Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Well, well, well.

So, I had a good few shows on Friday and Saturday.  Came across another foot fetish guy that wanted to see my feet and suck on my toes.  The REAL odd one was this:  He popped into free chat and his name was something like biceplvr.  So he asked me to flex my arm.  I was like OMG, seriously?  I didnt say that, but I flexed and was laughing saying how I do NOT have a muscle, but he still said "mmmmmm... flex both arms please".. So I did, and I really really couldnt help but laugh, I felt so ridiculous.  Then, one that took me private wanted me to pretend I was getting raped by him.  That was very difficult.  I was "fake" and awkward as its not something I enjoyed at all and I am sure he knew it.  I think I will refuse something like that in the future.

Last night, I had about 15 members in my room and again, over 40 guests, three members were making noises about going private and the one that took me got quite the show.  First squirt, right at the camera all over my keyboard.  I grabbed a piece of clothing to throw over the keyboard.  Squirted again ON the keyboard, he kept going WOW! omg, your amazing.. WOW... I said "i hope I dont wreck my keyboard!"
and he said "i hope not either!"

I squirted again and the piece of clothing was just not sufficient for covering the keyboard and all of a sudden the screen went white.  I said "omg! I hope you can hear me.  I think I fried the computer, I am soooo sorry!".  Sure enough, the computer is fried.  Cannot even turn it back on.  I ran it to the computer guy last night and hopefully it can be fixed. (crossing fingers).  I went on the other old clunker in the house to make sure I didnt get a bad rating  and I got FIVE stars from him!!! yippy.

OH! last night I came up with a BRILLIANT idea.  Since about 95% of them want anal, I decided I could TRY maybe a teeny tiny tiny, did I say TINY butt plug.  So, I promoted it last night.  When I had the most members in my room, I told them to watch my wall in a couple of weeks, as I am searching for a tiny plug.  I told them when I find one, I will post on my wall and the very first one to take me private will get to see me burst the anal cherry.  (yuck.)  I told them how scared I was but that I was willing to try it if I could find one small enough.  Will do that again every night till I find one, to keep them coming back to check if I got it yet:)

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