Monday, 21 March 2011

Oh my

Edited to add more at bottom of post:
WELL, another interesting night.  I have learned a few more things but before I go into that I will start with my two "shows".   First one, pretty standard, just wanted to see me squirt, talk dirty to him about how much i want to fuck him, again, another young un.  He said he was going to add me to his favorites and gave me a tip.  I had a lot of stupid technical problems with my cam due to low bandwith again, and that was AFTER the internet guy upped the bandwith.  Now, the second one is what I really want to talk about.

In free chat, a guy asked if I would talk down to him.  I said I had never done that, could he give me an example of what he means.  He said "tell me I am a piece of shit".  I was like, well, I could give it a try if you would like YOU PIECE OF SHIT.  haha.  He was like, OH YES, like that.  I said, well, its difficult for me to do that as I am a NICE person and do not like to hurt people.  Well, he took me private.  I put on the performance of a lifetime I think.  He only wanted me to take my bra off and talk down to him really bad.  So, here is how it went down: (short version)

Me: "hey you piece of shit are you looking at my tits?  your not worth looking at them, you lowlife piece of shit"
Him: YES, tell me im a pervert and a faggot
Me:  Hey you lowlife faggot, you with your small dick, dont look at me.  You do not deserve to look at me you pervert. 
Him:  Im black, be racist to me.
Me. OH but I cant I am so not a racist... But, I've been wtih black guys and what they say is true, they have 10 inch cocks so what the fuck happened to you with your two inch pathetic excuse for a cock?  I bet you hide behind cars and watch girls walk by and take that pathetic little weener out and stroke it, while they look down on you as the lowlife pervert you are.
Him: Tell me I should die
Me: Why are you even walking this earth among us? You should die
him: tell me I will die of aids
Me. you will probably die of aids being the little small cocked pervert faggot you are.
Him: YES.... then he thanked me and said it was awesome.....

OH MY GOD.  That was very difficult.  I am NOT mean I tell ya. 

Now, what I have learned tonight.  I give to much of a "show" in the free chat.  I got two men/guys off in free chat so there was no need to take me private.  I have to not talk so dirty and quit teasing so much and showing so much as it doesnt get them to take me private.  Tomorrow I will try a new tactic.  I had 35 guests in my room and 7 members.. I really gotta work on not giving to much away.  lol.

My very first customer came in to say hi last night, and I have my own personal "stalker" that said he was looking for me last night and WHERE WERE YOU, I cant cum for anyone else, only for you.  awwww.  I am flattered, but take me private you bugger, dont cum just watching me and chatting with me in free chat!  I didnt say that of course, but I was thinking it!  When I first "met" him he told me he was going to come talk to me DAILY and hes mad that he "met" me because I made him hard... okay?  I gave him a lot of attention, but he still hasnt taken me private, so I am trying to give him less and less - which is hard for me to do being how I am.  The plan for tonight:  Tease but NOT SO MUCH. 

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