Thursday, 28 June 2012

real sex?

I decided to address Eddie's comment here.  He suggested I could walk out on to the street and basically beckon for a man.  To funny!  Here is the reality.  On cam, I wear sexy clothes, tons of make up, and six inch heels (which I cannot walk in, for the record).  If  I went outside like that in my town, I would be branded the town prostitute.. lol.  On cam, I can hide my flaws, such as my pot belly.

The other thing.  Texting and emailing is a whole different ballgame.  I am brave!  In person I am actually kinda shy and I babble out of nervousnous.  I am also picky.  I have TRIED a couple times for the "real" thing and I gotta say, it was a HUGE disappointment.  Do all men over 40 only last under 5 min and then are pretty much done?  What happened to foreplay? is it a long forgotten art?  Or am I abnormal that I could go and go and go?  I looked up the definition of nymphomaniac.  This is what I found:

A condition that makes a woman have sexual intercourse with as many men as possible without having a lasting relationship.

Thats not me.  I do not want TONS of men.  I want ONE good one that I can see on a regular basis.  I dont want to move in or be married at this time, just ONE I can date and get off with a few times a week.  So I guess in a sense, I do want the "relationship" status without the living together.  I want exclusive (to many diseases out there).  The problem is, I have to find somebody that has my sexual appetite and can actually go and go or at least be able to get it up again soon after.  I am thinking that is just to much to ask.  At my age, the men just do not have the stamina.  NO WAY in hell will I get a "boy toy" though. 

I guess I have to stick to camming.  At least my hitachi doesnt finish before me.  Speaking of which, I really really gotta get my ass in gear and get to work.  (Eddie, I did respond to your comment in the comments section).

Monday, 25 June 2012

dam it dam it. So far, my week is not going as planned.  I am typing with nine fingers and its painstakingly slow.  I broke up a dog fight yesterday and got my finger severley bit.  THANK GOD for artificial nails.  My artificial and real nail got ripped off.  Its not pretty, a mangled mess.  Needless to say, my plan to work all week is NOT starting off good.  Its going to be another rough month financially:(

Not sure if I mentioned this already but as of May i have been camming for one year.  Time is not going slow and my window of opportunity to get what I can from this is dwindling.  I am only getting older after all!  On the other hand, I really would like to have REAL sex instead of toys every once in awhile.  Think I have to arrange that. Gotta stay "in the mood" and real cock would go a long way towards that! lol.

OH and I am so envious!  a friend bought a sex swing.  THAT looks like so much fun!.  Not worth it for me to buy one unless I could incoorporate it into my show somehow,,,mmmmmmmmm

Saturday, 23 June 2012

another update

So, I went back to MFC.  I made goal in an hour and half and then went over a bit.  500 people in my room during the show.  Somebody posted in my comments "how do you get so many?"  I am going to answer her here.  ITS A FLUKE!  lol.  What I have figured out.  On mfc, I get 10-30 people in my room while I am just sitting there talking.  If I want to get more people in, I put the camera between my legs, within 2 min the numbers start climbing.  Sometimes it works great, and I get new tippers that will stay, sometimes it doesnt work and when they see  I am not actually at the "show" part, they leave. 

The reason I had such a high room number was because it was during my show.  My regular tippers got me to goal, then when show started a few more chipped in.  As soon as I have my first orgasm, the numbers drop like flies.  They dont know I dont DO just one orgasm.  I am good for at LEAST 3 or 4. So, to answer your question.  Room numbers on MFC for models that are not in the top 10 work like this:  It fluctuates as you show your body.  Members are looking for free stuff.  They want to see a model cum for free.  It IS called MY FREE CAMS, even though WE want to make the money, about 80% (just a guess) on there do not tip.  The top models are all in their 20's with hard bodies (as a general rule).  The younger the better.   I have my reg's that usually try to get me to goal, and if I am lucky, I may pick up another "fan" in the night that will come back.

I think the other "trick" to camming is this:  The key is to have "fans" that will be there when your on.  In order to gain a lot of fans, you have to put the time in.  HOURS every day at the same time without fail.  I am sporadic.  I am pooped after working all day, and half the time, I say "fuck it, I will do it tomorrow".  When I was actually camming 5 days a week I made my goal for earnings ALMOST all the time. 

I have NO patience lately.  I get on for a half hour to an hour, and if I dont have any members in my room, I give up.  I guess I want instant gratification.  I've decided to get my ass in gear and come Monday, start going on every night - members or not, I gotta put the time in!