Friday, 3 June 2011

its been great!

I haven't been able to update for awhile. Been so busy.  It is finally picking up on MFC.  Got quiet a few regulars, as well as getting new ones every time.  I am building a good fan base.  I chose not to go on tonight (friday) because i have a HUGE disgusting ingrown hair right on the lip.  Its terrible!  I have never had one so big and painful.  I soaked, I squeezed, I used a pin - nothing! 

I really wanted to work every night this week, but its just not an option with that huge ugly growth.  Dam. I have lots to do this weekend though, so I doubt I will be able to go on mfc until Monday night.  I have LOTS to update but again, short on time!  gotta run and get ready for an event tomorrow


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  2. ty richard! i will check it out


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