Thursday, 28 June 2012

real sex?

I decided to address Eddie's comment here.  He suggested I could walk out on to the street and basically beckon for a man.  To funny!  Here is the reality.  On cam, I wear sexy clothes, tons of make up, and six inch heels (which I cannot walk in, for the record).  If  I went outside like that in my town, I would be branded the town prostitute.. lol.  On cam, I can hide my flaws, such as my pot belly.

The other thing.  Texting and emailing is a whole different ballgame.  I am brave!  In person I am actually kinda shy and I babble out of nervousnous.  I am also picky.  I have TRIED a couple times for the "real" thing and I gotta say, it was a HUGE disappointment.  Do all men over 40 only last under 5 min and then are pretty much done?  What happened to foreplay? is it a long forgotten art?  Or am I abnormal that I could go and go and go?  I looked up the definition of nymphomaniac.  This is what I found:

A condition that makes a woman have sexual intercourse with as many men as possible without having a lasting relationship.

Thats not me.  I do not want TONS of men.  I want ONE good one that I can see on a regular basis.  I dont want to move in or be married at this time, just ONE I can date and get off with a few times a week.  So I guess in a sense, I do want the "relationship" status without the living together.  I want exclusive (to many diseases out there).  The problem is, I have to find somebody that has my sexual appetite and can actually go and go or at least be able to get it up again soon after.  I am thinking that is just to much to ask.  At my age, the men just do not have the stamina.  NO WAY in hell will I get a "boy toy" though. 

I guess I have to stick to camming.  At least my hitachi doesnt finish before me.  Speaking of which, I really really gotta get my ass in gear and get to work.  (Eddie, I did respond to your comment in the comments section).


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  2. I understand how that is. I was being facetious (a As an older man myself (52) I find I no longer have that stamina either. Foreplay, I think, is the best way to extend the experience. Trying hold off on my own 'pleasure' as long as possible. Hehe. Good luck in finding what you need!

  3. EDDIE, really! so stamina is just out of the question:( oh my. THen I def. need to find somebody into the foreplay.. LOTS of it.

  4. I wish I lived closer. I'd love to give it a try with you! lol


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