Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Well, I really have to lay off the wine.  I just wanted to add:  I LOVE MY REG'S.  I wish I could just sit and yack with them sometimes and didnt have to worry about ALSO earning $$ while I am at it.  I think I have to much fun interacting with my regulars and forget that I am there to be sexy. lol.  Tonight I plan to be on for at LEAST 3+ hours whether I have 2 premiums or 200.  I really gotta bust my ass. 

Was talking to somebody who suggested that with me only being able to do 2 hours a night within a certain time slot, that its kinda hard to get "known".  I have to try and vary it up, do longer hours and go on during the day (I have Friday off, so will try then).  More to write but gotta go work, as I am at my day job

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