Saturday, 30 July 2011

far from goal this time!

Well, this has been a bad go.  I am up to $222 with only today and tomorrow to go.  I went on for 40 min. last night and it was bad bad, so I signed off.  Fickle Mfc I tell ya.  Ah well such is life.  I do have my fav premiums though and they totally make my day. 

I asked for raffle suggestions one night and one of them came up with a "skype dinner date".  I thought that was a GREAT idea.  So, the next raffle is going to be for a skype date.  I am thinking that if it gets warm enough today I may do a car wash show.  I do have other commitments for tonight, so I will have to do it soon.  Just waiting for the sun to come out.

So, bottom line, I have not discovered the secret to getting members in the room yet.  Although, I have found that if some of my members go into the lounge and "advertise" me then the numbers go up big time.  As soon as your doing your "show" the numbers are up of course, I get it though.  Myself, when I am watching MFC, I go to the most popular 75 rooms, and scroll through to the ones that are doing "shows".  So, if I do that myself, I imagine 98% of the members do that:)

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