Friday, 1 July 2011

my goodness

Well, time for an update.  Its has been up and down on mfc.  When aunti flow came for her visit I spent the week watching the top models to figure out what they are doing.  No rhyme or reason.  I am just convinced that it is all about TIME and building a fan base.  I have an absolute FAV model on mfc though.  She is much loved or much hated.  Agent_99.  Mature model who tells it like it is.  LOVE her.  I watched her every moment i could as well as tipped her all my tokens.  She deserved them.  She is upfront.  For example:  she tells people to either tip, or bans them.  She states she is there to make money.  Her haters say shes a bitch.  I dont find her to be a bitch in the least.  She is honest, funny, entertaining and VERY appreciative of ANY tips. I could spend all my time hanging out in her room I enjoy her so much.    If you get a chance, go visit her - if you tell her you dont have any tokens to tip but would like to you are still welcome.  I feel the same way.  If somebody comes into my room and tells me they cant afford to tip, I appreciate them telling me that, and all I expect is for them to at least join in on the conversation.

My next fav model is Jaylyn.  She is just FUN to watch during her show.  She is real, those orgasms are REAL and not fake.  She loves it, which makes it fun to watch.  She is also appreciative of all tips, whether its 5 tokens or 1000 tokens.  I've watched quite a few and wont name any names but HOLY FUCK are they fake.  oooo bb, oooo, fuck my pussy, ooooo.  Now, I am not knocking them, they get their tokens so all the power to them - I just cant believe that the members that tip them and get off on it thinking its real.    I guess because I am a woman I just appreciate the REAL woman, not porn type actress' shows.  For a man, they just are happy to see pussy and dont care whether its a real orgasm or not.  The ultimate fakes are the ones that put something white and creamy inside them and "squirt".  ummmmm. do your research, a squirting orgasm comes from the urethra NOT the pussy and its not white.  One model I saw even had her topic as "Milk Cum show".  Hey, at least she was honest!  Certainly was milk coming out of there. lol.

So I have some new regulars.  God they are fun.  I absolutely love the ones that come in (and come back) and join in the conversation, joke and laugh.  Nothing worse then the ones that come in and say "show ass bb".   I made a custom video for one.  I thought about it for WEEKS on the "script" as he wanted me to be his teacher.  It turned out awesome if I do say so myself!  I've been on mfc for 3 pay periods now and I still love it.  The regulars are the ones that keep me coming back.  I still need to work on not giving away so much for free.  For e.g.  I will say ONE orgasm when we get halfway to my goal.  Then we get there, I go for the one and cant stop!    My shows consist of a min of 5 orgasms.  I see most other models do ONE, then start a countdown again.  Problem is, I cant stop at one!  i just keep going.

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