Saturday, 9 July 2011


I have died and gone to heaven.  My hitachi came in the mail yesterday.  OH MY GOD.   I have NEVER experienced anything so amazing.  Its a gift from God I tell ya!  Okay, so last night I went on MFC and put in my topic that it would be my first time hitachi use when we reached the goal.  Tips were trickling in, and one of my regs (who has never tipped but provides huge entertainment) said he got paid and would spend all his money on me in private or group.  I told him lets go group!

So him and my other reg took me group with a few that I didnt know.  OMFG.  That hitachi is amazing.  I literally was screaming.  I am NOT a screamer.  I screamed so much my throat hurt.  I looked like I was having a seizure after every orgasm.  The muscles in my legs were contracting.  I am so glad I got to experience the first 6 hitachi orgasms with two of my fav regulars.  I ended up making $129 last night.  Half of that from group, the rest in public.  I did a public show as well after group.  I was cracking jokes after my last one because my throat hurt so bad, legs trembling and heart pounding that I said I was going to die and end up on that show 1000 ways to die;  #456 Death by hitachi.

I found a website in Canada and got the hitachi for $45!  BEST investment EVER..  To steal a line from the book The Lord of The Rings, the hitachi is now known as "My precious".  Hope the motor will last with the use its going to get.

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  1. Ah that sounds amazing! Where did you it in Canada? I would sooo love one of those! :)


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