Tuesday, 12 July 2011


My night started out TERRIBLE last night.  I went on, and couldnt seem to get more then 5 premiums in my room. I did get to meet a model on there though! HI KITTY.... I stayed on around a half hour then logged off.  Went back on at almost 8pm and made my goal within an hour and 40 min!  So, I made $82 in  approx. 2 hours 10 min.  Works out to $40 an hour.  Sure, not much by most of the model standards, but I am super happy.  It was mostly ONE tipper that seemed to have funded about 75% of it.  I was just so happy to get to use my hitachi again.  God I love that thing. 

I have decided I am just going to have to wait and go on later in the evening as it seems that 6:30 pacific is just to early and I do not get members in my room until much later.   Keeping fingers crossed that the next four days stay good.

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