Saturday, 22 December 2012

Its over:)

I haven't written in the blog for quite some time.  Reason being, I have decided to quit camming.  I am down to one credit card to pay and my car loan is paid off.  I only have the one debt.  More reasons why I have decided to quite:  #1. I HATE HATE the whole camscore thing on MFC.  I like to go on there sometimes and its NOT just to make money, but if I spend time socialising with the regular members and do not get any tips, the cam score drops HUGE.  Drives me crazy, so crazy I decided fuck it.  I will go on a site that doesn't go by camscore when I feel the urge to cam. #2.  It is NOT fun anymore.   #3.  I have decided to give a relationship a try.  Yes the one I mentioned earlier.  I cannot cam while giving it a go on a relationship.  NOT on MFC anyway.

Mfc has a strict no man policy.  If I am going to cam while my man is here, then I want him to be comfortable being able to talk to me or even join in if he wants.  So I will cam on a couples site if I get the urge.  Now that I do not have the same "pressure" to make the money I can take it back to fun.  It was really becoming NOT fun anymore.  Every few min that went by with no tip I thought "there goes my camscore again".  It was becoming a chore, and I dreaded going on, when I used to love it.  I made it 18 months I believe.  So, deleted my account on MFC, never to return, and going back to camming when I "feel" like it.  I don't have to worry so much about income, so I can go on and have the fun I used to.  I AM an exhibitionist after all:)

I doubt I will be writing in this anymore, but I will certainly be leaving it up for new models that stumble across it wondering what to expect.  My results are more typical, but if you are very young and HOT and can keep them entertained you will do it!.  For the rest of us, if we are average, or older or heavier, expect to still make some money - because after all, its money you didn't have before - and expect a HUGE boost in your self esteem and learning to be comfortable with your sexuality, if you're not already.  Most of all, HAVE FUN.  When it's not fun anymore, then its time to either take a break or quit.