Thursday, 4 August 2011

oh fickle mfc:)

well last two times I've been on I have made $198 total.  Almost as much as I made in the last pay period.  The ups and downs of mfc I tell ya.  I do have to say, if it werent for my few regulars, I dont know how I would make any money.  I love them.  They come in, they talk, tip and make me laugh.  We have so much fun.  I had a blast last night.  My goal was $75.  Made that AND did my show all within two hours, amongst MUCH laughter.  Hitachi is still a wonderful wonderful thing, but it IS taking longer and longer.  I have to say though, my very last orgasm last night was freaking phenominal.  When I went to stand up my legs were weak and shaking.  Ahhhhh... LOVE those.

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