Thursday, 28 July 2011

last night

Well.  Last night was a wee bit better.  Got 144 people in room BUT, ONE main tipper only. (i was in top 35 with that, go figure!) A few trickled in, but mostly same person.  Ridiculous.  I am thinking of trying streammate, but the problem with that is you make all your money in private or group.  Still only made just over $50 for my night last night.

I want to say something about that Hitachi.  HOLY hell.  After using it for a few O's, the clit literally wont stop tingling.  Its a very weird sensation.  I worry that I may become immune to the vibration and that it wont work anymore?  I wonder if thats a possibility?   

I have taken tomorrow off the day job and will try and go on for a few hours during the day, then again maybe for a few at night.  I have tonight, tomorrow and the weekend to make my measly goal of $500.  Its going to be hard going.

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