Friday, 11 March 2011

Webcam HUH?

This is how it all began.  I turned 40 and my sex drive kicked in.  So did my desire to appear pretty. I am not sure WHICH came first, the desire to look more girly or the drive, but I guess they kind of go hand in hand.   I am somewhat of a klutz, tomboy, have never ever considered myself sexy or even really that outgoing.  In fact, I am very shy about my body and whatnot.  So how in the heck did this conservative woman decide to try out the webcam show?

A week or so ago I decided I wanted to make more money then I do at my current job.  I started wondering what could I possibly do from home.  I did a google search and there it was.  The answer.  Why not give it a try?  So, I have partially signed up, just need to finish the last few stages.  Will I make money?  I am average in build (bit of a pot belly), 40, average in looks - so follow along on my adventures and we shall see what happens.

I hope to be up and running by next week.  I have watched a few girls on the cams to see what they do to entice customers in for the private show (which is where you make your money).  I am getting ideas on what NOT to do, what I should do, and also trying to be creative and stand out.  I may have limited myself as I REFUSE to do anything anal, but we shall see.  What amazed me the most was to see woman my age, double my size, below average in looks and getting a lot of private shows!  There is hope for me then.

I am off to go shopping for my "show outfits" tonight.  Heels, g strings, bras, lingerie, the works.  Already have a few toys and lube, so just need to get some pictures to put up on my profile and then up and running next week.  Should have a lot to blog about after my first appearance.

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