZE her first time on cam.  So, here is my "advice" for what its worth.  I wrote to her:

"Maybe take the "sex" aspect out of it at first, just go in there thinking of 
talking.  Welcome the people that come in and TELL them ur new and really nervous. U could play the "shyness" to ur advantage:) Just open up some sort of
 dialogue to get the ball rolling.  Just talk about ANYTHING"

I think that is the key to be more relaxed if you do not use alcohol like I did. Ha Ha.  Have you gone to other rooms and observed.  Most rooms that have a model just SITTING there and not even acknowledging the people that come in their room lose potential customers FAST.  On the other side of the coin, you do not
 want to seem "desperate" and pounce on them either.  Its a fine line.  I really feel  that starting some sort of
 dialogue is better then just sitting there. If you're nervous, SAY IT!  it gives the members a sense of 
"knight in shining armor" to make you feel welcome. 

If you're nervous and freezing up, start a running dialogue about how you are feeling at that moment,
 that you are new, and nervous etc.  It makes you REAL to the members and that is why most are there, for the sense of seeing REAL people, not porn stars. 

Now if anyone emails me at the above email, it may take me a bit to get back to you as I do not check
 it that often, but I PROMISE to get back to you as soon as I've seen it. Take my advice with a grain of salt of course.  I never got rich and will never have the potential  to get rich cam modelling... WELL, if I had 
 discovered this when I was in my 20's then MAYBE I would be:)  At least I had the hard body to my
 advantage as well as age.