Sunday, 21 August 2011

been awhile!

Have not updated for awhile because there has not been much to update.  Basically, the same ole, same ole.  No rhyme or reason, some days are amazing, some are terrible.  Nothing new and exciting has happened to report.  Other then, I have got a few new members, so it is a very very slow process, at least for ME to get "fans".  I am happy with it though.  I am just average in body type (to me anyway) and yet I still have people that come to see "me".  I am not changing how I do things, I just go on there and be me.   The majority of the time I have a lot of fun - at least when the members are talkative and joking etc.  When the room is quiet, it drives me nuts.

I am still enjoying it, which is the main thing.  If I do not feel like going on, I have just not been logging in.  Its a waste of time.  If your not in the mood, it will show and then what fun is it for members to be in your room.  Tomorrow is Monday, and i have taken 3 days off so I really gotta get my butt in gear.  I enjoy actually watching MFC on the weekends and being an observer. lol. 


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  2. i sent you an email!

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