Thursday, 24 March 2011

Standard "lines" in free chat

Just your standard run of the mill things you can expect to hear in free chat:

If I tip you, will you take your bra off?
Lets make a deal and then I will take you pvt.
Show me your nipples.
Nice ass.
Do you do anal?
Can I see your pussy?
Just let your tits fall out, it wont be against the rules.
Pull your panty's aside just quick. Nobody will know.
Do you do anal?
Other models take bra off for tips!
Do you fist?
How fast can you squirt?
Do you do anal?
How much can you squirt?
Do you REALLY squirt?
I will give you $100 to do anal
Your so sexy.
Love your voice. 
Do you have audio in pvt? (duh, I have audio in free chat, why wouldnt I?)
Do you do anal?
Stand up and turn around sweety
Would love to lick that pussy
Do you do anal? 

Can you see a pattern here? haha.  I think I get asked the anal question OVER and OVER by almost everyone who comes in the room. 

You are SO beautiful
How old are you?
OMG, you look like your in your 20's.. (then I usually say, aww, your sweet talking me!)
What position is your favorite?
Are you married?
where you from BB? (bb in there means baby)
Hi bb, hru? (hi baby, how are you)
Do you have toys?
Show us your toys.
Can I buy your panties?
Do you do dp? (double penetration)
Do you like pain?
Do you do kink?  (at which point I ask them to elaborate)
I want to fuck you so bad....
Awesome milf, your hot! (mother i'd like to fuck)
Can you be my mommy?
Do you have heels?
Do you have nylons?
Are you shaved? (which if they read my profile, they would KNOW I am.)

So, there ya go.. Thats about the drift of it.

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