Sunday, 22 May 2011


I have NOT met my goal of $500 this week.  I am at $300.  That really sucks.  I had huge plans to get $500 a week.  I know I shouldn't complain, when I was on livejasmin I was all excited about my 100 a week.  My goals are now bigger  though.  I definitely am beginning to want more more more.  I have a few regulars that are there every time I am on, and they are a blast to chat with.  I am thinking of losing the "humor" aspect of my room and trying to concentrate more on the sex to see if it works better.  One thing I have noticed.  THEY LOVE IT when your outside.  Weather has not permitted me to be outside a lot, but I have managed to be out for an hour two times and the tips came in a lot faster for just SITTING out there exposing myself.

My regulars are so much fun.  It will be hard for me to "change" to a sex only type of gal when its not really me.  My room is about humor, laughter, joking and story telling and just being ME.  I am NOT an actress, but I think I may have to change it up a bit to get more popular.  After all, they are there to see pussy and tits, not to be entertained with my wit.  Although, we have some GOOD laughs and good conversation, and tons of fun, that's not going to get me any earnings.

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