Sunday, 10 April 2011

dirty panties

Well.  I had something "different" last night.  In free chat, the guy asked if I had any dirty panties.  I said, sure.  Next thing you know, he takes me private.  I am like, what would you like to see?  he said he wanted to see my panties.  I take off the ones I had on, he asked me to lick and smell them.  He asked if I had anything dirtier.  He also said he likes bikini style with flowers.  I said "well! I just so happen to have a pair that I wore today that are nice and dirty.  I got them and he said "OMG!  I want those!"  I told him I would send them to him if he gave me his address.  He did and asked how much I wanted for them.  I said nothing.  I am going to send him them and he is going to come back online when they get there and take me private while he cums on them.  He spent $80 on me last night in private.  WTF?  Of course, I only get 35% of that.... sigh.

He wants me to wear them again today, get them "crusty" then put them in a baggie and mail them. lol.  I figure I will do it, and send him my paypal address and tell him I will keep him supplied with dirty panties by "donation"..  Hey, why not right?  In private, he wanted me to put them on and play with myself OVER the panties, to get them "dirtier".

I also had a guy take me private that LOVES feet.  He wanted to see me masturbate, but wanted to see my feet at all times.  Now that was a work out.  I get the "foot" guys going in free chat by putting baby oil on my feet and rubbing them, or rubbing the dildo on my feet:)   Another guy wanted me to stroke my heels like it was his cock.  My heels?  yup.  They definitely get kinkier the later it gets.

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