Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Tonight was another good night.  LOTS of privates.  Guess that IS the trick, do not do so much in free chat and more take you private.  One thing about me, I get TONS of compliments on how 'personable" I am.  I laugh, make jokes, poke fun at myself etc.

I think I may have my first member I have to ban.  He kept asking me if I would do a dog or a horse and I said NO.  He had taken me private and I made a big mistake.  He was asking if I would do a dog over and over and I thought, well, they are here for a fantasy, so I said "oh, I did back in my younger days".. BIG MISTAKE.  He went on and on and on about wanting to see that and could I? would I? etc etc.  I said NO, for one, animals are PETS and two it is ILLEGAL.  I told him to google it if he wants it so bad and I was sure he could find SOMETHING on the big wide internet, but he wasnt getting it here.  I have seriously learned my lesson that I cant give EVERYONE what they want.  It grossed me out to even SAY what I had said, but stupidly thought that would be the end of it.  BIG mistake.

He kept bugging me in free chat, then would take me private to ask me again, I told him to quit wasting his money, I couldnt do what he wanted nor WOULD I..... He just didnt get the dam hint!  I have more to write, but am just to tired.. will fill in later.

Okay, moral of the story:  Set your boundaries and do not "pretend" something that is against your morals just to try and keep a customer happy.  It backfires and makes you feel all ICKY.  I did have 2 new customers and another repeat who says I am the BEST... even more awesome then (other performer).  awwwww.  Some of them can make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside when they gush over you.


  1. Can you tell me what was the site that Luke was talking about? Where you just have to chat?

  2. OO, I went looking and never did find a site that pays you to JUST chat and flirt. They ALL want you to eventually take off your clothes. Of course, they tell you (even on the one Im in), that you dont HAVE to, but I dont think you would get any customers if you didnt. The other site I am on is completely private, but barely any traffic, and you still have to "perform".

    I searched EVERYWHERE for a "flirt" chat that doesnt require removal of clothes but its restricted to phone 'sex".. If you want to check into THAT, then go here:


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