Saturday, 11 June 2011

overdue update

Well, I dont know where to start with the update.  I guess I will start with I have met some GREAT people through MFC.  Thats the thing with camming.  You end up making friends with your regulars and are so glad to see them when they come into your room.  Problem is, to balance it out so you still acknowledge the new ones and do not exclusively chat with the ones you "know" or the new ones wont feel welcome.  Also its hard (at least for me) to keep in mind that your there to earn money, not socialize, as much as I like it.  I am a talker, and love to "make friends" and socialize, and the fact of the matter is, when your on cam, its supposed to be about selling yourself, and sex.

I have discovered that the word BB (baby) makes me cringe.  Common lines that you hear over and over always have BB in it.  "hru you bb?", Feet bb!, oh bb your so sexy.   Its not the term baby that bugs me, its the short form, the bb.  I dont know why, but it does.  At first, when you start as a model, its endearing, but after awhile its just plain annoying.  Of course I am not going to give somebody shit for it, but it is very annoying 

One thing have discovered about myself is I am somewhat of an exhibitionist.  haha.  Who knew.  I also find I am so much more comfortable with my body.  I 've gone from a woman that did everything possible to cover up in baggy clothes to wearing tight revealing things and loving it.  I've learned that my breasts are beautiful, even if they are not perky and upright.  I've learned about what turns me on, what feels good etc.  I dont think I will ever get "rich" camming as I am to social as I said above.  The money I do earn though is wonderful.  I can pay my bills every month now rather then live paycheck to paycheck and miss a few bills every paycheck.  The goal of course is to get ahead, and pay off debts and i am slowly working towards that. 

I have been on MFC for a month now.  maybe a bit over.  I  have had two paychecks at $500 each.  First one was for a week, and the second one was for a week (due to aunti flow making an appearance).  My next payday is next thursday, I am hoping to at least hit 700 for that one.  We shall see.  Mfc is sooo weird.  The most people i have had in my room was 400 but I average about 100 when I am doing my "show".  I have no clue on how to get those numbers up.  Also, its the same people over and over that do the tipping.  Even in the rooms with thousands, its just a few that tip.  So bascially, there will be 2-5 people tipping  in the whole room.  Gets me mad, because I feel all the freeloaders should at least contribute something so its not the 2-5 tippers funding the whole show.  Its just not fair to them.

I also feel guilty when its just a few tipping.  My thoughts are, everyone works hard for their money, and I end up feeling like I am "stealing" from them when they keep tipping all on their own.   I realize its THEIR money and they can do what they want with it, but I just cant get over the guilt.  What i have done to assuage my own guilt is that anyone who tips lots gets free videos and pictures.  That way, at least they are getting something more then just a live show.

I wonder if I will become "jaded" and this will become all about making the money.  I've watched a few models, and its obvious it is, they say things like "start tipping NOW or I am leaving" - stuff like that.  Guess what? the men buck up and start tipping.  I just cant bring myself to be mean or to beg.  I wonder if I will down the road?  I got myself a premium account so i can watch other models and tip.


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I too am a cam girl on MFC and can relate! I will be on the site for a month at the end of June. I too am a talker however I want to (and need to) get paid! I do enjoy my regulars, sometimes they turn into my 'pimps' and remind guests that they need to tip to receive a better show. I'm always looking for new games (I'm also doing a skype raffle this week) to bring to my room and keep it fresh for my regulars. I've also done a dice game which now is basically a 'pick from my cards what you want game' for 25 tokens. Not bad when I don't have a bunch of freeloaders in my room.
    But enough about me! I wish you great success! And thank you for your blog!

  2. I just saw your comment! email me if you want and we cam discuss ideas!



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